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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vacation mellow...harshed

Buongiorno all!

Yesterday was supposed to be the Mr's "quiet" day but it wasn't.  Halfway through the day I couldn't see his neck anymore so I gave him a little neck massage to try to loosen him up.  I think that lasted 5 minutes.  There's nothing worse than going on vacation, being totally relaxed and one day back into your job and you're just as stressed if not more than before you left.  Today is set to be even worse schedule wise.  The one bright spot is he has a phone interview so please send good vibes his way that this job is a nice step to less stress for him.  I can see his light burning out the longer he stays in that department so I'm praying this is an out for him.

When he asked what workout I wanted to do, I had no idea and he asked if I wanted to walk at the park.  It seemed more of a need so I obliged and we enjoyed the fall colors.

We both were really feeling the unevenness of the gravel and trail.  Broken is how we both feel where our feet/legs are concerned.  But that tends to happen when we go from our normal routine to a vacation routine (walking 5 miles a day and paddling a few times this time) and back again.  We need to be diligent about rolling, massages and ultra-sounding, especially me since the Achilles tendon isn't as healed as I thought it was before we left.  I think we may be paddling tonight before a colder snap comes in.

We did enjoy watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night.  Man I miss old school Halloween.  Tonight, of course, we're watching Back to the Future.

Do you consider your job stressful?  How do you de-stress from a bad work day?

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  1. It has been a crazy week. Thanks for supporting me and walking with me for those stress-relieving walks!

  2. My job can be stressful, but most of the time I wouldn't say it really is. The kids are fine, it's dealing with parents and admin that can sometimes make my eyes spin. I don't really have a routine for dealing with those days, I just do my regular night-time stuff and hope the next day is easier.

    Good luck to your Mr. on his interview today.

  3. I pray the Mr does get that job and the phone interview went well! Work stress is the worst and it affects every area of your life. I'm glad you went for a walk to get fresh air and to help him de-stress as much as possible. One thing I always did was for vacations I always, always took the following Monday off from work, so it'd be a week and a day I'd be off work. It made such a huge difference in how I felt on the weekend because I wouldn't be stressing on Saturday about going back to work on Monday. A friend of mine takes Monday and Tuesday off so she only has to deal with work for three days before the weekend comes up again -- I may start doing that when the time comes.


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