Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Bottle Brush Tree Jar

I was at one of my favorite antique resellers last weekend and I saw the cutest thing.  It was this big ol' mason jar with a bottle brush tree and snow in it.  It was a super simple presentation but it was so cute.  I picked it up then put it back down after I saw it was retailing for $28.  I knew I could make it cheaper but how was I going to find one of those small bottle brush trees?  Little did I know those are apparently all the rage this year because Walmart had a huge box of them for $2 and World Market has several versions in their ad.  You can bet I picked one up then went on my hunt for a proper jar the next day so I could bring you this...

Here's what you'll need:

Antique Mason Jar ($6.  Prices will vary depending on size, vendor, condition)
Fake Snow ($2.50 at Walmart but I used $.20 worth, if that)
Snowflake beads ($1.00 at Joann's and I used $.30 worth)
Red and Green bakers twine (free- I had it on hand but you'll probably pay $2 for a couple of yards per color)
Bottle Brush Tree ($2 at Walmart)
Tape (I had it on hand)
Christmas Scrapbooking Paper (if you have a clear lid on your jar.  $.60 at craft stores)

I had to "alter" my tree because it was too tall for my jar.  I cut it in half with a pair of pruners then re-glued it into the base.  You could forego that step by actually taking the tree with you as you shop for your jar.  (D'oh)

Add the snow to the bottom on the jar.

I wanted to add "falling snow" to my version for a little color, so let's get to working on our snow.

Take a crystal snowflake (there should be a hole in the center), thread it through and double knot it then clip off the excess.

Measure where you want your longest piece to hit and cut it about 1/4" higher to be able to tape it to the lid.

Repeat the process with each color and cut the strings in varying lengths.

I couldn't find the jar I wanted with a metal lid so the one I have is clear.  Well, tape doesn't look pretty on top of the jar so I needed a solution.  I had some Christmas scrapbooking paper I'm making into tags for the holidays so I cut out a section with my 3" punch and cut it to fit.  I didn't need anything to secure it to the top, it just popped in under the lip of the lid and looked super cute.  Problem solved!

With a chopstick or scissors, make a little well in the snow and put the tree in the jar.

Tape the strings to the inside of the lid of the mason jar toward the edges of the lid so they won't get hung up on the tree.  You can do a short string in the middle so one falls toward the top of the tree.

Time to cap off the jar!   The 'snow' is falling!

This project has a simple retro look to it and since I'm a fan of vintage, I busted out some old school ribbon I  picked up from the 70's/80's at a store that was going out of business.

I doubled up red and green ribbon and tied it around the neck of the jar for a little interest.  You could use anything you want though...bakers twine, raffia, jute twine, fabric or whatever your little heart desires.

Now give it a place of honor in your home and show off your new creation!

The Mr said he didn't know how it was going to turn out but said he loved my version more because the snowflakes were really cool and gave it more interest than the original.  He liked the lid on it as well so score!  Man pretending to be jazzed about crafts!

Obviously your imagination can take this project all kinds of places but here's the cost breakdown if you want to give it a whirl.

Retail cost: $28
My version: $8.50
Your version if you had to buy it all: $13.10+

I'll take that $19.50 savings thankyouverymuch!

This project was linked up to The Shabby Creek Cottage and Lil Luna.
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  1. That's really cool. I'm so not crafty like that, but even I'm envisioning how this could be adapted through the holiday all year long. How cool is that - that you can inspire a dedicated non-crafter to maybe try something like that.

    1. YAY! There are all kinds of possibilities with this baby and can be easily adapted to any holiday!

  2. Very cute!!! Nice job on recreating/bettering the store version! That you were able to get the Mr. to appreciate it, priceless!

    1. It's gonna go in our bedroom so he'd better like, he's gonna see it for a while! HA!

  3. tats really not crafty:D...but looks like its easy enough for me to try..:)


    1. I'm not overly crafty either but you slap something in a jar and it qualifies. ;)

    2. I hear ya...u are crafty woman...u are super creative food wise and decor wise and love ur taste in kitchen accessories..:)

  4. Very Pretty Anele! I love the falling snowflakes too. You are so clever!

    1. Thanks! I almost had these mini jingle bells in there but that doesn't mean I won't go back for them and see if I can use them some other way.

    2. Perhaps you might be able to find a small reindeer to use with the jingle bells!

  5. Replies
    1. Inspiration is everywhere and I'm cheap enough to recreate it!

  6. I kind of want to do one for every holiday. You could do a lot with pumpkins, flags, New Year's party hats with confetti, leprechauns, etc. It would be fun to display them as a series.

    1. Look at you crafty girl! You absolutely could do that. You could get a little cupid for Valentines day with little hearts hanging off the strings, leprechauns in the center with clovers on the strings, etc.

  7. I love this--so easy, too! You know, I've made a lot of those DIY air fresheners with ball jars, baking soda & essential oil, and I bet you could mash up the two and make a bottle brush tree jar air freshener with pine-scented oil!

    1. Girl, this is why I luuuurve you! That would be an awesome addition!

  8. LOVE this. Must remember to make it this holiday season.

  9. Those little bead snowflakes are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Hello from Christmas In July.


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