Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hump Day recap

It's the last day of the heck did that happen?

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

The Mr was good enough to take care of some rental car stuff and we ended up getting $300 back on our pre-paid reservations.  The woman said the rates went down since we booked so if you pre-pay reservations, it might be worth giving them a ringy dingy before you go to see if you've got money coming back to you.  How often does that ever happen? 

I was trying to work ahead and be productive so I was glad to happen upon a stash of posts I apparently wrote then never hit publish on.  Derp!  I started using a product I'll be reviewing in a few weeks so we'll see how that pans out.  

I noticed that yesterday was going to likely be the only nice day the rest of the week and given I was feeling a little sore, I thought I'd switch around the exercise program.  So it was just me, the Mr and the turkeys in the park...

It was coincidence that it was actually Walk in the Park Day so I'll pretend I knew that before we went.  So today we'll do the upper body I had planned for yesterday.  We had tacos and roasted carrots for dinner.

We've been doing very well on eating slow this week.  The other thing I need to improve on is getting in my water way earlier.  I'm not getting my last bottle in until 9-10pm and you can imagine that doesn't make for a good night's sleep.  Is that why they call it the "wee hours?"

Have you ever gotten back unexpected money?  How many bathroom trips (if any) do you make a night?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Even the plus size man gets the screws

When you're planning a trip to the islands, you need island attire.  I'm not talking a whole new wardrobe of loud aloha shirts and palm tree pants but a nice outfit for dinner is mandatory.  Island wear is a staple this time of year and the market gets flooded with the newest tropical inspired shirts from places like Tommy Bahama for Nordstrom to Walmart.

The Mr, like many of us, is one of those people that is one size up top and another size on the bottom and since most tropical shirts are button up, it can be irritating to find something that fits right.  More to the point, something that will fit right at the beginning and the end of a trip.  Because we go to the islands for multiple weeks...almost a month this time, our bodies are just riddled with bloat for all kinds of reasons.  Mostly sodium, also not drinking water as usual and just being off kilter from jet lag, weird wake and bed times.  By the time the body gets used to it, you're heading back home.  So clothes that are more fitted or button ups that fit at the beginning of a trip may throw up the white flag by the middle to end of it.

I got my dress for our anniversary dinner and because it's a maxi dress, it fits well because it's basically a drape ala Carol Burnett.  "I saw it in the winda and I just couldn't resist it."  When I got mine in and tried it on, it got the Mr wanting a new shirt too.  So I looked high and low for something that was appropriate for island fancy dinners but not so loud it screamed tourist.  After 14 trips there, you see what the noobs wear vs. the locals.  I found this really cool pattern at Macy's and sent the link to the Mr to see what he thought.  He loved the black and the grey so they'd be subtle but dressy.

We always like to order talls because when your stomach is the issue, they seem to like to make button ups shorter and it can ride up.  So we started with the grey 2XLT.  We knew XLT might be fine the first few days but Hawaiian food is all about salt whether it's loco moco or broiled fish and by week three he'd be without a nice shirt.  Well the pattern was nice but he was swimming in it!  It was ridiculous!  Because there was so much room, we wondered if we should've just gotten the XLT.  So I saw the black was available in that and ordered it to see what we were working with.

Well, here...

He's firmly between sizes.  My heart broke for him because neither of these is going to work and while I thought about having the bigger shirt altered, we both agreed that we shouldn't have to alter a brand new shirt.  So he sent them back and I ordered a plain ol' 2X to see if that fits.  I've got my fingers crossed it does because we both really like the shirt.  If it doesn't fit, I have no clue where we're going to find something that isn't $140 like Tommy Bahama or something like that and we both think that is ridiculous for a shirt.

Of course do you think they carry these shirts in their damn store so he could try them on???  Nope.  Just like Old Navy and plenty of other stores, they have no problem selling to you online and offering you free returns but don't come browse in our actual stores.  What's the matter, think we're going to eat your skinny patrons for a snack?

So see ladies...'plus size' men feel our pain too.

Do you have to play the "mail back the plus sized clothes that don't fit" game because the store won't carry plus sizes?  If so, call out the store in the comments.  Our money spends just the same as everyone else!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back to the old rule book

Some of you may remember this post about what got us started on our weight loss journey.  For those who are new within the past 4 years, go ahead and read it...I'll wait.

Well, we were certainly gung ho about that plan at the time.  We had good intentions but you know what they say about the road to hell and all.  After basically wasting the first two months of this year on a program that didn't work for us, I felt completely defeated.  I broke my body (literally) and my plan had to be dialed down on the strength training front.  I did some tweaking and 3 weeks into mine, I was still not losing anything.  (If this is where people are going to start urging me to cut out a food group or something like that, please don't.  We need to do what is right for our lives and that isn't right for us.)  We knew we had to get back to the things that were working for us initially when we were both over 400 lbs...
I began noticing how fast I was eating...not eating consciously.  It'd take me 20 minutes to prepare a meal and less than half that to eat it.  Sometimes I'd still be hungry after dinner.  I wouldn't eat anything that wasn't planned but it would start to be a mental game.  I am just too friggin' old to play 20 year old mental games where food is concerned.  I've got enough other crap going on to worry about than adding old food issues on top of it.  When I mentioned something to the Mr about being worried about how fast I would occasionally notice myself eating, he agreed he was eating faster than ever as well.

We decided to break out the old Paul McKenna DVD's to see if we could glean the message that first inspired us so much back in 2008.  I'll admit, the set up of the cheesy presentation was a little more distracting than it was even then.  Several things jumped out at me but most importantly, this sentiment he shared:

"I've noticed something very interesting about people who are overweight.  They think about food all the time...except when they're actually eating it and then they shove food into their mouth as fast as they can!"

