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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When it rains, it pours

Well it's been quite a week at the homestead. 

We discovered that the exterior walls have moisture coming through behind the insulation.  (Thank God we haven't finished the basement!)  There's not standing water or anything but we don't need mold breeding back there so we're waiting on a call back for someone to come take a look.

Our TV also decided to take a vacation and the power board fried.

It appears that the board can be replaced and we're hoping it solves that problem because watching the teeny TV kind of sucks and we're not able to replace it right now.  But it's been kind of nice not having the TV in the bedroom.  It forces me not to get wrapped up in late night boob tube watching.

Then some storms rolled through and uprooted a tree in the back.

The Mr's view is now altered and I doubt it'll be replaced.  Why couldn't it be the stupid dogwood tree that rains leaves onto our lanai constantly?

10 years ago, I would've lost my crap over all of that and just cried and belly ached.  Instead, all I can do is believe it'll all turn out okay.  There's nothing else I can do and many others are way worse off.

We did our workout along with the 100 squat challenge afterward.  It really pushed both of us, we made up new curse words and we heartily scarfed down dinner.

Spaghetti hybrid chicken parm with basil.  (Using those salad plates makes it look like so much more but it was sooo filling!)

We're supposed to paddle tonight but we need to see how we feel before we commit to it.

When things go wrong do they seem to come in groups or string out for you?

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  1. It has been quite a week and it's only Wednesday. We definitely are handling it better than we would've before. I guess we're hardened a bit after some of the stuff we've dealt with in the past too.

    1. Yeah, its really piled on this week. Yes, we have.

  2. It does seem like "stuff" happens in groups. The old adage about coming in 3s comes to mind, but I don't know that that's true either. Sometimes it sure seems that way though. It's too bad about your tree. I have one in my front yard that needs to be removed - it would have been nice if mine had been taken out for free and yours left for the view.

    Good luck with your tv and moisture problems. I hope they are both easily solved.

    1. I like to think they don't come in three's but they usually do for us. We just brace up when we hit the second thing. Well next time I will send the mighty wind your way to uproot your tree! :-)

  3. Oh big time things go wrong for me in groups. Let's see, last week I took my mom to downtown Chicago for a brain CT scan in which she had the directions wrong so we were heading near Indiana. Then we were given wrong info at the hospital so we had to toggle between two hospitals connected by a glass bridge 4 stories up (I'm terrified of heights). Mom can't walk 20 feet without having to stop and breathe (refuses a wheelchair). I did 4400 steps in the hospital alone for a 45 min test. Then we got lost going home and ended up close to the South Side where I grew up. By this time it was 4pm so we were in the heart of rush hour (with the Sox game going on) so it took 2 solid hours and 3/4 tank of gas to get home. All that for mom to find out she needed to go BACK down there on Monday at 7:30am for an MRI. And that was to find out she has mets to the brain. Which led me to my job in which I don't qualify for FMLA yet and they'd "prefer to not hold my job for me" (and aren't legally required to do so). Lovely week.

    Speaking of mold, I'm wondering if we have it in our house because every time we run the a/c or the heat there is this smell that comes up through the vents! I can't find any water seepage or anything downstairs but there is a definite "moldy" type of smell. Makes me wonder if that's why I can't get rid of this nasty throat thing. I have some calls to make too, so I understand your frustrations. I laughed what you said about the tv in the bedroom! It's so easy to get sucked in to late night stuff isn't it!

    1. Oh my Lord, what a cluster****. I hope her MRI comes back clear. I'm sorry but your work sucks. You have ended up at some of the worst places. I hope you end up somewhere eventually that treats you with a little respect for once.

      I bet mold is the issue especially if you're having a throat issue.


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