Friday, March 1, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #9

Welp, we made it y'all!  Tis Friday and the first one of March.  It's been a full month back on track and trying to make new habits.  I'll do a separate post on my thoughts on everything there but we're continuing these habits into the new month.  I did up my step goal to 7000 this week M-F.  When I say steps, I'm combining both steps from workouts as well as floor bike.)

These were our workouts for the week:

Sat- walk historic old town (13,900 steps)
Sun- LIIFT4 Legs 50/50
Mon- walk at park (+floor bike) (10,800 steps)
Tues- LIIFT4 Shoulders (+floor bike) (8400 steps)
Wed- WATP 3 miles (+floor bike) (12,000 steps)
Thurs- walk park (+floor bike) (11,500 steps) 
Fri- will be floor bike only aiming for 7000 steps

Next week we will add a chest and tri's workout after a walk.  Both of our strength ability has suffered greatly from the break we took from strength training and it's still nowhere near where it needs to be.  The Mr has to hook my bra for me my left shoulder hurts so bad.

I'm still struggling quite a bit with the plantar fasciitis and locked up calves so I'm basically forced into medical intervention because my own methods are not working at a pace I'm happy with.   After getting hit with deposits for this year, our property taxes being due, insurance being due all within the first two months of the year and now the Mr's second half of his leg vein journey about to begin, pennies needed to be saved where they could.  As I looked up shockwave therapy for PF, my IG feed started to get ads for intro rates at various chiros in the area.  At $200-250 a pop that is NOT covered by insurance, if you think I'm above traveling to a few different ones to see what doc I like best, you'd be wrong.  So I have looked up the average amount of time for sessions to make a difference which can be 3-6 and have scheduled 3 of them, having done the first one on Wednesday.  I'll sit through what is the equivalent of a timeshare pitch for a $49 intro rate for a session.  I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for Monday then two more shockwave sessions the next two Wednesdays.  This stuff has been available in Europe for like 10 years and our jackass healthcare system is like 'nope, it's experimental.'  SERIOUSLY!?  I'll likely have to schedule one or two more massages in there to break up the adhesions from my off balance gait as well as the fall I took last May on vacay where both of my shins hit and I think it began pulling everything downward as it laid bone over the shin injuries.   Just praying between the two it does something.  I can't take the pain anymore and feeling like my body is putting a lot of energy toward healing (slowly) and less on my weight loss.

Edit:  That's how it should've gone.  How it actually went?  

I went to chiro #1 for an intro price and came two deep breaths from throat punching him.  1)  LISTEN to what I'm telling you.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to repeat myself, clarify and he still wasn't getting what I was telling him about past treatments for other issues which they ask about.  2)  Do not diss my chiro.  I'm here for this session which turns out isn't even a session, just an evaluation of how you respond to a puny dose of it.  My response?  Half a second to a mule kick on a few spots.  I was told it would feel like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin...they lied.  In the worst spots it felt like driving a thin metal nail into bone and that wasn't even at "treatment" levels.  😳  If I weren't in so much pain and it wasn't impeding daily activity, I'd never do it again.  3)  Don't rope me into one session to try to upsell me on expensive orthotics and when you're doing your demonstration, apply less pressure than you were originally making it look like my problems all magically disappear because of inserts.  4)  Tell your effing staff if they're coughing up a damn lung to STAY HOME!!!  After we left, I started crying saying now I didn't know what the hell to do.  The Mr called my regular chiro and it turns out not only do they actually do the shockwave stuff (not with my guy though 😔- the creepy guy) but they charge the intro price as their regular price that we were going to drive all over town for!  I double checked that was correct because mule kick man was charging $169 per session and said I needed 12 sessions and only did packages.  My place let's you pick how many sessions you need.  We talked and the Mr said he rathered I go straight up sessions since the guy I went to only did a low level session and the other two I had appointments with would likely do the same.  I agreed with him so I made an appointment that starts 30 minutes after my massage and she said he'll go over my frequency preference then.  What a crap show.

Now let's get into:

Trainer Explains Exactly How To Create A Weight Lifting Routine To Lose Weight  (Some good workout examples and they're 3-4 exercises so not a huge time suck.)

Protein Is *Key* For Managing Menopausal Weight Gain  (I'm tryin', I'm trying.  Zheesh!  I'm not menopausal but want it locked down as habit before I am.)

6 Easy Hamstring Stretches to Do at Home. (Those rat bastards after leg day are no joke!)

These 3 Easy Tests Reveal How Good Your Balance Really Is  (My balance is pure crap right now but I'm trying to work on it along with everything else.  If only I'd listened to the chiro..."you'll have to do these exercises the rest of your life or you're going to have problems.")

How to Make a Lifetime Seem Longer and More Fulfilling   (We need to make this a priority, like now.)

7 Low-Stress Ways to Start Decluttering  (All good ways to make progress!)

Why So Many Sibling Relationships Break Apart  (It sucks to see especially when they're the ones losing out.)

Stop Throwing Out Your Used Tea Bags  (Ooh, better than the weak second cup of tea we usually partake in.)

Miss posts this week?  See below to catch up!

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What are you into this weekend?

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  1. I hope those sessions help you. Hard to believe how far into the new year we are already. It's going fast in a lot of ways. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Happy Friday. I hope the sessions help you. I have pf as well and it's a real b*tch. I did the shot and the custom Inserts. Then when I was looking to get a sat for my slippers and I asked him what was the best over-the-counter ones he told Me that he has medical grade non custom ones for $45 and they're just as good!

  3. What a day. Just finished for the day with work and my eyeballs are needing to uncross. I'm looking forward to a nice warm eye mask before bed. Grocery shopping is done, the laundry is going, and I have no clue what's for dinner. LOL
    I hope you have a great weekend and can get out and about a bit, but also relax your body before Monday's session at the chiro's. Hang in there missy!! xoxo


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