This had become me.  I never really considered myself a fast eater like the Mr had struggled with but sometimes I would say out loud to myself "slow down, it's not going anywhere!"  If we were ever going to master still being able to have what we wanted on vacation without it taking longer than it should to get the weight off when we got back, mastering eating consciously had to be high on our priority list.  That is what we spent last week doing.  Easter is usually a big downfall for us.  We still do Easter baskets and no, it's not worth it to us to change that.  It's a once a year thing.  But we could be smarter about what we chose to eat along with the basket so I made lunch at home and even when the day went in the crapper and I didn't have it in me to make dinner at home, we got a sandwich and a tiny bag of chips where we would've normally just ordered a pizza at 3x the sodium.  Compared to other Saturdays, sodium was probably 35-40% lower and that in itself was a victory.  I know it would've been less if I'd made dinner at home but this was our first weekend doing this so I have to consider it a success along the way to a better mindset.

Easter Sunday wasn't bad calorie wise at all compared to Easters past.  I pre-planned my calories and stuck to them.  I knew I'd have my annual ham sandwich, a serving of my homemade mac and cheese, a little baked beans, 2 crackers with a little cheeseball and my water.  The Mr and I agreed we would kick each other under the table if we saw the other eating too fast but that wasn't necessary.  Take a bite...chew to mush...drink of water...repeat.  By the time we were done, we felt like we'd gone back for seconds and that's exactly how you want to feel on a day when there is tempting food all around.  I may have had 3 jelly beans off of the Easter platter I made but given I burned 1275 calories that morning, I wasn't going to beat myself up over it.  I also had some sugar free banana cream pie which was factored in as well.  Since I made it, I knew it was made with skim milk and sugar free banana cream pudding so half the family diabetics could enjoy some too.  (I don't tell them that because they'll avoid it like the plague.  *rolling eyes*)

The only time I really kind of messed up is when I wanted to enjoy our Sunday night snack that I'd been looking forward to all day.  It had been an exhausting day and all I wanted to do was sit back and savor that time with the Mr and exhale that the day was over.  Instead, he was screwing with some TV issue and I sat there with some resentment that what I made an effort to time out for us was wasted.  So in anger, I just snarfed it down and didn't even enjoy it.  I could've just eaten it slowly myself and let him do his thing but I didn't.  Notes for the future, I guess.

One thing I always tell my mom is no candy for Easter.  It's too close to our vacations for my liking to work off two baskets.  Well, she got us a gift card for a restaurant and these guys...

I smiled and thanked her for them and told her she didn't have to do that.  I could've done what I've done before and lamented over the fact that she didn't listen (though we didn't talk to say "no candy this year"...I just assume she knows its a standing thing.)  But rather, I appreciated that I'm still her daughter and just as I like tradition, so does she.  She doesn't have to know that I had the Mr take them into work with him because we just can't have that kind of temptation in the house right now.


1100 extra calories in my gullet just isn't in line with our goals right now.  I feel bad and in years past, we've said 'eff it' and eaten it anyway.  But I'm tired of having that lack of control or having a reason to eat something with justification because someone was nice enough to buy it for me.

So for now, we are going to try to get this mastered so that it can be applied on our high cal day and vacations.  Even though our portions are in line 6 days a week, it's only going to help us.  My system will hopefully appreciate a well chewed meal instead of hunks of food coming down.  It's what helped us lose our first 100 lbs and it's something we know we have to get back to.

Are you a fast eater?  Do you think about food a lot except when you're actually eating it?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter escapades

Easter weekend has come and gone.  I've gotta tell you, I'm glad it's over to a degree.  Saturday I decided to pre-shred the cheese I was going to need for the homemade mac and cheese.  I got over worrying about whether or not other people were going to like it or not and focused on the fact that I was bringing a dish that I knew every single ingredient.  

I decided to get started on my banana cream pies.  Unfortunately those aren't as "whole" as the mac and cheese but I get it once a year and was looking forward to it.  I don't use spray whipped cream but my family loves it.  I thought as long as you refrigerated it, you could pre-spray the top of the pie with it and since we only now had a mile to drive, all would be good.  I was wrong.  I'm just glad I didn't make two pies that way.  It was a soupy mess on top.  Even with scraping it off, it had already soaked the graham cracker crust so this was my reality...

I hope the trash can enjoyed it.  I told the Mr I had to get the hell out of the house since I'd already spent the morning doing a bunch of prep, making a big lunch and then the pie fiasco.  We got in the car and I immediately put on Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit because it's the only song that will allow me to rage properly.  So there the Mr and I were singing screaming it like we should've had flannel and a douchey backwards hat on.  I felt much better.  We ran a few errands and did some window shopping before grabbing dinner and heading home.  With all I'd experienced earlier in the day, cooking was not on my agenda.  

Then came Easter Sunday.  We started the day with a 1000 calorie workout from Fitness Blender because it just felt like the right thing to do.  Plus I thought perhaps flooding myself with exercise induced endorphins might balance me somehow.

I'll be honest, I was nervous...scared even to go to Grandma's.  I can't bear to see her because it turns me into a quivering heap.  Holidays are especially hard because this is how I remember many of my holidays...

After having our own celebration at home, we'd always go to grandma's and I'd have something the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus left at her place too.  Since I was the only grandkid for many years, you can imagine how she doted.

