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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Horrifying the doc, turkeys and waffles

Howdy do, you beautiful people, you!

I don't compliment you enough, just thought I'd rectify that.

It's October 1st.  Can you believe that shizz??  It's time for hot cider, rustling leaves, the smell of a distant bonfire you wish you were invited to and watching the Great Pumpkin.

Yesterday the Mr finished up his training course and we had the rest of the afternoon free.  Oh how it would've been nice to go out and do something but the pain in my leg was getting worse and I was now having pain with almost every step and was afraid to bear weight.  I knew what that meant...time to see the chiro.  The Mr said to book him an appointment too so he could laser him up one last time.  
When we got there, I decided to skip the water table and the girl put the Mr on it and took me on back.  I wrote down the extenuating circumstances around this incident from the 14 mile city trek last week to being crippled for 3-4 days recovering to bowlers lunges to breaking in new shoes.  He had me lay down on my stomach and when he felt my right ankle where the pain is, he was asking me questions and such trying to get an idea of what hurt me and what didn't.  Then he moved up to my calf and practically gasped in horror.  

"I can't believe you could walk in here with that thing!"  
"Pretty bad huh?"
"Um yeah, it's so bad there's actually an indentation.  The muscle is twisted onto itself.  This is going to hurt so let me know if you need me to stop.  I'm definitely going to laser this area."

It hurt but I guess I must be used to it by now or something because as he dug in, I just felt better knowing he was working that beast out.  As I was pointing and flexing my leg to allow him to release the muscles, he gave a nervous giggle and said "yeah, I'm feeling your pain here so I'm going to use a cooling heat gel to relieve the pain."

It felt okay but honestly he'd already done his worst to me so it didn't do much to relieve it.  Just made my leg all icy feeling.  He said it might've been a perfect storm of events to just give me that horrible knot and he told me to roll the back of it to keep it from coming back and I should feel some relief soon and he'll laser me again next week.  

Then the Mr came back for his session and he said his shoulder sprain was healed up, it just had a little healing to do on the back but if he built up his delts it would help take some of the load from the back of the shoulder.  So he's basically cleared.  

Later when trying to decide what to do for a workout, I knew I couldn't do something too intense so I decided since it was cool outside maybe we'd try a walk in the park.  My ankle did catch a few times but I was able to do just over 2 miles so I was pleased with that.  We sat on a picnic table and talked and had some visitors.

Is it wrong it made me crave Thanksgiving dinner?

I knew the dinner I had planned would be better.

Chicken and Trader Joe's Pumpkin Waffles with honey jalapeno infused light syrup and mixed veggies.  I wasn't sure the Mr would like it after saying earlier how he didn't care for chicken and waffles together.  So I don't know if his raving about how much he loved it was truth or back peddling.   Oh well, I liked it!  I wouldn't rush out to buy the waffles, if it's one thing TJ's apparently doesn't do well, it's waffles.  We tried their blueberry waffles not too long ago and they smelled like blueberries but didn't really taste like them.  They just taste like regular ol' waffles.  I said waffles a lot in that paragraph.

Waffles.  Waffles.  Waffles.   Does it sound weird in your head now?  Reading the word waffles?

Sorry, I'll stop.


What word sounds weird to you once you repeat it in your head or say it out loud?

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  1. Not backpedaling at all. That was how chicken and waffles should taste! I just don't think I've had chicken and waffles anywhere that wowed me enough before.

    I sure hope you heal up fast and I think you're on the right track. I was relieved to hear that I was cleared now as it's been too long without getting a solid strength workout in.

    1. That's because MY chicken and waffles are the best, yo! :-)

      Me too! Time to ultra sound!

  2. Waffles *snicker* - most words seem to lose all meaning after much repetition. Or they start to sound dirty even though they are the farthest thing from it. Waffles. *snort*

    Sorry - it's going to be one of those days in my head.

    I'm glad you are both on the mend.

    1. Waffles!! Yes, things do start to sound dirty and then when you think of it even months later, you snicker because now the word sounds dirty!


  3. Funny you mention waffles, because I was subjected to the whole episode of this not too long ago. Enjoy, and your welcome!

  4. Try the word murmur. It is funny after a while of repeating.

    1. Ooh a repeater!! murmur, murmur, murmur.

      Anything to get that damn waffles song out of my head! HA!

    2. I'm so glad you were able to get some relief with getting that nasty knot worked out. And I'm glad the hubby is on the mend with his shoulder too! We have wild turkeys out here too and they are a hoot to watch - I admit to being slightly afraid of them as well because those things can boogie!

      My word that I struggle with repeatedly is Rural. For someone who had to take speech for 2 years when I was 9 because I couldn't pronounce my R's (sounds like a total Bostonian), this is one that I never quite got a handle on. lol


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