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Friday, September 6, 2013

Gift from granny, hark the Swiss have arrived and Friday time wasters

It's been a long week.  We've celebrated my birthday for a lot of it and we've got another celebration with friends coming up tomorrow as well.  I wanted to share the best birthday present I got from my grandma...

That is her reading the Grandparents Day card we got them.  She read and understood it all and smiled.  Those who have family members dealing with dementia know this is a big deal and it was something that made us all happy.

The holidays are coming!  (Insert me screaming and running around the house with my hair ablaze in Fall oranges and browns then bursting into red and green)  The calendar doesn't let me know, the arrival of this bad boy does...

Let the games begin!  (I wrapped all of the Mr's Christmas presents yesterday while blasting my Deck The Halls Christmas Jazz CD.  (affiliate link) This is by far one of my favorite instrumental Christmas jazz albums and I have a few.  Target carried it last year but I don't know if they will this year)

Odd side thought:  Am I the only one who attempts to sing the German version of Nena's 99 Luft Balloons and knows only five phrases but sing them with authority when they come up?  I am?  As you were.

Now, let's get on with...

Three Yoga Poses for Your IT Band  (I need to do these!)

Why Sleep is Good for Your Health/Weight Loss  (I REALLY need to get more sleep.  My body can't seem to go longer than 6 hours)

What Makes a Summer Song Stick?  (Hey, Hey, Hey!!)

This Family Banned All Technology After 1986   (Totally tubular!  Seriously, I'd do this.)

The Mr brought this piece of wrong to my attention

21 Reasons You're Losing Your Hair

Where Are They Now?  The Girl From the ZZ Top "Legs" video  (I used to want to be her.  I thought she was SO adorable!  One of the best vids of the 80's for sure!)

How to Make a Cootie Catcher  (I never knew they were called that and I never knew how to make one.  You can bet I'm making one this weekend!)

Congrats Gwen and Gavin!!  (LURVE me some Gwen Stefani.  Please name it something normal this time)

FYI...If You're a Teenage Girl  (This is a really great read but then as I read the pissy comments it kind of got me thinking they were making a good point about the pics the author chose to use of her boys.  Interested in your take.  UPDATE:  The woman has since changed the pics of her shirtless boys on the beach flexing their muscles to fully clothed pics.  Still a good read though but yeah, picture her post and every pic of her sons being shirtless on the beach.)

Fake Foods You Are Eating

Beach Boys Sound Check Interrupts Wedding  (What happened after was fun, fun, fun!  Wah waaaah!)

9 Dirty Little Secrets of the Travel Industry  (I'm sure there are WAY more than 9)

8 Ways Screens are Ruining Your Family  (Preach it, yo!)

Another one from The Mr  (I would punch someone in the throat!)

Teen Witch Star Tries to Rap "Top That" 24 Years Later  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who liked Teen Witch!?)

Five Hawaiian Words to Live By  (Take 'em in people.  There's a reason this state has one of the highest life expectancies!)

Well that's what I've been reading this week.  As mentioned, we're having a soiree with our besties this weekend so I'm super psyched because I want to break out my Fashion Plates and color with my friend while the boys look up YouTube videos or play guitar.  Don't judge me.

What's on tap for your weekend?

(This post contains an affiliate link for a kick rump Christmas CD.  While I may get a small kickback if you buy through it, tis YOU who shall be richer for adding it to your yuletide playlist!)

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  1. It was a proud moment to see grandma reading your card. Moments like that are hard to come by so it really was like a birthday present.

    Man those links today look pretty awesome. I know what I will be doing today :-)

  2. Fall I can handle, Christmas... I'm just not there yet. I can't believe you've got your Mr's shopping done and wrapped already. You're just so on top of things. I am looking forward to cooler weather (104 on the bank clock at 5:15 yesterday), and even the first freeze (stupid flies) but Christmas is just beyond me. I do have to start picking up things for the little guy though so I don't have to do it all at once in December.

    I'll read through the links later, I only made it through a few this morning. The technology one was interesting, but I think it would be better to teach our kids appropriate use of technology rather than just stop using it for a year. Cell phones, the internet, etc. are tools and are not inherently good or bad, it's they way that they are used that determines that.

  3. I'm sorry to tell you that you are not the only one that tries to sing foreign language songs even though you don't know the language. For me it's more Rock Me Amadeus than 99 Liftballons but I still rock that fake German!

    Interesting that you posted a link to the 'advice to teenage girls' post. I saw it on Facebook and before I got to the comments I was wondering why she had a pic of her buff young lads in a post addressed to teen girls. But she has a point: goofing around in bathing suits is one thing; taking pics in a towel or while wearing a t-shirt and panties while making teenage sexy face and arching your back crosses a line. I just wish I'd seen in the comments if the Mom had a reason why her half-dressed boys were ok.

  4. Ok, I TOTALLY try to sing it in German... it's not pretty! LOL! And, I just pictured you running around the house looking like the Heat Miser ; )

  5. thanks for the fun links-i always love those


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