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Friday, October 23, 2015

Interview recap and what I'm reading this week

Finally Friday!  This week has actually gone kind of quick for us for some reason.

A few have asked how the Mr's interview went.  Honestly, neither of us are super jazzed.  It sounds like he knocked it out of the park but the problem is it's a new position with no real job description and not in that "good! I can help shape the duties kind of way."  It sounds like he would be a dumping ground again and it sounds like the potential for getting calls on the weekend and going back to being chained to a laptop for road trips would be a possibility with no one else on shifts to handle such issues like he has now.  It's a little maddening when the person hiring for the job can't tell you a damn thing about it.  It could be better or jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  So yeah, not overly confident on this one.

But enough about the Mr's nondescript interview and let's get to...

Meet Target's "Plus-Size" Male Model  (He's a cutie!)

12 Ways We Sabotage Our Mental Health  (Wow, guilty of most of these)

10 Hilarious Confessions Every Dieter Can Relate To   (Too funny)

Gwen Stefani Sits on a Precipice: 'I'm Almost in the Exact Same Place That I Was' With 'Tragic Kingdom'  (Love Gwen)

Here's How to Tell When You Should Lift Heavier Weights  (Reminds me, I need to get another set of inbetweeners)

What’s Happened to Halloween  (I'm with ya, Ed)

Watch the ad bringing everyone to tears   (Including me)

39 Ways to Sneak Storage Into Your Home  (I need all the storage I can get)

Sarah Silverman Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression and Her Gutsiest Career Move Yet  (Not necessarily a fan but good read)

Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live  (Cute sketch for you BttF fans)

See How Chip and Joanna Gaines Deck Out Their Farmhouse For the Holidays  (Some great ideas!)

Looks like I'm Bill Murray, AMA Round 2!    (Bill is the man!  I'm going to start asking myself WWBMD?)

I've got a peck of apples I need to get peeled, cut and vacuum sealed for holiday pies.  There may be a new recipe in there somewhere.  I just hope I'm well enough to taste it because what I have in mind sounds really good.  

What are y'all into this weekend?

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  1. Thanks everyone who wondered how the interview went. As interviews go it went extremely well. But the biggest part of any interview is not just you getting questions but also asking a lot of good questions of the interviewer as well and that is the part that leaves me feeling not so excited. It's tough when you ask "what will a typical day be like for a person in this position" and they just cannot tell you much of anything. Everyone deserves some kind of a good description of the job they're being hired for and I don't feel like I got that, so we'll see how it goes.

  2. I'm sorry the interview was less than informative --that stinks. It's good that he's keeping his options open though and not jumping in to the role just to get out of his current position. I've made that mistake before --as you said, from the frying pan into the fire-- and I so regretted it. Something WILL come his way, and this interview can just be a source of information for him. He's listening to that gut instinct that's saying hmmmm, something is just off here.

    Hope those apples got all stripped and prepared for pie season! I just might make a pie from scratch this year because you always make it sound so good! I haven't done anything culinary in way too long and I'm feeling the urge to buy an apron and get a little creative. =o)


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