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Friday, July 31, 2015

Treacherous workout and what I'm reading this week

Happy Friday y'all!  It's the last day of July.  Holy poo!

Luckily I woke up yesterday feeling better than the day before.  The Mr had to take a bath to loosen his muscles but that's because he's tight as a stretched rubbah band.  HA!  So after not feeling so broken, last night we went for a paddle in a new spot.  Well, same lake but new launch with some islands and we thought it'd be a leisurely paddle.  The current and chop in the winds provided some hard paddling for the Mr. so I would paddle and wait for him to catch up.  We couldn't get much relief until we got into a marsh area but then we didn't paddle much so my first hour sucked calorie wise.  Then it was kind of a long paddle on calm waters but when it was time to head back he left me in the dust a bit and I was getting tossed around.  You had wind blowing from one direction, some weird chop from another and then if a boat went by you'd get wake from another side.  I was waiting for a vortex to open up and swallow me or something.  It was one weird session and I'll be honest I was glad when it was over.  

But enough of our water escapades, let's get to...

8 Signs You Need a Digital Detox  (Not surprising, I don't but in case y'all do)

Find Great Deals with These Tips from a Former Whole Foods Employee  (Good to know if you're a regular at Whole Foods)

31 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand  (I love dogs but I admit I don't miss some of these)

4 Poses, 4 Minutes, and Your Hips and Back Will Thank You  ("Merci!" - Your back and hips)

7 Summer Fruit Tricks That Will Radically Simplify Your Life  (I can vouch for the mango)

Bison attacks woman who was trying to take selfie with it in Yellowstone Park  (Is it wrong my first reaction to this was "GOOD!"  Wildlife are not there for your amusement lady.  RESPECT YO!)

25 Photos That Prove Charleston, SC is the Most Charming City Ever  (Truth)

Duran Duran relive the madness of the Eighties  (I didn't know about the assassination plot!  WOW!)

10 Things You Should Never Buy at the Grocery Store  (Interesting picks)

How This Dairy Queen Has Gone Rogue Since 1949  (POWER TO THE PEOPLE!  Screw you DQ corporate!  These people are doing it RIGHT!  I'm thinking a road trip just to support them!)

What You Should Be Eating to Lose Weight This Summer  (Yummy!)

18 Smart Uses for Cornstarch  (We're SOOO trying the squeaky floor one.  Our year old floors squeak like crazy)

What Two Weeks of Being Lazy Does to Your Body  (I believe it)

Why You Should Skip Spray Sunscreens  (Convenient for reapplying in the yak but I'll likely go back to lotion)

Sweet Tooth, Foggy Brain? The Surprising Link Between Diet and Memory  (Last paragraph gives a bit of relief to us sweet tooths.)

Here's How Much Fruit You Need Every Day   (Visual representation of serving sizes)

Why this woman's incredibly honest weight loss picture is important  (I feel sad she felt she had to share something she was not necessarily comfortable with just to stop the haters.  If people thought it wasn't the same person, so what?  I have a friend who people say the same about her comp pics and she showed her face, it's clearly her and people still say it's not the same person.  Why?  Because people can be judgmental douches.)

Behold Wally, the Cutest Bunny of All Time  (I die.)

We're still trying to decide if we're going on a road trip or sticking around town tomorrow.  Sunday we have a paddleboard lesson with our friend so hopefully she'll enjoy it.

What are you guys getting into this weekend?

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  1. That paddle was brutal in spots but then we'd get to some really beautiful and unique areas that I had no idea existed in our neck of the woods. It was a nice reward to get to that first marsh area after being thrown around a little on the choppy waves on the way in. I only wish the way back had been a little easier on you cause I could tell the waves, even though they should have been pushing, were reducing your paddle strokes in half. I got a little lucky there because my board was staying on top of the waves more so I was getting boosted a little more than expected for a bit there.

  2. I finally have a 3 day weekend, so I am going to put my phone on auto reject for the workplace and do whatever feels right at the time.

  3. Today is my b-day so I skedaddled out of work a little early to enjoy some extra time with my pups. Mom is coming out tomorrow so I'm very excited. As sad as it is, I'm just so thankful I get to spend this last birthday with her. I've decided I'm treating myself and just doing some light cleaning in the kitchen and washing underwear and socks only. Everything else can wait until Monday. I know, I'm a rebel. =o) Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  4. Thanks for the links, will have to check a few of them out :)


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