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Friday, July 24, 2015

What I'm Reading This Week

It's been a long week and I'm glad for the weekend.  We took our first guest out paddleboarding last night so now we've got 3 vessels to dry out in the garage today.  It's too bad my other friend is recovering from surgery last week because it'd be the perfect weekend to meet her halfway and take her out too.  Maybe by our Fall birthdays.

But enough about all that, let's get to...

5 Reasons Your Workout Isn't Working  (Well butter my biscuit!)

8 Common Worries That Aren’t Worth Stressing About  (I still can't believe people don't take their vacation days.  Trust me, no one got to the end of their life saying I wish I'd worked more)

8 Things to Know Before You Renovate Your House  (I completely agree with #1 because I can always hear every single noise)

20 Reasons People Shouldn't Be Allowed on Social Media  (#1 will immediately get a permanent hide from me and my friend is so guilty of #14 I had to tell her to stop taking pics of her half eaten food...that's just gross!)

3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Kicks Out Concertgoer: “You Don’t Hit a Woman"  (Language so may be NSFW.  Also make sure you watch the bottom video that starts with Dave Grohl.  Reason #1,345,987 why I love him)

Girl With Cancer, 4, ‘Marries’ Her Favorite Hospital Nurse  (So cute)

Do You Grocery Shop in Bulk? New Research Shows You Might Be Losing Money   (I live in a shoebox therefore bulk is not possible but in case the rest of ya's are buying barrels of yogurt)

Plus-size vlogger rocks a bikini to put body shamers in their place   (If you don't like the way she looks, so what?  Why do we all feel the need to comment on someone else's appearance?  Mind yo business!)

6 Sciatica Stretches You Can Do in Bed  (Keep yourself pain free!)

Which Is More Important: Sleep or Exercise?  (What I wouldn't give for uninterrupted sleep.  8 hours will always elude me)

Women's Running Chose a Plus-Size Model For Its Latest Cover  (Finally!  I know more 'plus sized' runners than wee ones)

8 Bizarre Side Effects of Exercise  (2 and 3 for me)

Technology Ruined Key Lessons We Learned in the '80s  (A thousand times yes.)

An Oral History of Live Aid: The Ones Who Made a Brighter Day, 30 Years Ago  (I was so mad, it was my dad's weekend and I was stuck going to my stepmom's reunion so I missed many performances until I locked myself in a guest bedroom with a TV waiting for Duran Duran.  Then it was a bad performance and I felt duped!)

We've got a nice weekend ahead so we may be packing up the board/yak and heading out.  One day I will make it to a farmers'll just probably be on a rainy day.  Can you believe a week from today is the last day of July!?  I'd better get my booty to a market before they're all done for the season!

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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  1. Had a great time showing our friend how to stand up paddle and she did really well! Looking forward to the weekend big time now!

  2. I have a meeting in the morning then it'll be a lot of housecleaning, which I'm actually looking forward to. I think I'll feel more "settled" if I can get some things cleaned and organized. I already started laundry yesterday so I've got 2 loads under my belt. Funny the things that make me excited! LOL You guys have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


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