One thing that was never absent from her table was a platter of Russell Stover Easter eggs with jelly beans and I think Peeps.  (I could be wrong on that one)  She did always have these really bad eggs that were called marshmallow eggs but they weren't.  They were just kind of big jelly bean consistency but shaped like eggs and more bland.  Those always got tossed...or maybe she ate them when we all left, who knows.  But it wasn't Easter at Grandma's without that platter, so I made one.

My silver platter wasn't polished like hers was but we actually thought it was kind of cool in its current state...

Before it got switched, I already decided I was going to do the platter to see if it could spark a memory for her.  I ended up buying too many eggs and they wouldn't all fit and look right so the two maple creams that are her favorite were put in a small bag and set aside just for her.  Even if she doesn't remember they were her favorite...I do.

We slept late and had to pretty much go straight down to workout.  84 minutes of Fitness Blender hell with one of their 1000 calorie workouts.  (I burned 1275 and the Mr burned 900)  When we were done I made our shakes for post workout fuel since we hadn't had much in the way of sustenance other than a homemade prune oat bar before our workout so we didn't pass out.  Then I had to start getting my homemade mac and cheese together which entailed making a roux and all of that crap and then baking it.  I had very little time to get my shower, get ready and get the rest of the stuff out to be on time.  I took a quick pic for you guys of my replacement pie.

We ended up being 10 minutes late but got there with 3 other cars so it wasn't super obvious.  The first thing I see as I walk in is grandma, on the couch looking as though she's just died.  Literally.  She was in a deep sleep with her mouth wide open and I'm not talking a snore look, I'm talking Claire at the end of Six Feet Under look.

I went to the fridge to put the pies in there and my mom and aunt were in there.  My mom asked what I made and I said "banana cream pies" and she laughed and said "I made banana cream pudding."  My internal mercury was shooting through my body and all of those happy exercise endorphins bid me adieu.  I said "but I said I was making banana cream pies" with a slight irritation and she shot me serious attitude and said "well I haven't talked to you in a month so you didn't tell ME you were making it!"  I pointed to my aunt and said "I told HER!" and walked out to the car before I went ape sh*t.

As the Mr was making his way from the car I said "tappin' out."  He's like "we're leaving already?"  I said "no but guess what mom made?  Banana cream pudding."  He rolled his eyes and said "nice."  I went in the kitchen and helped out with getting the food together a little and then went to my mom and apologized for snapping but one of my pies bit the dust and if I'd known I didn't have to make it again, I wouldn't have.  She said it just sounded really good and since we never have it she thought she'd make it.  (Not that I've made it the past 3 years or anything but I wasn't going to say it because attitude would've been really evident at that point.)  There was some other crap that happened but I'm still processing how I feel about those things.

We enjoyed our plate of food and everyone really liked my mac and cheese.  There was some initial resistance when my aunt was poking the green egg pasta pieces with a spoon and said "are those jalapenos?"  I said "no, I know better, it's just colored Easter pasta."  There was only a wee little bit left and it went in the fridge for Grandma and her husband to have today or tomorrow.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the platter too.  They said that was always for the adults since the kids got baskets.  Grandma eventually woke up and they put her in a wheelchair and wheeled her over to the table.  My aunt fed her and she took one of the maple cream eggs I saved for her and cut it up and fed it to her.  Even though her eyes were closed as she ate, the maple eggs perked her right up.  It was nice to see a slight acknowledgment of one of her favorite foods.  My mom said she couldn't believe I remembered those were her favorite.

But the best thing I got from yesterday was this...

That's her rolling pin...the one she used to make her noodles.  It's mine now.  I'll treasure it for the rest of my life.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, March 25, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week 2016 #12

I've got no snazzy intro so let's just jump right in, shall we?

5 Proven Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol    (Good stuff)

Ask Ann: Why Am I Having Sharp Shoulder Pain?  (Yep, this is partly what I'm recovering from)

Overlooked and Underappreciated: How to Use the Rowing Machine  (Got some good tips from my chiro but these about cover them as well)

Which Type of Milk (or Nondairy Milk) Is Best? The PROs and CONs of 9 Different Kinds  (Good info)

10 Signs It's More Than Just Stress  (Oh...crap.)

Teddy the Timid Poop  (Hilarious!)

Dear Tracy Anderson: STOP  (Gotta say, this took some nads to write)

Five Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate  (Courtesy of the Mr.  I think he wants to make sure our Sunday night hot cocoa habit isn't going anywhere)

Keep Your Brain Sharp With the New MIND Diet  (Looks like I'm already following most of it!)

Hulk Hogan Exclusive: Wrestling Legend Overwhelmed by Victory in Gawker Lawsuit  (Overwhelmingly in support of this verdict.  Other people's sex lives are none of our business and disguising it as "news" is pathetic)

David Letterman Is Balding, Bearded and Looking as Happy as Ever in St. Barts  (That's great if you don't want to shave and all but for the love of God, stop chewing on whatever is turning your teeth that color!)

See How Daisy Ridley Smoothly Turned Down a Fan Who Asked Her to His Spring Formal  (Love this!)

These White Chocolate Strawberries Are the Cutest Easter Dessert  (Ahhh, so adorable!  I'm doing this next Easter!)

Donut Bunny Pops  (Double ahhh!  Doing these too, except with mini pretzel sticks instead of toothpicks, that's just asking for trouble with my people)

Seth Rogen's Newest Movie Trailer (NSFW.  In case you don't know what that means...not safe for work.  I'll repeat it one more time...not. safe. for. work!  If you're offended by strong language, don't even think of clicking on it!  Now that that's out of the way, if nothing else, it makes me want to go on a water diet for fear of killing all of the cute little food families and couples!)

