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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Mr's birthday trip

Good Monday mornin' all!

We're back from a week in Traverse City, Michigan.  I can't tell you how great it is to not look at a single email, social media and all that jazz for that amount of time.  No computers or cell phones allowed.  (Correction:  It's best when we go on extended vacations and I can go without knowing a single freakin' thing going on in the world!)

I was going to try to surprise the Mr for his birthday by packing the trunk behind his back with all the things we'd need, including the board/yak and just have him drive and drive.  The only problem was, I waited too long to book the condo I was looking at and the only other ones available in my price range was at a condo complex we stayed at before that the Mr swore he'd never stay in again.  So I had to come clean because it was either stay in the cheaply constructed, loud condos or not go at all.  He opted with going.  Then I kicked myself again because I should've just booked it anyway.  But I couldn't deal with all the planning it was going to take, only to pull up and see that look of dread on his face and a monotone..."great...this place again."  Maybe I'll be able to pull off a surprise another year.

We made a pit stop in Frankenmuth, MI where Bronner's Christmas World is.  For this Christmas girl, it's a must do.

On the Mr's birthday, I had planned to paddle in Betsie Lake and go out into the lighthouse area which is his favorite spot.  Unfortunately when we got there, the wind was so bad, we surely would've drown even with our PFD's on.  I had Crystal Lake as a back up and even though it was windy, it was thankfully much more calm.

The water truly was crystal clear and I wasn't afraid of getting any in my mouth or eyes like I am at home.  Also, despite being in Crystal Lake, it was thankfully Jason free.  I wish I could say the Mr was able to stand up the whole time but the board we travel with is smaller and therefore less stable so in any kind of chop, he gets chucked around quite a bit.  Most of the time was spent on his rump plastering on a faux smile until we got back to calm waters.  The constant threat of rain also added an element to things.

We always enjoy seeing the Cherry Bowl drive in is still up and running.  We only wish we were there during the time of year it's showing movies.  I think we always miss it by a week.

Birthday boy's tradition is the roasted turkey dinner from the Cherry Hut.  Of course when we went to Crystal Lake across from the restaurant on the beach side, it was now a perfect, beautiful day.  Pffft.

We went back to Frankfort to walk to the lighthouse.  I admit I was quite bummed that I wasn't able to get a pic of the Mr paddleboarding just to the left with the lighthouse in the background.  Another year.

We hit up some of our favorite antique stores and were happy to see some old school Avon faves.  On the left was the pattern on the carrying case just like my mom used to have when I was four.  She had the lipstick samples and the perfume pads.  It was a little girl's dream.  Then the Mr's first cologne came from Avon in this sassy car.  He asked his grandpa when he was a kid what kind of car his cologne came in.  :-)

No trip to TC is complete without stopping by Gallagher's to visit with the barnyard animals.

We also stopped by the Traverse City Commons I think it's called.  It's the old state hospital that's been converted to shops, restaurants and condos.  I got an awesome 1920's cocoa tin at a vintage store there.

We also love visiting Leland (aka Fishtown) It's always super windy but that day was probably the coldest and windiest but we didn't mind.

Next door is Van's Beach and there always seems a young buck dressed in a long wetsuit ready to catch some bodacious waves.

We made one of my dreams come true which was paddling West Bay by Old Mission Lighthouse.  The water is so clear and the water in front of the lighthouse actually wasn't there 3 years ago when we were there so it was quite shallow for our paddle.

You can kind of see just how shallow it is on the lower left.  The Mr was unable to stand up because it was constantly getting caught, too many rocks to hit his noggin on so he ended up kayaking with 50 degree water flooding his crotch.  You can imagine how happy he looked whilst doing that.  We had a goal to paddle to a sandbar.  We made it (the lower right is how wide the strip was in the middle of the bay).  The Mr started shivering uncontrollably so we tried to warm him up and I gave him the dry towel I had but it was wet by the time he was done and after 20 minutes it was time to head back.  I really enjoyed it, he'll tell you he did but a wife knows better.

We had to stop at one of our favorite overlooks by the Grand Traverse Winery.

I loved seeing all of the homes that really decorated for Halloween/Fall.  For some reason we don't seem to do that in our neck of the woods anymore so seeing so many people in the spirit was refreshing.  This place was my favorite and yes, those big ass pumpkins were in their front yard!

We always have to swing by Sleeping Bear Dunes.

 Oh, I had to share this too.  This was the view I had whilst in the lavatory in the condo.  Two fat tourist pieces which is interesting enough but then if you look closer, you can see the hangers they used give them raging cases of camel toe.

I think it's safe to say we didn't paddle again.  But peak color pops started filling in and watching the waves was nice.

One last stroll around downtown TC.

It was a great week even if a bit on the cold and windy side.  That's the only problem with trying to plan a paddling can have a plan but mother nature can giggle her little butt off at you.

Now we're back, clothes are tighter and we have work to do.  As usual.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. What a trip! I appreciate all the planning you did and I am glad we did get to paddle even if some of it was choppy, etc. It was worth being cold just to "claim" our little strip of island in the bay, that was awesome and probably the most unique paddling excursion we've yet had. Thanks so much for an awesome trip!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Mr.!
    Great that you two were able to get away, I love seeing couples enjoy being together. I switched out a light switch on my patio so no more extension cord running the pond, yay me! Finally stained and varnished a bookcase Hubs made 10 years ago so I can put it in my Mom's newly painted room. My good friends made the annual trek out from Chi-town to go out for dinner and see my friend's
    haunted house. Their decorations are spectacular and they have alot of motion sensor ones!
    Finally got back to Sunday evening Epsom salt eucalyptus baths and perused the cookbook, I love it!
    Thank you so much, have a fabulous week!
    Btw, sorry my comments always seem to post twice

  3. It sounds like a great trip, and as usual great pics that you shared with us.

    Around here was nothing like that exciting. My folks came down and helped with a few projects around the house, and I worked a lot. That's it.

  4. Happy Birthday Mr!!! What a great way to celebrate, doing things you love with the one you love. Have a great week!

  5. Obviously I am way behind on commenting on these, but I've saved them all to go through them. I love, love, love these pictures! I am so glad you and your hubs had such a good time and got enjoy so many sites. My favorite picture is of the lighthouse on the pier--my mom would have loved that. I plan on making a trip there one of these days-- Michigan has always appealed to me because certain towns like this one have that old town/homey feel to them. Like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life. So glad the Mr had an awesome birthday trip!!


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