Monday, February 26, 2024

Limpy Weekend Recap

Hey howdy partners.  Here we are...Monday.  Again.    

The Mr and I weighed in and while I was irritated to be down 1 lb (it was period week which almost always nets me two), I did at least note that my body fat went down by .5% thanks to the smart scale and lean mass went up by .3%   That was quite good to see since the week before there were big fat goose eggs across the board and I was wicked ticked.  I did get the floor bike in 4 days last week including Saturday to bump up my steps.  My goal is to do the bike every day so long as it doesn't make my legs any worse.

Saturday we went to this historic town that we used to go to for Christmas for quite a few years.  The Mr and I both went on field trips there when we were kids and it was known for selling replicas of old money in war times as well as historical documents.  The general store was full of penny candy, licorice pipes, old timey toys and the shops were specialty food shops that were so fun to poke around in.  About 15 years ago, we saw all of the old shops turning modern and the whole point of the place was being stripped from it.  10 years ago we stopped going for Christmas because it was just sad and nothing like it used to be.  So it surprised me when the Mr asked if I wanted to go there to walk since it was 90 minutes away and not really what it used to be anymore.  We'd gotten a spitting of snow so I guess he wanted to test out the tires.  Despite full lots, there was almost no one on the streets so we did about five laps.

Sunshine made for quick melting in many spots.

The sidewalks are all made of bricks and incredibly uneven so it was murder on my already screwed up feet and his didn't fare much better.  The more we walked, the sadder I got.  It was such a part of our childhoods, Christmas tradition, there was a Mom connection too and it was just too much.  When we were on a stretch break I told him I never wanted to come back.  I suppose if we need a bathroom break, it's fine on the way to somewhere else but that was just one more thing from my old life that was decimated.  It's not even like the 'modern' stores do well there so in my opinion, they violated the town for nothing and many of the stores they got rid of would thrive now based on current culinary trends. We came back and watched a few shows while I was on the floor bike and racked up another 550 calories and topped myself out at almost 14,000 steps for the day.  You can imagine Sunday wasn't going to feel great.

Sunday morning the Mr and I hung out for a little bit before the grocery pickup.  Aldi is on my shit list this week.  I literally have a note NOT to give me wet coleslaw mix regardless of the date because if it's wet, it's bad.  It hasn't been a problem since putting the note on there.  Yesterday?  TWO friggin' soggy bags of coleslaw for the meal I was preparing with THOSE as the main ingredient!!  The poor Mr had to trudge back out and brave the crowds to get them.  The thing that chapped my butt even more was for the 4th time they gave us strawberry Greek yogurt over raspberry.  He can choke it down, I can't.  Something about it grosses me out and I KNOW it said raspberry because I specifically look at the picture for it.  Welp, here's the problem with that:

Instacart page

See it?

Picture says raspberry- description below it says strawberry.


Before I knew it, it was after 2pm so it was time to...sigh...meal prep.  God I hate that.  Like a lot.  It's nice to have grab and go stuff but the toll it takes on my feet even in shoes standing on a gel pad is considerable.  I went in and made our "egg thingys" which feels like it takes WAY longer than it should and I dread Sundays.  I suppose I would dread it less if my legs weren't in such a horrible state but yesterday it was knowing even after doing that, we still had a strength session to do.  The one I originally picked was friggin' laughable.  A 50 minute leg blaster but my train of thought was get it out of the way earliest in the week.  Instead we knocked 10 minutes off and did LIIFT4 leg day which was half weights/half cardio.  It didn't feel great but eh.  We came up and had BBQ Chicken Flatbread and had that last of that God awful liquid vegan cheese that I never want to pass my face hole again and asparagus so I'm sure we'll be gagging each other out with our asparagus wee overnight.  

I was surprised no one signed up for posts to go to the inbox since several people mentioned it in my 'why are you reading' post.  No skin off my booty but just know if you preferred that way a few years ago, it's an option again,  Go to Friday's post for directions.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Hello, I fixed my phone so I can comment again!
    Sounds like a hard weekend, I'm sorry.
    Yesterday I had my first decent day since Mom passed. A mix of productivity, socialization and self care. Didn't hurt that it was 50 degrees outside! My favorite thing was a recently retired coworker stopped by foer a chat. I didn't realize how long it had been since I've had a visitor! Got to talk shop and diss recent corporate shenanigans.
    Have a great week!

    1. Hooray!! I'm so happy you had a great day that could bring you some happiness! Dissing corporate shenanigans is always a bonding experience! 😆

  2. I feel bad for dragging you to that place but I am pretty sure I'm done with it for good now too. It's sad when a place just can't resist the forces of change anyway but this place was supposed to be a historic place that never changes so it hurts even more.

    1. No worries. I think you blocked how bad it had gotten there. 😂 It's just one more reminder of how everything changes including things that were literally designed not to. You know how sensitive I am with change. At least we got to take the car out for a longer spin. It gives me hope for longer road trips!

  3. It's always disappointing when a place you've known for so long either completely changes or is just gone. I remember my shock and devastation when we went up north and the place we had gone to breakfast and to shop at was all dilapidated with weeds growing everywhere. It was evident it had been closed for several years, but my mind could not wrap around what I was seeing. This place had been bustling for decades and to see it like that was so sad. It still had the big red barn and the silo, but no life whatsoever. Heavy sigh.
    Rough weekend with the worst constipation I've ever had in my life and pain like I've never known for that reason. Improvements have been made but still paying the price. On Saturday I did get my hair chopped off, so that was a wild but fun experience. The hubs is coming home early from work because he's not feeling well, so the pooch will be happy. I suspect part of it is he knows I have an off-site meeting this morning and he didn't want her in her kennel. These two are quite the pair! LOL

    1. Yes it is and it's a kick in the gut to see those places you loved so much in disrepair or vanished. I'm so sorry you had to suffer through that, it is the WORST. Some laxatives give crampy pain to work so that doesn't feel great either. I hope you can get back to normal on those fronts asap. Sorry the hubby isn't feeling well, if that's the case and not a case of 'poor puppy' syndrome! LOL


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