Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday crushes

I'm keepin' it light today because I know a lot of you nuts are out there shopping for Black Friday.

Today is the day I wait for all year!  We're putting up the Christmas tree!  I've got the carpet deep cleaned the decor is switched out and the Mr is off so we can enjoy the Christmas movie of our choice later...likely Home Alone.  Funny how I was NOT a Macaulay fan when those movies were popular but then at some point I watched them years later and fell in love with them.

I think we might have leftovers today since they're relatively low fat/cal the way I make them.  Well, not Grandma's noodles but I might save those after tomorrow's weigh in and then maybe I'll be drowning myself in them in despair.  I'm kidding...I hope.

Let's get to my crushes!

West Elm has unveiled a new "market" category on their website and I'm lovin' it long time.

This hanging spice rack is soooo cute!  I have a 2 butt kitchen with one slim spice cabinet that is NOT enough given all the cooking and baking I do so this might end up on my wall someday soon!

I want this SMEG refrigerator.  Like now.  I have no use nor room for it.  I don't care.  I will get rid of my dining room table and get a bistro set to put beside it so I can stare at it.

After 3 solid minutes of laughing so hard I considered buying Poise pads, I actually read the purpose of "Down There" Repair.  "Down There Repair is formulated to soothe, cool and moisturize irritated or chafed skin."  So it actually might come in handy for preventing thigh fires.

In love with these labeled kitchen mixing bowls!  I don't need another set.  I don't have room for them either.   Doesn't stop me from wanting to cram them into my cupboards and whip up a pie crust in one and pecan pie filling in another.

Let's move on to Ballard Designs, shall we?

These fluted canisters won't fit on my counter so now I must buy a bigger home with a large kitchen to accommodate them so I may pull out my jar of shallots confit to spread on my crackers.  Life just seems better with shallot confit and crackers from fluted canisters.

I love this blue lotus garden seat.  Now here's my problem with it.  While I would use it as a side table somewhere, it infers that you could use it as extra seating yet does not list a weight limit on the specs.  I would be so tempted to sit on it and see how much it could hold but the prospect of having shards of ceramic up me bum isn't top priority.  I think I would select someone who irritates me to test it out first.

These Southern Living Tea Glasses are absolutely swoon worthy.  I mean don't you think tea or any beverage would taste 100x better being consumed from these beauties?

There ya have it; those are my Black Friday cyber crushes.

If you're around today, what did you buy out in the Black Friday madness/what are you crushing on?

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  1. No Black Friday craziness for me! I'm crushing on your comments on the items above... 'thigh fires' bwahahahaha! Also have to have me some shallots confit, just to see what the heck it is. And yes, the labeled mixing bowl set would look wonderful on my counter, the only place it would possibly fit. I'll let you keep the red refrigerator, but if hubby saw it he would want it for his 'beer fridge'. OK, it's time for me to get back to work, but thanks for the chuckles. :)

  2. No Black Friday craziness for me either. Nothing in the ads worth risking life and limb for. I like that hanging spice rack, but I don't even have the wall space for it in my kitchen.

    I'll be getting out the Christmas stuff this weekend too. I don't know about today - hubby had to work yesterday so we'll be doing "the big feed" today. I've got to get going on prep in a few minutes. I'm a little jealous that you're done with all that. Happy Black Friday/decorating day.

  3. Those are some neat items there. I could maybe see the spice rack thing on the wall, though not sure where yet. The down there repair made me laugh but actually it could be quite useful. Ok, time to put the tree up baby!

  4. Love it all--especially the red fridge!!! I want that!

  5. I like the spice rack, too. I don't have enough wall space for it.
    I did pin an inside-the-cabinet idea the other day:

    As usual I ventured out to a few stores this morning. JCPenney was the only one with a crowd. Target and Macy's weren't bad at all. I bought a $10 waffle iron and an $8 single-serve coffee maker (clearly quality items). Oh, and I bought some gifts, too. :)

    Happy holiday weekend!

  6. Those are so cute...cant wait to get our own place and get all the stuff I need..

    I have a regular spice rack as of now but that one is def on my list:) and I am looking for some fun cups for soup..not too big not too tiny...hard time finding the ones i love..

    ended up in Macys...not too crowded but not much stuff for me..Hubby bought a few t-shirts...

  7. I'll say it again, you find the cutest darn things! "Down There Repair"???? Oh, I could so use that on the braless Wilma and Betty! That had me hooting and hollering!

  8. Between "thigh fires" and "up me bum", I'm about to pee myself over here! Your sense of humor is so up my alley. I also dig your Black Friday crushes. That fridge is SEXY. ~Krista


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