It's Easter weekend!  I've got a hollow Lindt dark chocolate bunny with mah name on it!  I've got 2 banana cream pies to make tomorrow night and then Sunday morning I'll make my homemade mac and cheese.  I got some good mixes of sharp cheddar and havarti and fun Easter pasta shapes to appeal to the kiddies.  (Who am I kidding, I want to eat them for mahself too!)

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maui dreamin' and mind blown

Yesterday I talked to my friend on Maui about setting up a massage at our place.  She got certified since I saw her last and said she'd travel on the island if I didn't want to come to the homestead.  It's not that I don't want to go there but we've got an oceanfront condo and doing one out on the lanai 7 floors up as the ocean laps below sounds pretty friggin' good to me!

I also started looking through geocaches to do on vacation.  If you guys don't know what geocaching is, it's like a treasure hunt of sorts.  You're given coordinates to a place of interest anywhere in the world and it can take you to some fun off the beaten path places both locally and out of town.  (Go to to learn more if you're interested in a fun, family friendly activity!)

I think I found some fun ones on Maui to do including this one.  Kind of irritating to think 4 years ago I knew about that cache and was this close to it.

Oh well, we'll get it this time...I hope.

The Mr had a headache when he got home and he took some aspirin and fell asleep on the couch.  Then when he woke up, I was tired so I made him give me a glute massage to unkink the muscle tightness that was yesterday's leg day.  We did Turbo Fire and had jalapeno salmon burger and potato wedges for dinner.

We caught up on the DVR and that included the latest episode of The People vs. O.J. Simpson.  Y'all want a fun tidbit I discovered last night?  As I was admiring the behavior of the older black juror lady with the glasses, I couldn't help but think of what a lovely job they did casting her.  I don't know that they ever called her by name but she just had sweet eyes and looked so familiar to me.  I went on to see what else she was in.  Her name is Susan Beaubian and I was reading through her past jobs and then I got to one that made me yell "holy crap!" especially when I saw this picture...

That's her on the right...with O.J. Simpson.  She was his WIFE in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! and now she's a star juror in the movie based on O.J.'s trial.  The Mr and I were like...


Then it got blown again when we found out Shemar Moore friggin' left Criminal Minds!  I had to just stop watching everything because I can't afford to lose that much more brain matter after those two things.

What fun activities do you like to do on vacation to keep things interesting?  Any TV shows blow your mind lately?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Appreciating the pioneers

It's Hump Dayyyyyy!

It was a pretty low key day.

We came in late on this amazing series on NatGeo called Generation X.  The Mr and I were kids during this period and we learned so much because when you're a kid, you take certain things for granted or don't pay attention.  We binge watched the episodes we missed.  Honestly,  I didn't even know that Generation X is considered from 1961-1981, I thought it was like 1970-1984.  I didn't know that the ERA never passed.  I didn't know that in 1961, Estelle Griswold who helped married couples obtain birth control through Planned Parenthood was actually charged and went to trial.

The thought that I could've been married to the Mr and our decision not to have children would've meant sex would involve homemade condoms with saran wrap and a scrunchie or everything but intercourse is just mind blowing.  I didn't realize how dangerously close I was to still be seriously oppressed.  I know many still consider women oppressed but in comparison to any time before the 1970's in America...not so much.  I am super grateful for pioneers in the women's lib movement that allow me to make decisions that relate to my body and what I can do with it as a grown ass married woman!  I also respect those women who didn't want that change to come into their lives and were perfectly happy with the men being head of household and them playing a supporting role.  I think people should be able to live the lives they choose.  As far as we know, we only get one so live it in appreciation for those before you who paved the way for you to have choices...even if the person next to you doesn't like or make the same choice.  Sorry, I don't like to get all political or anything like that but man, if you get the chance, watch that series online.  It truly makes you appreciate so many aspects of life we take for granted.  I always like to learn more about a time I was alive but just not old enough to comprehend what was going on around me.


We did a killer lower body workout and man did I feel it pretty immediately.  Walking today should be "fun."  But at least it was Taco Tuesday...

Do you like to learn about modern history to better understand grown up issues of your childhood?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby steps to recovery

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I went to the chiro yesterday.  It's been a week since my last treatment and I told him it was his lucky day because my legs were acting up too.  Thank God I shaved the forest with the John Deere the day before!  He looked at the legs first and felt around and hit a few knots and he's like "wow, this one is bruised a little" and I said "uh yeah, that's where I tried to exercise the demon with the roller, I failed."  He's like "yeah. I'd call that one a demon!"  When he was doing the knot release he was going a little light for my liking and when he got to "Bruiser", I said not to be afraid of digging or hurting me and he's like "I think you already did that...I'll laser it."  I don't care dude, just get rid of it.  I'm about to dress it, put a wig on it and qualify for the carpool lane.

He moved on to the shoulder, said I was right on schedule and then amended to say actually ahead of schedule.  He said the piano key affect is almost gone and only had one "key" left and pressed on the area.  I told him about how there was soreness in the back of the shoulder especially after the two upper body strength sessions.  I confessed I did flies Sunday night but with 8 pounds and when they felt too irritating, I went half range or dropped the weight altogether.  He smiled and asked how it felt.  I told him of all of the moves I did, that one was the most irritating but the next day I wasn't sore there but in the back.  He said all of that was good to hear and from what I said and the way it feels, it's progressing nicely.  I asked if there were any strength building exercises he recommended and he said everything I'm doing should help strengthen it so just continue on, go easy on flies weight wise and come back in a week.  I'm down with that!  Actually the Mr and I both go back the same day next week.  I'm a little concerned about his back and forth on progress.  The doc assured me that he's passing all of the range of motion tests he's doing and that's good.  But I think this TENS unit he got is actually doing more harm than good at this point.  When he gets really sore, he'll do it, it'll feel like he doesn't have a problem at all and then the following three days are sore almost to a detriment.  I think I'm going to hide it until he's totally healed.  I want him to be able to feel his true measure of soreness and not mask it.  He needs to ice and ultrasound and move forward with a true gauge of what he feels.

