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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work travel and movie day/night

Happy first day of July all!  How did that happen?

The Mr had to get up and at 'em (am I the only one who used to think it was up and Adam?) early this morning.  A work road trip where hopefully all of the pre-work he's done will serve him well and he can be home at the usual time.  They want to stay until all of the things are done and as long as no one lollygags, they're hoping to turn what was a two day trip (totally unnecessary) into a half day trip.  I'm hoping for the latter as I hate to workout alone.  It will definitely have to be Walk Away the Pounds or something with little to no arm movements.  We did an upper body workout last night with weights and I think I over-estimated how much better my shoulder was feeling.  So I iced it for an hour or so.

It was movie day so we rented a few and watched a few free ones.

While We're Young(affiliate link) Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts- Two words...trailer duped.  Three minutes in, I said "if this movie ends how I think it's going to end, I am going to throw our TV out the window."  It ended how I thought (infuriating to a woman who made the life choice we did- you'd have to see it to understand and I'm not giving it away) and now we need a new TV.  They totally could've gone an awesome way with it that was positive and how when you're starting to feel your age, that having friends in different age brackets both younger and older can bring you so much wisdom and inspiration.  But no, they went with a route that they thought would be more entertaining and all it ended up being was kind of insulting to both sets of age groups.  Not recommended.

Get Hard (Unrated)(affiliate link) Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart- Ferrell is accused of being a "mini Maddoff" and swindling people's retirement funds and is sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin.  He hires Hart to teach him how to survive in the clink.  If you want a curse laden comedy that is just plain silly and will make you laugh, this covers it.  Pretty decent special features on the unrated as well.  I suppose if you're someone who needs something to be offended over, you probably won't like it so there's that.

Rookie of the Year - Thomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey- I remember taking my cousins to see this back in 1993.  A kid breaks his arm, it heals up weird and he gets a super human pitching ability and recruited by the Chicago Cubs.  Such a cute movie and totally family friendly.

Obvious Child(affiliate link) Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy -  A quirky, non conforming rom com.  If you're a little on the prudey side or you can't handle the subject of terminating a pregnancy, skip it.  Jake Lacy as Max is friggin' adorable and the whole butter warming thing?  We totally do that because as he states, it's what you do.

In between movies, we had dinner which was chicken tacos and green beans.

I know red cabbage is a weird choice for taco toppings but isn't it pretty?

Do you ever have to travel for work?  Rented anything good lately?

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  1. Taco Tuesday! Those were yummy, thanks! I definitely didn't care for that first movie but the rest were good. Get Hard was what I expected and it was a good comedy overall, nothing I'd need to own though. If anyone hasn't seen Rookie of the Year I'd recommend they check it out, it's a fun movie. The Obvious Child was not your typical romantic comedy and I liked that about it.

    1. They were yummy and better than what I originally had planned. The first movie stunk. Boo. The rest were good.

  2. How do you have time to watch four movies in one night? Are you retired?

    1. Video store opens at 10am hence the title movie day/night. ;-)

  3. Today is the boy's 9th birthday. Where does the time go?

    The only travel I have to do for work is taking an occasional class out of town. Usually it's just a one day class, but the week after next I have a week long class that I'm so not looking forward to. I need the credits to renew my license though so I have to do it.

    1. Happy Birthday to 'the boy!' Certainly not a 'little guy' anymore. ;-)

      Ugh a week long! But if it renews credits, I guess it has to be done. At least it'll be over with and you can enjoy the rest of the summer!


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