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Monday, October 5, 2015

Testing the waters

Weekend's over again, eh?


We had to take my kayak back out on the water because we're planning a paddling trip soon and that would suck to relive the great Lake George disaster.  So we set out for the lake.

Since our last excursion, they've lowered levels.  To give you an idea, this bird is sitting on what used to be underwater.  Where the sticks poke up in the back is where shoreline was.

I remained buoyant for the trip as I saw more feathered friends.

Certainly better than before when I didn't even make it off the beach.

While I was paddling the shallows, someone took a nap break.

We had a pretty decent wind going out and as always, we had a hellacious time on the way back in.  I was tempted to say screw it and just let the current eventually maroon me on shore.  But we had things to do so I scrapped that plan.  The Mr kayaked on his way back.

We got home and I hopped in the shower and noticed my heinous tan lines which have the look of dirty ankles between the stop line of my water shoes and the hem of my neoprene pants that make me look like a seal.  Not a pretty look.

I made dinner of mahi mahi, thai lime rice and mixed veggies.  The Mr got his clothes ready for the next day, made his lunch, we enjoyed our Sunday night hot chocolate and then boogied out the door to go see The Martian with Matt Damon.  (Well, we didn't go see it with Matt Damon, it starred Matt Damon.)

That will bring us back to now.  Do, Re, Mi, La, So, La, Ti, Do!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Yesterday was a great day. Glad we got your kayak all sea-worthy again. It was good to get out but it was tough too, quite a workout! But what better way to relax after than a good drive-in movie? The Martian was wonderful. Stayed true to the book and was very entertaining. Thanks for going with me!

  2. It's good that your kayak is fixed so you can enjoy paddling until it gets too cold. Saturday was movie night with a friend, but the rest of the weekend was pretty much the usual. I think next weekend I'm going to take the boy up in the mountains for a picnic lunch and to see the changing leaves. That plan is probably more exciting to my than a 9 year old though.


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