Baby steps, y'all.  So funny..when I typed that my shoulder twinged in pain.  Don't make me throw the ice pack back on, you little bastardo!

We did our workout of Fitness Blender HIIT and then had some orange fish over spinach polenta.

The Mr was really feeling the workout and I am a worried mama bear.  We both iced and hopefully he will feel better today or at least increasingly better as the week moves on.

He just put on O Tannenbaum from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  He knows how to make me schmile.

Do your injuries typically heal up on schedule or feel like two steps forward, one step back?

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome Spring...hand me the winter coat

Happy Monday all!

The Mr worked basically two shifts Thursday so he took Friday off since he was up until 4am that morning.  It was the last day before a cold front set in so we wanted to take the opportunity to do our first three miler of the season.

The ducks were enjoying the mild weather...

We enjoyed some beautiful blooms on the trees.  Sadly they were already starting to fall so I'm hoping they stick around at least a week or two so we can enjoy them.

Saturday wasn't a great day for me and sadly, I took some of it out on the Mr.  I declared holding puppies was in order.

He did make me feel better.  He was a rescue runt but once they brought his brother in, that sweet little face morphed into a seething bastard that didn't like his brother playing with his toy.  The dog went Tyson and bit his brothers ear, clamped down and would not let go even after he sent an Earth shattering yelp that echoed through the store and had everyone looking at us like we dropped them or something.  Literally ten people from employees to patrons ran over and even though they could see the dog was being a shit, they gave us the side eye.  That was just icing on the cake to my day.  I can't even hold puppies without it going into the crapper.

Sunday the Mr and I talked, we had brunch and discussed our new Easter plans which now have us all going to Grandma's house because apparently she is so wobbly on her feet that her husband doesn't think he can handle shuttling her over anymore.  I was so furious because it is evident she needs to go in a facility.  I get you all want to honor her desire to not go into one but come on...he is 85, has bad knees that need surgery and in addition to everything else now he has to deal with her not being able to walk?!  Did I mention that a few months ago she plopped on the floor when my mom was watching her and refused to move and mom couldn't lift her?  Yeah, so I'm going to have to take some kind of sleeping aid to just be doped out of my mind because I don't know if I can hold my tongue...especially if I end up having spiky hormone issues.  Every time I've brought it up, I get how "when it gets worse" it'll happen.  How much worse does it need to get!?

Anyhoo...  the Mr finished rebuilding our desktop computer.  I'm thrilled because we were able to get a case that instead of being a beast that took up leg room where the chair went now fits under the desk drawers!

I know it was a major pain in the butt Saturday night but I'm so thankful the Mr put his superior techie skills to work to give up a totally updated system that will handle 4K video production now.  Thanks Mr!

How did you guys ring in Spring?

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Friday, March 18, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week 2016 #11

Wee ha, it's finally Friday!

Did you all imbibe in St. Patty's Day festivities yesterday?  The closest we got to celebrating was eating brussels sprouts.  But enough of my Erin Go Braughless lack of celebration and get to...

14 Beautiful Pantries That Will Give You Organization Goals  (Good ideas!)

Splenda is officially bad for you  (Well this is seriously unsettling on many levels)

6 Nighttime Steps That Keep Skin Wrinkle-Free  (Too late)

Maple syrup isn’t just delicious, it also could cure Alzheimer’s disease  (Bring on the flapjacks!  Oh wait, they didn't say flapjacks prevented Alz)

Which Is Better: Wild-Caught or Farmed Fish?  (I always go for wild but the farming people better clean up their acts)

10 Ways to Squeeze Furniture Into Small Spaces  (Absolutely LOVE the Skinny Console!  *looks around for a spare wall*)

Let Her Sleep In! Women Need More Sleep Than Men, Says Science  (Halle to the luyer!  I already knew this though)

We Tried 10 Chocolate Easter Bunnies So You Don't Have To  (I've got a Lindt hollow bunny this year.  I remember the disappointment one or two Easters opening that cheap bunny they mention.  When a fat kid refuses to eat a bunny, there's a problem)

Budget-Friendly Ways to Fill an Easter Basket  (Fun suggestions!)

7 Ways to Prepare for Spring Cleaning  (Still got more to do!)

This Sweet Husband Spent the Past 5 Years Illustrating How Much He Loves His Wife  (Aww, this is so sweet!  I love the monster one...that seems to be me this week with my hormonal week deciding to rearrange itself)

50 Powerful Photos From The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial  (For those who didn't actually watch it while it was going on in 1995, DO NOT take what the TV show is spewing as gospel.  It's a well done TV series but no one involved in the case was consulted and liberties are being taken for entertainment purposes.)

Gwen Stefani Climbs Back From the Abyss  (Her new album drops today!  WOO HOO!)

My final link comes with a picture.  I saw these super cute free printables and made some tags and signs for an Easter platter I'm putting together.  Couple it with some cute bakers twine and look how cute!

If you want to get in on the action, click here.

I don't think we have any real plans for the weekend.  It's supposed to be colder (seasonal) so hopefully that'll mean people aren't roaming around and we can enjoy some outside time.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trader Joe's Organic Black Bean Rotini

Every few weeks, Trader Joe's likes to introduce new products by putting them on an end cap.  That also makes me nervous because when they bring new stuff in is when they yank old favorites.  As I was perusing the latest adds, I saw this.

