Monday, March 25, 2024

Visits and Wheel of Ick Weekend Recap

Goodbye weekend...we barely knew ye.  


It was different.  We started things off by meeting my cousin but not where we agreed.  We were supposed to meet at a park but of course some light rain moved in.  This isn't an issue for us because we relish being in a park, umbrellas popped and alone because people are wusses and act like they're in the bloodline of the Wicked Witch of the West and will melt if a droplet hits them.  I got a message did we want to meet there or at their place since it's "rainy and gross."  Sigh.  I guess I know what the non-asshole answer is to that.  Sigh.  

They have a dog who is sweet but we are both so allergic to different degrees with longer haired dogs.  Taking an antihistamine and driving isn't the best idea so we both sprayed some nose spray that is supposed to ward off plagues.  When he sprayed his, it kinda hit the back of his throat wrong and irritated it.  We also wore air purifiers, which the whole family has seen us in before for years, hoping it would help.  It was a nice visit.  I planned on staying no longer than 30 minutes because they essentially get one day off per week together and we were butting into that.  There was some nice chit chat, then opening of gifts, I brought Mom's jewelry that I had with me for her to go through and she took about 10 items with probably 25 left. We talked about the wedding and honeymoon and they just kinda kept on going while I pet the dog and it fell asleep on me.  An hour and forty five minutes later...!  We were both feeling it by that time because they had a candle burning in front of me that was very strong (I'm sensitive to certain scents) and coupled with the dog hair we had to shake off outside and peel off the clothes and straight into the washer.  Not to mention I always forget we added 6" furniture legs to our couches and theirs was low to the floor so I spent over 90 minutes wondering how I was going to get my fat, crippled ass off the couch without going into one of my epic, stroke out cramps.  So when the Mr got up, I pulled an old lady and said "yeah, Imma need some help up!" and both the Mr and cousin grabbed to give me a gentle yank up.  Ahh, nothing like feeling like a geriatric patient but it was a nice visit and that's the most her fiance has ever talked with us so that was nice.  We did do the neti pot when we got home to flush the dander and that always sets my sinuses ablaze.  Same for him.  By the end of the night, the Mr gave me a heads up that irritated throat from earlier was now feeling a little worse.  He's usually one of those people who immediately fights stuff off so he wasn't too worried.  

I got my new typical 3 1/2 hours sleep and he was in the bathroom and texted me a negative Covid test and reminded me he was 5 days out from his dentist visit where some people had "the sniffles."  I started pumping him full of turmeric ginger green tea, got some specific Mucinex my friend swore by over the holidays when she was sick half the winter and that was that.  He did go out for grub so I started wiping down the handles, remotes, etc hoping once he got some food in him he would feel better.  I continued making notes and going through paperwork I needed to get together which wasn't the happiest of tasks.  The Mr wasn't really feeling like this was a non issue anymore and that it was more than allergies.  We opened the back door even though it was cold and the fresh air made him feel a little better so we decided to go on a walk.  It was cold and windy but we did a lot of chatting which made it pass quicker.  I had him gargle with salt water when we got home and while the Mucinex kept him comfortable, it wasn't that miracle med he needed to dislodge a demon.  

Our at home "shock wave" machine arrived.  This thing is nothing like Brute used and I'm fairly certain if you put a rubber pad on a hammer and tapped your foot at different speeds you would get the same effect.  The Mr tried it for his shoulder and I had him get his noise cancelling headphones because it was LOUD and I had to plug my ears sitting across from him!  I don't know how anyone uses the ED attachments for their wieners because this thing would give you a vagina.  Just flick your twig like 20x for the same effect.  (Please don't.  That was called a joke and I know the smart people don't need to be told that.)  So we'll give it a week or so but if this thing doesn't show any improvement or God forbid makes us worse, back it goes.  When we came up to chill, we both wore air purifiers in hopes I don't catch what's on his wheel of creeping crud he's spinning.  

He went off to bed and I hoped that by some miracle, maybe he would feel better by morning after a good night's sleep.

Sunday he took another Covid test since we have many and another negative.  His sore throat apparently flared to its worst around 3am (he didn't take anything before bed) and in the morning it was gone.  There was still some nasal congestion so he did take something for it again and I started the rounds of turmeric green tea while I made a little breakfast of cottage cheese and banana peanut butter toast.  He didn't sound better to me, he sounded worse at least nasal wise so that made me nervous.  We kept the fan circulating the air since it was still cold outside because trust me when I get sick, I get it for weeks so keeping me from getting whatever this was if it was something he caught was high on the list too.  I'm not a big fan of how tight my right foot has been feeling this past week.  I wasn't sure if it was doing the bike barefoot but I only did it 3x and the week I did it 5-6x I had no problem.  So I'm not sure what the deal is there but I also know we didn't roll after our walk the previous day either.  I did do a stretch on the step that really pulled at all three insertion points on the right foot and made it so sore I hobbled the rest of the night until I did the shock wave and it beat the hell out of those points.  It did feel better at the time but I can't tell if the residual soreness is from overstretching or the machine.  I'm so over having to THINK about my feet/calves.  (I'm sure you're more than tired of hearing about it as well!)

We got in our LIIFT4 Shoulders workout but ahead of it, I did the stretches in this video to try to get me more mobility.  It hurt like a mother and unfortunately didn't unlock some magic for a comfortable shoulder sesh.  It says to continue for 1-4 weeks to chip away at it.  Since I am no longer going to Shrek, I will be mentioning it at my chiro appt with my little spider monkey this morning.  I plan to tell him I did not want that documented because I do not want my neck touched and I was not giving that brute a reason to go higher.  He helped the Mr with a shoulder impingement years ago so I'm going to ask him to do the same for me.  I've tried for just over 2 months to build up the muscles there and do rotator cuff PT along with leg PT and it's gotten me nowhere.  I NEED to be able to hook my bra for God's sake!   We watched some Criminal Minds episodes in order that featured Aubrey Plaza, the Mr's favorite before he got the sheets in the wash to exorcise remnants of creeping crud.  I figured we needed to get out of the house and wanted to see if Mom's stone was in yet.  I got one of those assemble your own bouquet deals like I did when she passed but this was nowhere near as nice but I had to make due with what I had.  I arranged the flowers in case the stone was in and off we went.   Welp, despite the area being roped off a week ago, still nothing.  So we said quick hellos to Mom and Grandma then made our way back home.  I've got a permanent picture of grandma for her vase coming so I'll get that sealed to make it waterproof and try again on Easter.   We came home and that about put a fork in us, before hot cocoa and chill time.

Edit:  His sore throat is back and worse congestion this morning so he called off which is RARE.  😞

How was your weekend?

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  1. I want a refund on this weekend. I hate when I get sick on a Saturday morning and suffer the most on the weekend only to be close enough to better to work (in my case it's a remote training situation this week so not going into an office with this crud).

  2. I am so glad your visit with your cousin went so well. I was thinking about you, knowing it was going to be emotional, but hoping it would be a positive experience for you when you left. I'm sorry the Mr. is sick and it's still hanging around. I hope you both feel better very soon-- Mr. with his throat/nasal pains, and you with your feet/calves. Hope you get some good relief from your doc today!
    Weekend was extremely busy Friday and Saturday. Had tire issues yesterday morning so couldn't make it to church, but went and got the issue fixed this morning, so I'm very thankful to have that done. Now I begin my work day....


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