Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Weigh In

Okay I'm seriously trying not to gripe and groan here because I'm down 3 pounds this week.  I know I know, why would I gripe about that?  Because I'm up 1 lb from what I was the past 2 days when I was at the low end of my calorie range, drown myself in water yesterday and that one pound would've gotten me back to my lowest weight to date.  Jack hole scale.

But despite that, I am happy and thankful to be down 3 lbs Thanksgiving week.  I'm not exactly surprised, for some weird reason I always have a decent loss this week.  Weirdness.  I'm especially surprised given I had a cake ball class Sunday with my family and basically had 2 high cal days last weekend.  *hangs head*  While I know it can be tempting to overdo with all of the leftovers in the house just remember this...

Today I am basking in the glow up my beautiful Christmas tree and the snow is falling and I'm a happy girl.  I might venture out before the big game this afternoon and stock up on some tins to mail to people near and far this season but that's it for today.  Tomorrow is a trip to an antique mall and that's about it for tomorrow other than a workout.

How did you do this weekend?  Got any plans today and tomorrow?

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  1. Didn't do bad, didn't do great. I'm like 1/2 pound up from last week, but yesterday was our big meal so I'm not surprised. I did manage to show some restraint so that's something. I've got errands to run this morning and then a B-Day party for one of the little guy's friends this afternoon. My folks will be here until tomorrow morning. All in all it's still a busy weekend.

  2. down 3 pounds on Thanksgiving week!!!!! You are my idol!!

  3. Congrats on those 3 pounds! That's a pretty amazing feat considering how Thanksgiving meals can be high in sodium. Enjoy your day basking in your gorgeous tree and the snowflakes falling. Today is the dog park, eye doctor to get my new glasses and contacts, then a last visit to the apple orchard for the season. Tonight it's doing some work online for my job, then being glued to the tv watching Notre Dame. Tomorrow it's a bit of grocery shopping, Bears football, and laundry. Always laundry. =o)

  4. Yesterday was my birthday (so although we didn't have Thanksgiving up here, I did splurge on birthday treats!).

    I'm so happy for your weight loss! :D

  5. Three pounds is excellent and such a tribute to your hard hard work...

    As usual, you inspire me to stay on track.

    Nitty Gritty Momma


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