What really intrigued me was when I read the nutritional information.

That is 14g of protein  and 15g of fiber per serving!  This is a no grain pasta so I'm thinkin' you paleo peeps could use this?   The only thing that scared me was the email I got from TJ's the next day describing this as "a great tasting pasta with terrifically toothy texture."  Toothy eh?  That's like when people describe something as "earthy."  It gets my Spidey senses spiked to be suspicious.

So I cooked it for 9 minutes (they recommend 8-10 minutes) and put it in a bowl.

I didn't care for the gummy texture so I put it back in a strainer and ran it under cold water to rinse that off and it was acceptable.

Now I had to throw together some stuff that we had on hand that I thought would compliment it.  I rarely have this but was glad I did.

I boiled up 8 ounces of chicken and sprinkled with ground chipotle pepper.

In addition to that, I added 2 tablespoons of poblano salsa.

I gave it all a goodly toss and put it in a dish to warm up after our workout.

I warmed it up covered at 400 for about 20 minutes.  The Mr dug in and I thought he was going to rocket to the ceiling.  His eyes lit up and he started raving at how much he loved it.  Well, I guess I don't need to ask if he wants to buy it again!

It does taste exactly like black beans because well, it is black beans.  I think it really lends itself to Mexican cuisine.  They try to pair it up with marinara sauce but after having tried it, I think that would be kind of gross.  Just ask yourself if you'd pour pasta sauce over black beans because that's what it would taste like.  Anything that pairs well with black beans would do well with this pasta.

So let your creativity come forward and get some extra protein with a nice "toothy" pasta!

Have you tried TJ's black bean rotini?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Planning is cramping my neck

Happy Hump Day!

I started doing a little vacation planning yesterday.  Well, I guess perusing Yelp wouldn't be considered vacation planning by most but I like to have options regardless of the parts of the islands we're going to be in.  It really sucks because Hawaii has a relatively high turnover on restaurants so our favorites either close or take a nosedive.  I'm super sad because one of the restaurants a friend of ours owns is getting really crappy reviews lately and I think unless he's with us, we're going to have to skip it.  We don't have 1-2 hours to waste sitting around waiting for food on vacay.  How do you tactfully ask "why aren't you doing anything about the crappy reviews for your restaurant?" without offending someone?

I think I spent like 3-4 hours going through different towns we'd be staying in, visiting websites, looking at menus and deciding whether or not to bookmark something for us to try.  I had to stop going through it all because the ringing in my ears (my newest stress signal) was getting loud.

We went down and started our Tae Bo workout.  I was looking forward to it until 20 minutes in, the tension in my neck and shoulders must've let loose because I had an insane flood of headache pain.  About 10 minutes later, I had to have the Mr get me some aspirin because I didn't trust I could walk up the stairs to get it.  By the end of the workout, it seemed like maybe it was letting up and honestly, I can't believe I made it through the whole thing.  I jumped in the shower thinking the heat on my shoulders would kick it to the curb.  It didn't.  I tried a new massage thingy I got and it didn't work long term because I need an elbow in the shoulders to release the hell.  Within 20 minutes it was back full force.  Sigh.  So my night was filled with head splitting pain.

I figured since aspirin didn't work, maybe a dumb comedy would help in the form of Sisters.

I was about 25 minutes into it and almost ejected it but it thankfully picked up.  I was surprised to see the mom and dad from Life in Pieces were the parents in this movie.  (Dianne Weist and James Brolin)  I absolutely loved the character of James and when he deals with a ballerina issue, I laughed so hard my head throbbed and I didn't even care.  I'd say wait until it comes out on Redbox April 12th.  It was funny but I don't know if it was $3-5 rental funny.

Unfortunately it didn't do anything to calm my head so I went into the rest of the night and to bed with that bastard headache.  I'm hoping it doesn't follow me into today.

Would you mention reviews of someone's business to the owner when their reputation is suffering? (IE:  "So, do you ever Yelp your restaurant?" (knowing he doesn't) and hope he checks after your encounter.")

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lethal cookies and on the mend

Howdy do all!

I accidentally slept in yesterday.  I heard the Mr get up and the next thing I knew, I was selling Girl Scout cookies to Riggs and Murtaugh telling them I made six figures only working three months out of the year.  If only!

Riggs liked Thin Mints whilst Murtaugh liked Samoas

But I will take that dream over the one the day before anytime, thankyouverymuch!

I went to the chiro yesterday and he said while he still feels adhesions, the shoulder is beginning to heal.  I can add back in small amounts of upper body but absolutely no flies because it could set me back.  The Mr went later in the day and he was told he's pretty much cleared to his own comfort level.  That actually kind of surprised me because his range of motion is still pretty crappy.  I go back in a week and he goes back in two weeks.

We did lower body and HIIT last night and I threw in a few bicep curls to test the waters and I did okay.  I was still a bit on the tight side a few hours later but he said doing the cross friction massage he does on me will help break things up in there.  I was just glad to see I could do push ups off the knees because a few weeks ago that would've hurt.  I knew enough that when I saw walk downs as one of the exercises, I had to do something else in its place.  I must say, I'm really itching to get back into some good upper body but I'm not going to jeopardize my healing process so I'll have to bide my time.

Dinner was homemade Chinese food that I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oops!  After that we took care of some business stuff then had the battle rounds of The Voice on in the background.

Pretty low key on our end!

