Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A mixed bag of birthday emotions

Howdy do all!

Did you get to enjoy an extended weekend due to the holiday?  I hope so!

It was my birthday weekend and the Mr got me my traditional Hello Kitty cake.  It looks like she threw up on it...I loved it!

I felt really bad because I kind of had the birthday blues and I was in a crappy, weepy, depressed mood for a lot of the weekend.  It's not like it was some big milestone birthday or anything but it's just a lot of little things added up to a big poo-fest.  I credit him for hanging in there, listening to me and letting me cry because he's gotten the same thing some years.  We also had a medical crisis with a family member and thankfully it was nothing life threatening.  I'll be honest, the stress of everything made me over-indulge.  We kind of had an "I don't give a crap" attitude and a pint of ice cream each in a day might've made it's way into our guts.  We're doing a family gathering tonight and we usually go out to a restaurant and I even said which one I'd like to go to this year and when I got an email asking when I wanted to go, I was given geographical restrictions on where to go.  Gee, the city where I'd previously mentioned I wanted to go was listed, how coincidental.  I chose to do a fro-yo place because it was something I could fit into my calories and if I wasn't going to get to go to the place I'd been planning on for a year then I wasn't going to go somewhere I didn't like to make everyone else happy.  Next year I am not going to sacrifice the place I want to go because people don't want to drive to that side of town.  We drive 30 minutes to the other side of town for their birthday dinners  (the same amount of time it would take to get to my place) and  it kind of set a tone of suckitude for this birthday.  I know it sounds petty but we go out to dinner to places we hate that have crappy food for everyone else and I'm sick of people not wanting to do the same for us or griping about it.  I'll say "the Mr and I are going to XX for my birthday dinner, if you want to join us, fine.  If not, see ya next year."  I know that might sound bratty but I don't like being held to a different standard than everyone else when I look forward to one day a year that's supposed to be about me for ONE hour!  Sorry if I don't like soulless chain restaurants in the 'burbs over mom and pop places.  *rolling eyes*  (As you can see, I'm still a little irritated!  LOL)

But the Mr made my actual birthday nice.  We hit up a living estate sale and I picked up a few things.  We had a clown cone from Baskin Robbins.  I hadn't had one probably in 20 years and the lady made them specifically for us.  Yes, I'm in my 30's and I like clown cones...deal with it lady.  Actually, she was more than happy to do it, the dude behind the counter looked at me like "grow up!"  Screw you.  I might have to grow old but grow up?  No thanks.  I pay my bills and taxes on time...now frost up an ice cream cone, you rat bastard!  :-P

I got the following from the Mr...Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation (affiliate link) (I LOVE Aisha Tyler! Looking forward to reading more of this!), Warm Bodies (affiliate link)  (This was a great movie! This will be an awesome addition to the library!), Self Healing Green Cutting Mat 18 x 24 inches (affiliate link)  (This'll help with my crafty crap as I cut and schtuff) and of course Blurred Lines (affiliate link) by Robin Thicke. My other favorite songs on that one are Ooo La La, Ain't No Hat 4 That and Go Stupid 4 U.  (Not a fan of using the #4 in place of "for"...I wanted to slap Prince when he did it back in the day as well.)  My friend got me an upgraded food processor I wanted too.  So even before the family dinner, I have a pretty good haul under my belt!

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. First -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

    Second, sorry about the birthday blues! Those totally suck. Also you don't sound bratty, it's YOUR day and people can deal with the slight inconvenience to celebrate YOU. I hear where you're coming from though -- whenever I visit my family, they always choose restaurants that my grandmother will approve of rather than old stomping grounds I'd like to go to. It saves an argument, but I get sick of the chain restaurants really quickly! Hopefully you'll be able to celebrate in your style next year!

  2. Happy Birthday! It is never fun when you feel like your birthday is not living up to the hype. At least next year we can steer things more in the right direction. It makes me so mad when I hear that your family is trying to put limitations on where you choose to go for your birthday when that is not what any of them have ever been held to. AAARGH!

