Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wishing you all...

...a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoy all of the wonderful blessings life has given you.  I know I certainly count you all among mine!

For those about to go share a wonderful day with family that are all so close knit it resembles an 80's Wrangler commercial of rousing good times by the fire, many laughs and everyone is sane...consider yourself a delightful freak of nature that is to be envied.

For the rest of you facing relatives you may have to bite your inner lip until it bleeds to keep you from telling them what you really think of them, dealing with misbehaving or disrespectful children, a relative sloshed in the corner saying inappropriate things or any other cringeworthy scenario, be thankful because every family has a black sheep and if yours doesn''s you!


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  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! to you and the Mr. May it be a delightful day for you--and less "bloody" than years past! :-)

  2. Uh oh - it may be me.

    Seriously though, I'm lucky in that my folks are awesome and that's who we're sharing our holiday with. I have no siblings and hubby's sisters are doing their own things.

    Happy happy to you. Hopefully your lip recovers.

  3. I'm the only liberal in my family (both sides), so I think I might be IT. :)

    Wishing you and the Mr. a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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