Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It's good to have goals

Happy Tuesday all!  We've got the first full week of the new year under our belts.  How'd you fair?

We dropped the ball the night the ball dropped and didn't workout last Sunday.  Not quite how I wanted to send out the old year.  :-\  We didn't plan to skip, we just kind of realized it around 10:30pm and at that point I wasn't feeling like it.  We did start out the new year right and exercised Monday through Friday.  I won't lie, the cravings were REAL yo...for both of us.  We had to adjust back to not stuffing anything in our pieholes we desired.  I think that was really my main goal was trying to slay that demon.  Most people have a tendency to want to jump back in full blast and that's fine if it doesn't overwhelm you.  I wanted to do that first and this week I will work on getting in more water.

You know how you have that one pair of jeans or whatever that tells you where you're at?  Well, I have a pair of underwear that tells me when I sit down if I'm back to pre-holiday/vacation weight.  Nope, my band runneth over.  Sigh.  But it is better than it was a week ago so that's something I guess.  Actually, Aunt Flo is in town later this week and she usually brings me at least a two-pound loss...from what, I'll have no idea.  My mental state would crumble depending on that number and I have no desire to let a number rule me right now.  We're also working on not letting our high cal day stay so out of control.  We got away from what it was intended to be when we started which was one meal and one dessert out to a free for all to see how much we could cram in without splitting open just because it was the weekend thereby allowing us to mostly maintain.  But both of our weights have crept up a little and I'm tired of losing the same weight.  I really have about 60 pounds to lose to a weight that will finally allow me to not have to worry about weight limits on activities and I'd really just love to get there.  We know what works for us and where we have to improve, now it's up to us to make the commitment to just friggin' do it.

I think that's the hard part.  When you go from basically being a social recluse because you don't want to subject yourself to the harshness potentially waiting for you at almost 500 lbs to someone 225 lbs lighter, a whole other world opens back up to you.  You're not worried about if you will fit at restaurants or huffing and puffing just walking up a flight of stairs.  You get comfortable because life is now much more comfortable.  But we're not getting any younger and we still qualify as almost morbidly obese and you don't see a whole lot of morbidly obese people making it into old age.  I'm not ready to think that I've only got 20 or 25 years left in me.

I am still dealing with the ankle/leg issue which prohibits me from going gonzo on exercise.  On a happy note, last week I was able to do my first star excursion exercise.  (My PT requires it 3 reps to the side, 3 to the back and 3 to the other side behind the standing leg.)  This is a balance test and one that even 4 weeks ago, I was completely unable to do.  My chiro has said until my butt/hip muscles kick in to take the load balance as they're engineered to do, my pain will not go away.  The medial glute is starting to fire and the pain is slightly reduced so I can only pray that as I go forward, my pain will go down.  My first goal is to be able to walk 5-8 miles on an upcoming road trip we have planned at the end of the month without being totally crippled the next day.  That will only happen as long as we take breaks.  The chiro recommended a 20 minutes rest every two hours.  My ultimate goal is being able to snowshoe to the cabin at Trapp Lodge in Vermont in December which is a 6-mile round trip.  Because you've got snowshoes on, it will feel like 10 miles.  There will be incentive to stop in the forest here and there to keep my legs on track and truly take it all in.  It's good to have goals, right?

What health or fitness component are you working on this week?

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  1. I like the goals you set. We're on the same page which is good. Time to really buckle down again and get the extra weight off once and for all. It's tough but I know we have it in us to win this war. I am going to work on increasing the water intake and get a true sense of the calorie intake I should be getting each day. Saturdays will be back to what they were intended to be. It will take time but chipping away at this little by little will be the way to achieve success while allowing some of the flexibility to enjoy life along the way (weigh).

  2. Plot Twist! I like that.

    I too am working to get back on track. Less take-out, more water, more consistent exercise, etc. All good stuff, but needs to be take in small steps so I don't get overwhelmed and throw up my hands in disgust. Again.

  3. I started walking again...just now did 30 laps around my house for about 1,200 steps. Only 8 more times and I've got my 10k in for the day, and that's how I'm starting back! You gotta start somewhere...right??!! RIGHT!!!

  4. The first thing I'm starting with is more fluids (water, tea, and a blood sugar stabilizer) as well as modified squats and wall pushups daily. And I were smart (jury is still out on that one) I'd focus on stretching my IT bands every single day. Which I do not. Ever. Which is dumb because I know it makes me feel better.


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