Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Friday! Food journals are back

This is going to be the last kind of "normal" post before the 12 Days of Treats kicks in next week.  I really hope you guys like them.  I might do a Sunday check in or something but you know I'll be babbling on Facebook so follow me over there if you don't already.

Not expecting too much on the scale this week because after a big loss I usually see zilcho.  But you know, I wouldn't be mad if the scale Gods wanna throw me a bone for my efforts this week.  ;-)

A couple of ya's have spoken so I'm going to bring back Food Journal Fridays.

Since I didn't decide this until halfway through the week, I don't have good pics so I had to grab some from past journals, recipes and Monday you're just gonna have to use your imagination.

Monday was Orange Roughy over Thai Lime Rice (from World Market, sooo good!) and corn.  Calories 425

Tuesday was Roasted Red Pepper Sloppy Joes.  Sadly no fruit kabobs but russet wedges which were quite yummy.  Calories 445

Wednesday was BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza with a side of brussels sprouts.  This is by far one of our favorite meals!  Calories 680

Thursday was TJ's Pacific Stuffed Flounder over their quinoa duo.  Yum!  Calories 640

Tonight will be a salmon burger with bbq sauce and a side of brussels sprouts.  Calories 358

It's a rest day but I am going to be doing anything but resting.  I'm pre-mixing then freezing some dough for cookies I'll be making later in the month to send out to some friends.  I bet one person reading knows its him and he's wondering if I'll spill the beans on which ones I'm making.  Email me if you have specific requests sir, you know who you are.  :-)

What's on your agenda to welcome December?  Hanging lights?  Getting your tree?  Watching A Christmas Story for the first of 139 times during the season?

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  1. It has been a very good week with great meals, but that is the norm thanks to you!

  2. You know, I'm not sure I could tell you what I ate for dinner this week. I do know it didn't look as pretty as your meals. LOL

    No Christmas-y goings on here this weekend, but I'm having a HUGE leaf-raking party starting this afternoon, to which I'd like to invite you and the Mr. I'll even let you choose Rake or Bag! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I have to wrack my brain sometimes...thank God for Fitday! I'll help rake as long as I can jump in the pile a few times. :)

  3. Saturday is a "Dickens Festival". There are a bunch of Dickens themed events around town. Some of them could be interesting so we may go to a couple. Then Saturday night is the parade of lights. I could totally do without this, but the little guy loves parades so we may go to that.

    Otherwise, not much planned.

    1. Aww see, that sounds like fun to me! Well not the parade because people can be annoying. HA!

  4. YUm!! I might move next doors and come to your home for dinner:d

  5. Shopping with friends! We'll hit all the Christmas stores and have lunch out. No boys allowed. ;-)

  6. This post made me hungry (ok, I was already hungry and it just aggrivated my pre-existing condition).

    I need to get some gifts made for Christmas. That means a trip to the craft store for batting to make a stocking for my sister (I hope).

  7. Since Advent begins this weekend, we'll start by picking out our Christmas tree. There is a tree farm about 30 minutes away where we've picked out a tree for the last few years. We romp around in the cold until our son picks out the perfect tree. The farm cuts it for us and our son will carry it to the car (big strong teenager). Our little tradition! That will get our season going!

  8. I think putting up my tree, and wrapping presents while listening to Christmas music are my two favourite things. :D

  9. I have to finish my Christmas shopping, wrap everything and then get it ready to ship. Not my favorite thing but maybe I'll buy myself something :) Hopefully I'll get a tree too. My first 'real sized' tree. Previously I've just had little ones.

    Other than that not too much. Put a pork roast in the crock pot today before I left for work. I'm trying something new it's got mustard, honey, beer, whole garlic cloves, and soy sauce. We'll see!

    Have a good one!

  10. I am both stunned and embarrassed because I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life". (I KNOW.)

    It's on ABC or CBS or one of those Saturday night at 8:00, so I have the DVR set up to record it. I think they're showing it in its entirety since the network blocked off three hours for it. DVR = fast forwarding through commercials to get to the good stuff.

    I've seen the first few minutes and the infamous "Auld Lang Syne" scene at the end but never the entire movie. I feel so lame. ;) I'll probably put up Christmas decorations while I watch it.

  11. Ooh, roasted red pepper sloppy joes--that sounds SO good! I'm going to have to figure out a way to vegetarianize that. :)


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