Monday, January 29, 2018

Low key weekend round up

Happy Monday all.

It was a low key weekend here.  I woke up in the middle of the night (into Friday morning) with my foot aching and I decided that this once a month crap with the chiro is not going to cut it.  So I made a last minute appointment to see him that day.  I walked in and said he was going to be seeing a lot more of me because once a month isn't working.  I told him despite me thinking that Brooks was the problem, the Saucony's are hitting me in the same spot and I can't go from being fine all week to then getting crippled when I wear shoes.

I showed him where the pain is coming from and where it affects me (like I did in the beginning) but he was pretty sure that would rectify itself once my butt muscles started firing.  Now that the muscles are firing and the pain is still there, he said we can focus on a smaller surface area other than treating the whole leg.  So he's using an ultrasound/laser combo now and he did foot adjustments that included a few pretty high slams down on the board to get my ankle mortise joint to release.  (The mechanism that allows me to move my ankle side to side.)  He lasered my elbow again too.  He told me he wants me to start using the TENS unit the Mr got and where to put the electrodes.  So I've been using it on two spots.  He said the electrical current should help confuse the pain response so we can retrain it.  He said he has a few other methods we can try if this doesn't work but that bottom part is always the last and slowest part to heal.  Yay.

Saturday it was a rainy mess so we did our grocery refuels for the week and did a little shopping.  My foot was feeling it by the end of the day so I used the TENS twice (once on the spot and the other on the throbbing on the front of my ankle).  Other than the grocery stuff, it was a pretty uneventful day.

Sunday we slept in and my body was playing catch up so I didn't wake up until 10am.  We gabbed until almost 11am and I got up to make brunch but somehow we didn't end up eating until like 12:45pm so we were both famished.  The Mr fiddled with some faucet crap to attempt to fix a slow drip.  Then it became more involved so I had him put it all back together and it ended up being worse than before he started.  By that time, it was already heading toward 3pm.  How is that?  Every. SINGLE. Sunday.  All of a sudden its 3pm and all the crap you need to get done is right in front of your face.  *Hiss*  But it didn't end there because the Mr wouldn't let it go because there was very little water pressure so an hour later, I had enough now it was heading toward 4PM with nothing done.  So we did a 3 miler around the hood for our workout, got some errands done and come 8:45pm he's back under the sink.  Thankfully by 9:05pm, we were back to full power.  Yeesh.  Thanks Mr. Plumber...just say no to crack.   Why do I always have the urge to keep quarters on hand when there is a plumber or some performing plumbing functions here?  I didn't see if he was showing crack but I think it's a requirement in the union handbook.  If you show coin slot in my house, be prepared to get a quarter dropped in it.  So while his Sunday followed suit to every Sunday ever, it won't be that way next Sunday because we're going out of town for a fun little trip so at least that'll be something to look forward to.

I do know that I need this elbow to heal ASAP because I had to be off weights basically all last week and having to pull back on that and then not doing as hard of cardio "rewarded" me with 1/2 lb gain.  So irritating.  There is nothing more frustrating than having the want to do more and your body is like "yeah, I'm not doing that right now."

How was your weekend?  It has to be more exciting than ours!

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  1. Most plumbers would laugh at how long it took me to figure out that water pressure problem (well, not our last plumber). But I'm laughing now by the fact that we saved $500 and only spent about $25 in new parts and a few hours on Sunday. Other than that yes it was a low key weekend. Happy Monday!

  2. Happy Monday! Not much better of a weekend here. Went under the sink to get something and remembered we have a filter for the cold water. Last time replaced was 2/7/2012! There I was under the sink trying to remove it. No plumbers crack here, more San Andreas fault! Finally found a gadget to keep my dryer hose from popping out of the wall. I had a mouse super highway there for awhile. Decided to clean out the cars. Left Moms blocking the driveway. Went to move it and then it wouldn't start. Jumped it and off to the garage we went for a new battery. Highlight of the weekend was burning my kohls cash on 2 nice blouses. Have a great week!

  3. My folks were here so we had a nice visit. I'm the same way on Sundays. I think it's just a part of weekend magic.

  4. OMG I laughed so hard over "If you show coin slot in my house, be prepared to get a quarter dropped in it."! My dad used to say that! Your weekend was better than ours - MIL is in the hospital so we spent the weekend running back and forth. And now it's a rainy/snowy Monday. BUT, at least we're in the Super Bowl!!!

  5. I hear you about the time flying by on the weekends. My Saturday was like that and it's stressful because there is so much to get done. I got a lot of errands taken care of and house chores, so I felt good about that. I managed a nap each day as well and that makes a huge difference with how I feel during the week. Today I'll be spending the day at the auto place getting my car worked on, so I'm bring my portable snacks, books, and a magazine to keep me entertained as I'll be there most of the day I suspect. It is bitterly cold and windy here today and that was quite the shock from the mild weekend. Brrr! I hope you have a good Monday!


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