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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Drying out

Happy Hump Day all!

The basement guy was here right on the nose yesterday which is rare these days so it was much appreciated.  I guess he had calls from 25 other homes in our hood so the rainy summer has taken its toll on many of us.  It appears that it's just a matter of moisture being trapped between the blanket insulation and the wall.

No mold or mushrooms or anything.  (Seriously, he told us some jacked up stories!)  About two years after our place was built having that insulation was no longer deemed part of code and ends up causing more harm than good.  He said first phase is to pull down the insulation, keep a fan on it to dry it out and see if we end up with more moisture issues and go from there.  We're scheduled for a dry four days so it'll be a good time to stop the sponge effect.

We yanked down the insulation wearing our goggles, gloves and masks and got that wall bundled and out the door.  The right side definitely took more of a hit than the left.

I suppose we can thank our fur angel for that when out of anger of having run of the whole basement instead of the whole house, she tore down the left corner of our insulation like 10 years ago.

I guess she gave it room to breathe?

I asked about using that masonry lock paint stuff that's been around forever and he said not to go there because it has latex mixed in and it helps breed mold if moisture comes in.  He recommended something Sherwin Williams sells or for really bad basements this commercial stuff that requires you to be out of your house for 3 days with constant fans sucking out the toxic fumes but you'll never have another water issue again.  I'm hoping we're not in the latter category.

Due to the current state of the basement, this also meant the workout area was in a bit of a shambles so we went to the park for our workout.

It was only 82 degrees but with all the ground saturation and being in the woods, the humidity and bugs were no joke.  We were running low on hummus and I needed it for dinner for BBQ chicken naan pizza.

The Mr certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss that one since it's his favorite!

No idea what we're going to do for a workout tonight with all of the crap in the middle of the basement but we'll figure something out.  We sure as heck aren't skipping!

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  1. The basement does look like it's improving already as I compare what it looks like this morning to your pics taken yesterday, so that's good. Let's hope it stays that way for good!

    1. I'm really glad that we're getting a good stretch of dry days because the walls will need all the help they can get. I just hate how drab it looks down there now since we don't have the white of the insulation sheet it feels a little more like Stu's dungeon!

  2. I'm glad the guy was able to give you a concrete next step for your basement. I hope it dries out quickly. Enjoy your outdoor workout, I hope it's not too hot.


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