Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is it the weekend yet?

Happy Thursday all! 

I've been hitting my goal of getting in more water though I need to make sure I get it in earlier.  I find myself chugging late afternoon so I'm basically dehydrated all morning and early afternoon.  (Unless I have a mug o' tea which is probably once or twice a week.) 

It's been a little warmer the past few days but unfortunately, the Mr got held up at work so we couldn't walk like I planned.  I need to start testing out the gams for my walking goal for the end of the month.  While Walk Away the Pounds is nice, it's not the same as actually walking in terms of how it works your muscles.  I gave my booty its mid-week PT break but rolled, stretched and did some vibration board.  I'm finding getting off the couch and side kicks are much easier which tell me the glute medius is starting to fire regularly.  The amount of times I need to stretch my extensor muscles to my toes is reducing slightly so I know I'm on the right track.  I have GOT to remind myself that physical therapy must be a part of my life five days a week no exceptions...especially on vacation.  It obviously works even if it isn't in my time frame.  Four months to see the beginning of results isn't a fun thing to go through. 

Dinner was fish over polenta.

It's funny, seeing that picture I immediately heard my grandma's voice say the word "feesh" in my head.  I'm so glad those little things are still prominent in my mind. 

We got caught up on the DVR.  Kevin Probably Saves the World, Bull and The Goldbergs.  I love being able to fast-forward through commercials.  I'm still enjoying the Christmas tree.  Yes, it's still up.  It calms me so much to just sit and watch it with the lights off.  I'll get one more snowfall with it tomorrow and Sunday will probably be its swan song for this year.  It won't hit our record though for the latest we've taken it down...January 22nd a couple of years ago.

I've got some work to get done today and start making a grocery list since it's refuel weekend.  Depending on the weather I'm hoping maybe I can strap on the snowshoes.  One can dream.

What's on your DVR these days?  How are you doing with your goals for the week?

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  1. Took the tree down Saturday and my house looks boring! On the dvr is This is Us and my 600 lb life. I love the way people blossom after the weight loss. To me it's like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. 51 here today in Chi-town so I get to walk my pooch...and clean up the poop soup in the yard.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. In past years I've been the one prompting us to take the tree down early, and some years I've lost that battle (the year we went til Jan 22). But this year I find I don't really mind having it up at all. I know we will take it down soon but the house always looks best at Christmas time so why not enjoy it a little longer?

  3. I took my tree down the 26th (went with a live tree this year and it was dried out and time), the rest of the decorations on the first, and decided to leave one strand of lights up in my kitchen permanently. It makes my kitchen so much cheerier.

    I have a lot of fantasy/scifi stuff on my dvr. A show called "Librarians" (silly but fun to watch), "Walking Dead" when it's in season, "Supernatural", "X Files", etc. A few kids' shows for my son, a few random shows I've picked up here and there, and usually a couple of movies.

  4. The tree came down on Sunday and it's amazing how that little thing in the bay window really blocks light. lol It's in the 50's here this morning and all the snow melted overnight, but it's going to drop over 30 degrees by late this afternoon and will be in the 20's, with a new cold front coming through for the weekend. I'm travelling to the suburbs but I think it's only supposed to be flurries on Saturday - I hope!

    My DVR is so filled with Scorpion and Blindspot -- for the past two seasons! I have got to find some focus and just watch one or two episodes on the weekend. Sheesh.

  5. We have a tall, skinny tree. Many years I take off the ornaments and leave it with just the lights until spring.


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