  3. We didn't really end up doing much of anything. Got the chores and errands done, took a couple trips to a big empty parking lot so the boy could practice riding his bike, and that's about it. We're very boring people when you get to the bottom of it all, but I'm totally fine with that.

    I hear you on the chain restaurants. I'll admit to a certain fondness for a few, but for the most part I'll take the mom & pop place any time. Fortunately I got that from my parents so when we go out to eat with them and the only sit down (not fast food) chain we have is a Village Inn and neither of us is terribly fond of that. The one thing I like about chains is the online nutrition info, mom & pop places around here just don't have it.

    You should totally get to pick the restaurant for your birthday dinner. You've gone to crappy places for them all year, you told them a year ago where you wanted to go, and then they all but outright told you no? Not fair. That doesn't make you whiny, bratty or petty. I agree - next year tell them a month in advance where you and the Mr. will be, and what time and let them come or not. You'll see them plenty of other times so it's not as if you're giving up a once a year chance to see people, you're just taking a stand.

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm with you on the whole "geographical" limitation crap....that's nutty! I hope everything goes well regardless...ironically Blurred Lines is playing as I type this out!!! Hey hey heeey!

  5. Is it too late to say Happy Birthday?

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm glad most of it went ok. I get the same way around my birthday...I just don't dig them for some reason. I've also started saying what I want to do and letting others decide if they want to participate. I don't want to have these expectations which don't get met and then have an icky day. Didn't do too much myself. Watched movies, went to the lake and got a bit of sun, the ususal. Probably should have cleaned my kitchen....anyway, have a great week!

  7. Happy Birthday!! I think I knew this from way back, but we share the same Birthday weekend. I know exactly what you mean by people steering you. Unfortunately, I have friends and family who do this also. You are so right!! If they can put their chubby foot down and say where they want to go...why can't you put your (not so chubby anymore ;) foot down!!??? This infuriates me! Keep rockin' on! And possibly set fire to a bag of dog poo on their porch...the running can be added to your daily fitness!! baahaaa!

  8. Happy Birthday Anele! Sounds like you're working through those blues. It IS annoying when restrictions are placed on you that you haven't placed on others. Sunday, We went out to get family pictures taken by an inept, inexperienced photographer, then out for a late lunch to celebrate Du's birthday belatedly. His birthday was last Tuesday, but after losing Lola the previous Sat., we did not feel like celebrating, still don't, but that new puppy this Sat., is helping us both a lot). Our first restaurant of choice was closed, the next one had a 20-minute wait (at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon?), but the third restaurant we went to, had lots of room for our group of 10 people.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! I do think your Mr. did a great job and the cake was adorable. As for the rest, eh, it's over and everyone survived! ;)

  10. Happy Birthday, girlie!! And I think you're right on - you should be bratty about it - it's YOUR darn birthday, go where you wanna!

    Glad the Mr. took care of his Mrs.!

  11. I hear you about not compromising about where you want to go for your birthday. I'm amazed at the number of people out there who think the day is about them when it's not! There's a group I get together with who love this Japanese restaurant. I personally don't like it, but when it's that person's turn to pick, and she picks that one, I'm game. There is always something one can find on the menu that will work. I end up eating rice with light soy sauce and these little potato pancake type things. So next year, stick to your guns and go where YOU want to go, and stick your tongue out at those you disagree. Hmphf!

  12. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you celebrated in style with a clown cone and Hello Kitty cake. :D I tend to get moody on/around my birthdays too, so I can relate. Next year, you tell 'em they're going where you want to go for dinner!

  13. Spent mine celebrating my b-day as well! I won't tell you that my family drove 45 minutes to my restaurant of choice with no griping...you could just forward this to your family members...:) I had cheesecake as my indulgence. Happy birthday!!

  14. I love your birthday cake.Hello Kitty is so adorable.I have a throw blanket I used when I had my surgery in April.
    I don't celebrate my birthday any more.Id rather not.


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