Monday, September 23, 2013

Walking our legs off, unexpected visit and improved exercisin'

Oh mah Lord, what a weekend!

We went to this huge antique show at this fairground and it was sprawling to say the least.  It seemed like every corner you turned, it just kept going.  I am stingy with my money.  I'd been saving up to buy at this event but I only ended up walking away with one item to refinish.  I almost bought some antique ski's to do a project with and even when I was walking away, I knew I'd regret it...still do.  But, my loss.  Do you think I remembered my phone to take a few shots?  Nope.  Blogger fail.  I don't use a cell phone so there's a 99% chance I will always forget it.  We walked for 5 hours there.  To say we were in pain was an understatement.  There was a point where serious hunger was setting in and we kept walking by this little old lady that made the trek with her baked goods.  Her buttercream cinnamon rolls beckoned and we figured 1 1/2 wouldn't kill us given all the walking.  Oh curse you little old lady and your sweet smile because your rolls sucked.  Sigh.  We both ate one out of sheer needing something in our stomachs (and lunch was going to be at least another 90-120 minutes) but when it came time to split the third one, we both decided it wasn't worth the calories and threw it out.  I did the same with a cupcake later that sucked.  It was still a pretty high cal, high cal day but I guess I'm glad even MORE didn't go into the gullet that wasn't worth it.

By the time we got home, we'd been on the go for 13+ hours.  We were whopped and completely spent.  Then I see my friend, who told me she wasn't coming to town, was actually here.  I'd been wanting to get her her birthday presents for a few weeks and it was looking like I was going to have to send them but with her here, I asked the Mr if he was game for going out to her mom's house to drop them and her brothers wedding gift off to be done with it.  If looks could kill.  Trust me, after that long of a day, it was the last thing I wanted to do.  I looked and felt like fresh Hell.  But we made the 30 minute drive out and visited with everyone and it was nice.  I don't get to see her mom and brother and his fiance much so it was nice to get to see them outside the confines of the wedding when we'll get the nod, hug and all will be lost in a beer haze once the reception hits for them.  

I am praying listening to gang members in Grand Theft Auto 5 (affiliate link)  is not going to be my new normal.  I've gotta be honest, hearing the N word well over 1,000 times (I wish I were exaggerating) is not either of our ideas of good times.  I'm at twitching stage and he's got a long way to go before winning the game.  I never thought I'd miss Niko so much from GTA4.

Yes, the Mr somehow still had the strength to go on missions after that long ass day!  (Shocker)  I fell asleep on the couch and he dragged me up around 1-something-AM.

I was expecting the worst with my legs when I got up the next morning as I had the weekend before but my legs felt somewhat refreshed.  Of course that feel changed slightly when it was time to workout yesterday.  We did Turbo Fire 45 EZ, which is what we did last weekend at the same time.  I know my legs were feeling better though because that time last week, I couldn't even kick my legs forward without the tendons feeling like a rubber band about to snap.  It was incredibly painful but thankfully no sign of that this week and that means my legs are adjusting!  Woo hoo!  I've also been trying to do tree poses and modified dancer poses to work on my leg balance.  Tonight, I fear I need to kick up the strength and do Atletica by Powerstrike.  I know I won't be able to walk well for the following 2-3 days but it's been too long and if I have to do another mindless free weights session right now, I'm going to scream.  So...torture it is!  ;-)

The Mr is resting as I type this...I want to give him a wet willy.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Wow. What a weekend! We really packed in a lot of stuff and that walking about did me in! I am glad I got a chance to play GTA 5 as well and while I think it will get better, it is not off to a great start, which is a shame considering how long we all had to wait for it.

    Thanks for a great weekend!

    1. Yeah, I felt like I was 80 years old with my hip as sore as it was. I know we've got a walking side trip coming up so all of this walking is definitely something we need to do to be better off later. Still stinks getting up to speed. Grrr! I pray that game gets better, so far I'm not impressed but you're the one playing it so I hope it will be worth the wait.

  2. No wet willies here. This weekend was just a lazy weekend at home. Well, a weekend at home anyway. I did lots of chores and graded a ton of papers while the little guy played and hubby worked. We did go out to a favorite Mexican restaurant Saturday night, at which point little guy started complaining of a sore throat. Now he's snuffly, coughing, his asthma has kicked up, and his throat still hurts. He will stay home with hubby today and go to the doctor.

    1. Sorry to hear the little guy isn't feeling well. That stinks! Hope he's on the mend soon!

  3. Oh my goodness! I husband is playing GTA5 and I cannot get over how oftern I hear the "N" word, seriously!?! It's like every second word!

    1. I KNOW!!! It's seriously disturbing. I didn't realize you could have an entire conversation between 2 people using only one horrid word! *shaking head*

  4. So funny what you said about the cell phone...I don't use mine either! I still have the old school flip phone and never bothered to set up my voice mail let alone take pictures. Everyone else in training has their smart phones and are on them constantly. I don't even that the ability (nor the desire) to text.

    I showed the hubs your Niko picture and he knew right away who he was as he's a GTA guy too. Makes me cringe, but it's entertaining to him, so I'm good with that.

    Weekend was very productive shopping for the hubs, scrubbing up the sink and stove till my reflection looked radiant, and watching football when I was all done with the errands and cleaning. I also took the dogs for a walk at 7am on Sunday morning and it was awesome seeing all the fog lift off the lake at the park!

    1. I don't think I've texted once on my phone! We have a "pay as you go" thru the crappiest cell company but it costs to text so I don't even encourage people to start. Cell phones feel like electronic leashes to me. People EXPECT you will drop everything you're doing to respond to them and when you don't, they get ticked. Uhh, if I'm not home, I'm out living my life and don't want to be interrupted, thankyouverymuch!

      I liked GTA Vice City because it was pretty heavily 80's based. The last one was okay but it's a background thing to me. This one, is just cringe inducing. I can't wait until he wins it so I don't have to hear it anymore.

      Sounds like you had a very productive weekend, care to come clean my house now? LOL


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