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Friday, October 30, 2015

What I'm Reading This Week: Halloween Edition


We kept our streak of no trick or treaters.  WTF man??  (sniffing armpit Duckie style)  "Do I o-ffend?"  Not even the Christmas vandal showed up and I thought he'd use any excuse he could to come in since he walked right into our garage and practically crawled in our car.  

But enough of the neighborhood glommer, let's get to...

What It's Like Spending Retirement as “Senior Gypsies”   (This sounds like a good idea!)

10 Wild Facts About Duran Duran  (I demand to hear this shelved album!)

45 Convincing Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Aren't Weight Loss  (Duly noted)

Dog Steals the Spotlight From Engaged Couple with Hilarious Photobombs  (The first one almost made me wee.  Soooo funny!)

Can You Believe This Woman Ran a Marathon and No One Knew About It?  (The video...I can't even)

The Real Cost Of Living In A Horror Movie Home  (Interesting numbers)

15 Facts You Didn't Know About the Original 'Ghostbusters,' From Bill Murray's Secret Role to the Reptile That Almost Terrorized New York  (Love the Stay Puft concept drawings!)

This Video About the Absurdity of the Paleo Diet Is Hilariously on Point  ("but I'm happy to move forward without an argument."  I almost reverse neti potted my tea)

My Dog: The Paradox  (Most dog owners can relate!)

Does the Size of Your Actual Stomach Shrink When You Eat Less?  (This was the super popular answer to everything in my youth.  Interesting to know what that would actually entail!)

Why Is There An ‘R’ in Mrs.?  (I know it has a different connotation now but I'd prefer to be called the original.  It sounds very Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol.  I shall have the Mr refer to me as that from now on.)

The 30 Worst Decisions You Can Make at an Airport  (If you travel at all, read this)

This Brilliant Trick for Peeling Potatoes Is Borderline Life-Changing  (If I didn't keep the skins on my potatoes, I would totally try this!  Maybe for potato salad in the summer)

Why Is Poop Brown?  (I kept it high brow this week)

Q&A: 'Bones,' 'Sleepy' stars team up for Halloween  (Wow...Tom Mison is super private about his  personal life.  (Which I love!)  I hope the Bones guy had permission to drop Tom's baby news!  The crossover was okay but let's not do that again.)

Take a Tour of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery   (I'm not a fan of the format but skip to 3:00 mark to listen to one of the guides at Washington Irving's grave.  This cemetery is one of our favorite places.  Definitely visit if you get a chance!)

Our Halloween Treat to You  (This is an oldie but goodie!  I remember sending this around the office back in the day and you knew when someone was playing it because you could hear the bag screaming!  Happy Halloween!)

Since it's Devil's Night, I may have to insist we watch The Crow.  Man, I miss Brandon Lee.  Then a Halloween movie marathon this weekend and select Halloween candy.  Nothing else really planned.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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  1. Did your town already celebrate Halloween? No celebrating here until the 31st.

    I enjoy what your reading every week. Now I aspire to be a senior gypsy, I need to start now on the downsizing though.

    1. Our city never does beggars night on Halloween, that one is for the adults. Never used to be that way until we became a hipster city about 10 years ago. Beh.

      Thanks! Senior gypsy sounds like a dang fine title! I need to downsize as well. I have stuff I know I'll never use but I like so I justify keeping "just in case." Ugh.

  2. I really don't understand why we never get any trick or treaters. Kind of disappoints me because I always looked forward to that when I was a kid - "Some day I am going to give out the candy and I am going to give out great stuff, like big full size candy bars and money". Never happened.

    1. I don't either but you know how we used to go all out decorating for Halloween when we were first married and no one else did. I think I can count on both hands how many we've gotten in 19 Halloweens. Saves us money though. :-)

  3. Well...Halloween is tomorrow, so maybe a bunch will show up tomorrow night :)

    1. I hope, not, the joke will be on them since it's not beggars night!

  4. I doubt we'll get any kids here today either. It's cold and raining and the neighborhood gets less and less active every year. The hubs used to dress up every year and would get so excited when the kiddos would come. Now we buy a couple bags of candy "just in case" but don't anticipate anybody coming to the door. It's a dreary day for sure -- but supposed to be sunny and 65 tomorrow-- go figure!


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