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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thank you, pre-planning and after work paddle

I'm back.  I want to thank you all for understanding my need to vent and thank you to those who sent emails and messages anyway.  I love ya's.

I'll give a small weekend recap since I wasn't feeling it yesterday.  We grilled out, watched disappointing fireworks on TV and basically stayed on the home front.  Some stores were closed for the holiday, then you have a bunch of drunks on the roads and everything else is crowded so while I would've liked to get out, it just wasn't in the cards.  We did go out Sunday night and walked the historic district for over 3 miles.  My hips were not pleased since it's been a while but it was still nice just to enjoy the nice weather.

Since 8 hours had passed from the time we went to bed to the morning news broadcast, as usual the weather forecast of rain Armageddon was drastically reduced from 70% to 20%.  I swear, this is more accurate than the dudes they pay the big bucks...

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I asked the Mr if he was up for paddling after work since it looked like it could be our only day and he was down.   We decided to go to a further lake since the one close to us got overrun by some green goo on our last go round.  Since I knew drive time was going to be upped, I pre-made the components for a nice protein and fiber laden dinner that I could throw together when we got home.

Chicken and black bean nachos on no salt tortilla chips.

It was nice to not have to come home and slave over a stove when all I wanted to do was collapse from exhaustion 1200 calories later.  Then it was off to the shower, stick rolling on the legs and a mutual massage so we weren't regretting it today.

What's your favorite meal to make ahead so you can throw it together come dinner time?

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  1. That meal was like a lifeline after last night's paddle. I was so hungry after that. I have to say I am surprised but very proud that we paddle as long as we do because originally I figured I'd be happy just getting an hour in. I love that you like to explore coves and stuff. It's not always easy but it's a great way to work out and get outside and I love that!

  2. Thank you both for being an inspiration to me. I'm an emotional eater/food addict. I've made a lot of changes with my eating and activity level, and I don't self-medicate with food any longer, but the scale doesn't budge! It's extremely frustrating! You guys are awesome. I look forward to your posts. Thank you again!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling at least a little better. Paddling yesterday sounds like it was fun. I don't do a lot of meals ahead, but I always like to have portioned baggies of pre-cooked shredded chicken in the freezer because I can do so many quick easy things with that. That actually reminds me that I need to throw a new batch in the crockpot soon.

    Fortunately my 4th was better than disappointing tv fireworks, although there have been years of that too. We've had a wet enough summer that we actually had a fireworks display here in town, so we went early to get a good parking spot and then waited until most people had gone so traffic wasn't too bad leaving either. Then the boy got to set off his fountains, sparklers, etc.

  4. I have two meals that are my go-to that I just love. One is chicken tacos in the crock pot. I assemble the dry and wet ingredients and when I'm ready to go, pop them in the pot and I'm done. The other is my mom's/grandma's tomato soup with fine noodles. I've eaten this for 40 years and just made a batch this past weekend. I almost always have chopped onion and garlic ready to go because that's the thing that takes the most time. If I do it ahead of time, I can have this done in roughly 30 minutes. And it makes a ton so leftovers are guaranteed.


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