Monday, September 16, 2013

Road trippin' and seasonal eats

Man, what a weekend!

We did a road trip and while I'm not a fan of leaving when it's dark due to sleep deprivation, I am a fan of the way everything looks in morning light.  This particular morning was stunning.  The fog was plentiful and while the trees haven't changed yet, many of the fields were a golden hue with the fog kissing the top.  Fields of cows lazily grazing, horses swatting their tails and goats kneeling and lounging after their breakfast.  Sometimes a drive through the country is very invigorating as long as the smells don't infiltrate.  I didn't have the good camera but the phone captured one of the many foggy roads we encountered.

We went antiquing and I ran across this old dollhouse I used to have as a kid.

I was so sad to see it because I wondered what happened to mine.  I spent many an afternoon playing with that thing.  Sigh.  If you only knew when you were a kid how much you would miss those things in your adulthood.  We walked around this place for 3 1/2 hours and about that time, my hips, ankles and feet were on fire.  This was the first time I wore my level 3 inserts in the shoes for a long period of time so that means my leg muscles were re-aligning again.  Forrest and her magic shoes.  *rolling eyes*  I need to keep this up though because we have a side trip coming up in a few months and I need to be able to take long periods of walking.  I took ibuprofen and it did nothing for the pain.  I hobbled through the rest of the day and the long car ride home was a welcome rest.  

The next day was all about welcoming Fall.

Breakfast was pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, 2 strips of center cut bacon, fruit and tea.  Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Holy yum.  Dinner was turkey chili with low sodium oyster crackers.  We enjoyed the cooler temps and I am ready for the season to commence!

Yesterday we started off the workout week with Turbo Fire 45 EZ.  Before I could do anything, I had to have the Mr massage my knee before I could move.  I had to massage his hip before he could do anything.  so there we are laying on the floor with his head toward my feet, rubbing each other, looking like were ready to get in a classic naughty position and feeling 80 years old.  We're settling into middle age quite nicely.  Halfway through the workout, I had to modify because I could no longer kick my leg forward at all.  When we were done, I had to enforce a mandatory yoga stretch session because walking the rest of the day was out if I didn't.  We did that and a little foam rolling with the big monster.  (affiliate link) We felt much better and could continue with our day.

I've got all of my meals planned out for the week which is one less thing to think about and I'm down with that!

What did you do this weekend?

(This post contains an affiliate link.  Should you buy through it, I would get a nominal kickback...and a mini pumpkin.  I think that's the new rule for Fall.)

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  1. I enjoyed our road trip. The flea market we went to is a place I could see visiting again for sure. The other place, no so much. This is definitely my favorite time of year and I look forward to plenty more of that awesome chili and you can make those grilled cheese sandwiches any time!

    1. Yeah, I agree but it was a nice day and they can't all be home runs. ;) I'm down for either of those any day...SO yummy!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. I hate seeing things from my youth at antique stores/flea markets. It really makes you sad that you didn't take better care of them when you were young. I had a Barbie Doll, one of the original ones, with so many clothes, both boughten and handmade by my wonderful mother. I would give anything to have that doll and her clothes today. As soon as I got married, I gave the doll and accessories to my husband's 6-year-old sister, who proceeded to lose everything. Very sad.

  3. It was a low key weekend, which we needed.

    Saturday morning hubby and I went to a farmers market. I've been going about every other Saturday, but this was the first time he came along. Picked up some ribs, squash, sweet potatos, onions, hot peppers - which all went in the crockpot before I left for work. We also picked up some raviolis and a chili cheese bread and had that, with some vegies for dinner on Saturday. Delicious.

    Sunday we went to a memorial Mass for my husband's aunt, ate a late breakfast with the family, and hit a used bookstore. I bought waaay too many books! Went for a 5 mile run when we got home... had to make up for the ravioli and chili cheese bread from Saturday!!

    I'm also babying a foot... plantar facitis (sp?) and a bone spur... ugh... ibuprofen and inserts are my friends! And my new sneakers... well worth the money!

  4. I've had inserts for my shoes and it does get better the more you use them.

    I love your fall food - pancakes/grilled cheese/chili - perfect!

    I stayed inside yesterday and cooked and meal planned - it was 60 and rainy - perfect day for it!

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We did fall cleaning all day Saturday which kicks my butt (and knees and shoulders and hips and back) and Sunday! All in all a fun time.

  6. This was a lovely weekend away - we went cabin camping with my folks. The place we went is up in the hills and much cooler than home. It rained much of the weekend (but it didn't dampen the fun) and I wore not only my sweatshirt but jackets as well at night. It was great! Now this morning I'm back to the grind. Sigh.


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