Have you imbibed in Girl Scout cookies this season like Riggs and Murtaugh?  If so, what are your faves?

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Monday, March 14, 2016

A confession I wasn't expecting

Happy Monday all!

Well, the weather turned out to be nicer than we thought so we went on a little road trip since we were getting cabin fever.  We went to tool around the Mr's old hometown, visit Dad in the cemetery, grab some lunch and stopped by his favorite candy store as a kid.  These brought back memories...

Remember those eggs your grandma would get you for Easter?  I'm glad to see that even though I don't get them anymore that they're still being made.  If I ever did have a hankerin' for them, I'd probably make them myself because when I read the ingredients, I saw the word "hydrogenated" quite a few times.  Ahh, to be an ignorant child!  Sigh.

We stopped by a local food store and saw this lovely feast waiting for some poor vegan's Easter Sunday.

I'm not raggin' on your vegan feast but come ON man, that just doesn't remotely look appetizing!  (No offense to the tofurkey company)  Thankfully there are so many more delicious ways to celebrate Easter nowadays.

To continue the food theme, we both laughed when we saw this because we couldn't decide who it fit more, him or me.

Then Sunday happened.

So as I was in my spring forward early morning slumber, I had a dream.  It's kind of naughty in nature so if you have delicate sensibilities, skip this paragraph.  I was err...getting ready to get frisky with the Mr and when I looked at "Mr. Johnson", it looked weird.  Like slightly dehydrated.  (Eww!)  I was like "dude, your junk looks funny.  WTF!?" He seemed somewhat unphased and when I went in for the grab, he screamed and jumped back and said it hurt.  I thought he was kidding so I touched it again and he jumped up and said it hurt.  I told him we needed to go to the hospital right away and get him checked out by a doctor.  He said no because it turned out he had an STD.  (As a refresher, the Mr and I have been together since we were 17 and 19 and have only been with each other.  I am a product of a divorced family with a father that had an affair so he knows I would never tolerate this, I've said it from day one.)  I started shaking and crying and he confessed he had an affair one time and how sorry he was.  I yelled at him "how could you bring this into our home!?  I hope it falls off, effing mofo!"  Then I physically tore into him.  I could feel my heart beat racing and then realized I was dreaming but he was about to tell me what happened and I could feel myself waking up.  I desperately wanted to go back to sleep to see what he said.  To no avail, I woke up.  Then you know, you give them the look as they sleep like "you asshat."

I got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed trying to get back to sleep but couldn't.  I laid around for a bit and when he woke up, I decided not to tell him right away because I didn't want to rage out on him over a dream.  We went downstairs and hopped onto our laptops to check email.  I casually brought up the dream waiting for that reassurance that of course he would never cheat on me, blah blah blah.

Instead, he just got this look on his face.  A look that sent my heart through the floor.  I said "oh please God..."  He started crying and apologizing profusely saying it was one time and he was so sorry.  I started screaming to wake up and he tried to calm me down saying it wasn't a dream and he'd wanted to tell me for a while but couldn't take how disappointed I would be in him.  I thought I was going to throw up and started shaking.  Everything he said just kind of sounded like a Charlie Brown teacher.  The more he talked, the more I wanted to hurt him.  Finally, I couldn't take it and I picked up my laptop and just before I hit him upside the head...I woke up!

It was a dream inside of a dream!  Oh. My. God!  What the hell is this, Inception!?  That felt so real when I thought I was awake.  I had to get up and go downstairs because I didn't want to find out any more...dream or not.  I vowed never to listen to the song Somebody Else by The 1975 before bed again.  I made brunch, managed not to spite smack him while we were eating and we took care of some computer business.  Afterward, I told him about the dream(s).  He assured me that never happened and that it never would,  not only as a promise to me but one he made to himself long before he met me that he would never stoop so low.  I believe him.  I have no idea where that crap came from but I told him I wanted him to know I knew that about him.

We ran a few errands then came back and did our Turbo Fire 55 and had dinner and watched Sixteen Candles.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Have you ever had a dream within a dream?

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Friday, March 11, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week 2016 #10

It's been a long, achy week but it's finally Friday!!

I've been an icing, ultra sounding, chiro laser zapping fool to speed heal this sprain.  Apparently it doesn't like my choice of cardio this week (Turbo Fire and Power 90) but it's just gonna have to suck it because I can't just walk every day with the rain and the chiro said as long as it doesn't cause me pain as I'm doing it, I'm okay.  So I try to ice as soon as I get up and right after a workout, then I'll ultra sound before bed.  I just can't wait to sleep on my right side again.  I'm trying to stay off that side but as the Mr can attest, it is hard.  The problem is when he rolls on his right side, he rolls over me.

But enough of the household shoulder woes, let's get to...

18 Science-Backed Ways to Lose More Weight  (Agree with many of these but I'm sorry this bod consistently burns 25% LESS calories during morning workouts.  Workout when you know you will, not when an article tells you to)

For Scott Kelly, being back on Earth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be  (The Mr and I wondered what effects he'd have after so long up there.  Some are really surprising!)

3 Exercises to Substitute for Burpees  (I typically do a sumo squat with a jump at the top but these are good too)

Glen Campbell in Final Stages of Alzheimer's Disease ("his family reports that music therapy has been particularly helpful"   Mr...I know you know I'm seething over the lack of this therapy I've suggested numerous times)

Researchers Say Eating Chocolate Every Day Can Have Serious Health Benefits  (Uh, I don't think they mean chocolate bunnies here.  For the record the one with the actual health benefits is 70% or higher.  We can highly recommend Trader Joe's Pound Plus bar which is 72%)

How to Recover After a Workout  (Good tips!)

