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Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie marathons and useless knowledge nuggets

We've been watching a lot of movies lately.  It amazes me how we can have 300+ movies and still have a hard time finding something that sounds good to watch some nights.  But this past month we've burned through quite a few.  It's occurred to me twice that we don't own Revenge of the Nerds.  I'm hoping the Mr clicks that link and adds it to his wishlist especially since it gets great reviews for the extra DVD features on that one which is sadly rare these days.  A proper DVD needs to have a gag reel, behind the scenes featurette and at least 3 cast interviews or it's typically a fail.  The Mr got me Warm Bodies for my birthday and it has great DVD features so if you're an extras geek like us, you'll love that movie and apparently that 80's classic!  I don't know what happened but we've lost The Wedding Singer.  I know we wouldn't have let anyone borrow that so I don't know what happened to it.  Grrr!  Back on the wishlist it goes because I miss watching it!  I've got a busy few weeks coming up, I don't know when we'll be able to go on a movie binge again but I'm looking forward to it!

Let's get to...

17 Science Backed Ways to Bust Out of a Workout Rut

Change Your State of Mind with a Gratitude Session

Hack Your Mind:  23 Tricks to Learn Anything Better

How to Burn More Calories Through the Day (Without Even Noticing)

How to Live on Less

Sort Your To Do List By Emotion or Reward to Motivate Yourself

Survival Myths That Could Kill You

Watch Blind Puppy See for the First Time

What Not to Say to a Sick Friend

Courtesy of The Mr

1970's bunker in Vegas Lets You Weather the Apocalypse in Brady style

Quick Ice Box Cake  (I'm so making this!  Video starts on landing)

"No Cyrus" Chrome App will block all things Miley Cyrus  (Sign me up)

"Uncertain Condition" for NASA Photo-bombing Frog

That's the randomness that made it past mah peepers this week.  Use them to make your Friday chug on by.

This weekend the Mr and I are road trippin' to some big antique shows and we're going to our favorite pizza place.  I'm hoping I pick up some awesome finds.  It's supposed to be cool and I'm ready to break out the sweatshirts baby!   I've got chili ready to brew up today and can't wait to dig in for dinner tonight!

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. I actually own two copies of the Wedding Singer.
    It routinely shows up in the 5$ bin at Wal-mart

    1. You are rich in movie abundance indeed! I think we saw a Totally Awesome edition so we'll have to get that one.

  2. OK I bit. I put Revenge of the Nerds on my wish list. Surprised we didn't have that one already but I look forward to watching that one. We do have a ton of movies so its good that we're getting on with watching some of them.

    Thanks for more links to read through. Time to get started.

    Looking forward to our road trip tomorrow!

    1. Yay, I hope someone gets it! I was surprised we didn't have it either. HA, you won't have time for those links today sir...they're workin' you like a dog today! Woot woot for road trips!

  3. As usual - no time now but I'll be back. We have a ton of movies and a subscription to Netflix and we still have trouble finding something we want to watch a lot of the time. I totally get where you're coming from. I squealed like a tween a while back when I found "Pretty in Pink" in the $5 bin.

    I'm playing hooky Monday and we're doing a long weekend cabin camping with my parents. Getting prepped to go after working all day and then football practice for the boy exhausted me last night. Right now my eyes are soooo droopy, but once we get there it will all be worth it. I too will be breaking out the warm gear. Here it will be 80s-90s, but where we are going it will be low 70s for the high and 40s overnight.

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy your chili.

    1. We did the same thing when we had Netflix. We'd have a buttload of movies in the queue and no desire to watch them. Hurray for hooky days! Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Wow, I need to watch some of these movies you listed. Last I watched was 'We are the Miller's' but I do watch a whole lot of TV serials!

    1. I'd like to see the Millers movie. I like Jennifer Aniston in comedies...except Friends. Don't know why. LOL

  5. it's always a curse and blessing when I click over to find a round up of posts because they all look so good I know I'm going to waste time reading haha!! I agree we have a DVR and cable and movies and still go through the ehh what to watch?? Revenge of the Nerds that is a goodie for a great laugh!

    1. Time wasting is what Fridays were made for baby! I haven't seen Nerds in a long time. I'm always surprised when I see Jordan from Real Genius in it!

  6. I've been a little off movies lately, just not really in a movie mood (theaters or at home) I guess. I generally watch shows while I workout, so JUST sitting feels too lazy to me now. We did see "Warm Bodies" on the big screen and liked it. Wedding Singer is a favorite (have you seen "50 First Dates" ... same two leads).

    I really like your Friday list of articles, I look forward to it each week. I'm getting through my backlog of magazines and am going to do a similar type post on my blog, with any little highlights that grabbed me while I read (posting the first one tomorrow).


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