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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lack of motivation and a land far, far away

Guten morgen all!

Here is where a blogger who did something productive with their day would have a whole list of accomplishments.  I, however, have none of that.  I had absolutely no energy yesterday.  I did gather the strength to make some turkey chili for last night's dinner and then the thought of making lunch after that was just  I figured since breakfast and lunch were a little on the heavier side, I'd go light for lunch and just have a salad and my fruit.  Two hours later, I wanted to eat my hand.  The first week back from vacation is always an adjustment period.  We go from eating what we want, when we want and to being back on our schedule with our regular food and trying to get my water intake back up.

We went down and did a free weight session to (read this next part as Hans and Franz from SNL) "reintroduce our flabby muscles to strength training so we don't look like girly men."  Then it was time to grab a shower, eat our chili...

then drop off a gift to a family member for their milestone birthday.  We weren't able to make their birthday dinner but meeting them after work to shoot da poo, catch up on 'the latest' and talk about our newest TV assessments.  It was cold outside and of course all of the water I drank just before we left had me wondering if their parking lot had a video camera that would catch me peeing in the field next to it.  Thankfully I was able to hold out instead of pulling a Harry Dunne on the back of an Aspen bound scooter and peeing for warmth and relief.

When we got home, the Mr ate up the new Star Wars trailer after having to sit through some boring football.  He, of course, had to rewind and watch it again.  There was no response so I wasn't sure if that meant he liked what he saw or not.  So I asked him the only logical thing a wife would..."do you have a chubby."  He laughed hysterically but never answered.  Mystery...the spice of marriage.

Anyone excited for the upcoming Star Wars?

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  1. Yes I'm definitely excited for it. I needed a minute to catch my breath after you said that. Too funny!

  2. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW STAR WARS!!! I totally would have a female erection over it. LOL. Truth be told, I'm cautiously optimistic after the whole Jar Jar Binks fiasco but this looks like it's being done right.

  3. I'm excited about the new Star Wars, but not intensely so. Enough that I'll go see it in the theatre instead of waiting for the dvd, but not enough to brave the opening night crowd. In truth, I'm probably more excited to see the Peanuts movie.

    Sometimes we need slow days to balance out the busy ones. Pretty soon you'll be so busy for the holidays you won't have time to breathe and then a day like yesterday will be a fond memory.


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