Death by selfie  (I believe this could be another category in the Darwin Awards)

10 Photos That Perfectly Capture the Beauty of Growing Old Together  ("One way we stay unified is just by getting old. We have never been old before, and we are just trying to learn how to be old together.​"  So true!)

90-Year-Old Cancer Patient Quits Treatment to Travel the World  (She's in Savannah right now!  Love following this spunky lady!)

National Parks at 100  (Love our National Parks!)

Tourist ‘Kills Swan After Pulling It Out Of A Lake For A Selfie’  (Seriously, I am shaking in anger right now.  If I see anyone doing this to an animal, I will need bail money)

An open letter to the Whole Foods shoppers who consoled me when I learned of my dad’s suicide  (Good to know there are still good people out there willing to help a stranger in their darkest moment)

Here's When It's OK to Start Openly Farting in a Relationship  (Keep the mystery as long as possible people because once Pandora's box is opened, you can never go back.)

26 Things You Didn't Know About Grease  (Love this movie...after all, Grease is the word)

Literally the cutest video you will ever see

It's supposed to be a rainy weekend so I don't think any road trips are in our future.  We'll make a final decision tonight when we can see a potential destination's weather for next Saturday to see the lesser of two evils.  I want to get our bedroom cleaned up and some of that will take the Mr going through the rest of his dresser drawers so we can figure out what needs donated, what needs space bagged (totally a verb) for future wear and what can be put back.  I need to go through my closet too, I think I have a few items I can donate as well.  

What's on your agenda this weekend?

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' This Week

Slooooowly snaking our way to the weekend.

Man this week has been long or is it just me?  I know the Mr will be happy for the weekend as he's had to be in charge this week and every time he's the supervisor, it hits the fan.  I'm sure if he could throw a full punch, he'd hook the weight bag back up.

But let's not dwell on the poopy aspects of the week thus far and peep some things that are making things more bearable for me this week!

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by The 1975

I literally learned some of the lyrics in my sleep because I cannot get this out of my head!  If you are remotely a fan of 80's new wave or bands like INXS, The Police and others of that ilk, you will love this album.  I'm sad to not be in on their initial success since this is their second album but for someone in desperate need of new music, this fits the bill in so many ways for me.  We were in Target and their song "Love Me" came on (try to get past the weird screechy sound in the beginning because the rest of the song is awesome) and we literally stopped in our tracks to see what it was.  Do you know how long it's been since a song has done that for me?  I don't remember, it's been that long.  The album is actually surprisingly mellow compared to the set they did on SNL of Love Me and The Sound.  There are several instrumentals which I LOVE.  (Tiger, Tiger was always one of my favorite Duran Duran songs.   Evan and Crockett's Theme were some of my faves as well as a kid...straight off the Miami Vice soundtrack.)  The song Please Be Naked turned me into a puddle of tears as well as Nana.  Click here to see some videos from this release and it looks like they'll be releasing Somebody Else soon...another great song.  Can't wait for the video.  Oh yeah and Matty and George (singer and drummer) are droolworthy enough to make me feel like a dirty middle aged lady.  Matty is a mix of Michael Hutchence and Colin Farrell.  Holy hell.

Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Tool

I saw this contraption at Bed, Bath and Beyond one time and laughed at it.  Then when all of my muscles were fighting to recover at once along with pain from bad sleeping positions, it was all I wanted.  I bought it and holy cow does it help every single area of mah bod!  The two little knobs there right behind where she's holding are used to help relieve the neck tension of weird sleep positions when I get up.  (Or before bed from a bad day)  The knobs at either end are good for digging in your lower back, glutes and those muscles that you just can't reach.  It's good for trigger release techniques and deep tissue massage.  It's especially helpful if you don't have someone to give you a deep back massage or if your partner has a wussy threshold for digging in.

TJ's Greek Mango Yogurt

Yep...if you can friggin' believe it, there is one flavor of yogurt that doesn't make me yarf into the sink if I lick the spoon.  NEVER discontinue this flavor Joe. I've jinxed myself.

Break Point

I have this weird thing where if I really love a show, when it's over I must then support the actors in their next projects.  This means being a Six Feet Under fan, I had to follow Peter Krause to Parenthood...Michael C. Hall to Dexter (which then led me to have to follow Jennifer Carpenter to Limitless) ...Frances Conroy to American Horror Story and of course Jeremy Sisto to anything else he does.  (Though to be fair, I follow him to SFU because I was a Hideaway fan.)  Got all that?  Anyhoo, he was really hyping this movie on his Twitter and I wasn't sure about it but we rented it the other night and it was actually pretty frickin' funny.  Of course I like potty mouth Jeremy so it was right up my alley.  It was good seeing him in something funny again for a change and not having to be confined in by a prime time slot like Suburgatory.  It was well written and well cast.  I really wasn't feeling the kid until about the middle of the film but he grows on ya a little.  After checking his Twitter again and scrolling back, I see ABC has the rest of the Wicked City eppys they shot....binge watch of 4 episodes is in order!

Sarah Paulson in The People vs. O.J. Simpson

The O.J. trial was a major part of the Mr and I's lives when we first got engaged.  We were working at a law firm and this was the first trial where this crap ass standard we've come to accept as a society of thriving on the gory details came from.  We'd gather with all of the people in our downtown office in the cafeteria with the O.J. trial on and I can't count how many times we were late getting back to the office.  Watching Sarah Paulson in this show is mind blowing.  We have to remind ourselves we're not watching the real thing.  I heard she went pretty method for it and it worked.  She'd better get an Emmy!!

What are you guys loving this week?

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