Monday, March 4, 2024

Road Trip Goes South Weekend Recap

G'day all and a happy Monday to you and yours!  Let's get into this recap, shall we?

Friday night we were trying to decide what to do for the weekend.  I got roped in by some rando account to save a featured pizza place that visually reminded me of Peqoud's in Chicago.  Since we were doing the usual hem and hawing I blurted that place out.  He agreed, and we decided on trying the final location of a bakery that may or may not be similar to his childhood bakery that closed unexpectedly two years ago.  Okay, sounds like we've got us a road trip!  I looked on Cronometer and logged what I figured we'd have based on pics to get an idea of calories and off to bed we went.  There's one problem with that.  When I am thrown into a last minute travel situation, I get anxious, regardless of how close it is and my body laughs at the idea of sleep.  The last time I looked at the clock was 5:30am and I woke up at 7:30am.  Awesome.  The Mr grabbed the mail from the day before while I got ready and what would be the only highlight of my day came...

My bestie sent me a card to check in on me.  She is going through so much on her end and she took the time to let me know she was still thinking of me and praying for me at the 7 month mark.  I hugged the card, looked at the Mr and said "I lob her" and he nodded and said she's good people.  "The best."  I don't know what I did to deserve her in my life but let me tell you, no one checks in on you much, if at all, at this point.  Many days for me, it still feels like the day after she passed when the initial shock wore off and I was looking around waiting for her to pop out of a bush and yell "gotcha!!!"  So please remember to check on or acknowledge your grieving friends and family whether it's been months or a few years.  They're not okay and they're on the loneliest part of their journey.

I threw together some coffee and put it in a thermos and grabbed two to go Dixie cups for the road.  We got this trunk organizer for the new ride for grocery pickup and with the little dividers for one of them, it worked out well for a big thermos and cups.  Can I say I hate when we have Sirius trials?  The whole two hours was spent with me aggravating my shoulder more flipping stations at every song because they refuse to play two good songs in a row.  We arrived at the bakery, the Mr grabbed it and we went to a nearby park.  Well... that wasn't the freshest donut I've ever had.  In addition, it was that horrible kind of yeast donut where it tastes like they filled a dinner roll.  🤮  Clearly I still ate it to be polite.  Do you think we remembered to grab the coffee from the back?  Nope.

I hopped on to find the number for the pizza place we drove all the way up there for on Google and I see "opens 3pm."   Are you kidding me?!  I check the website and sure enough in a sea of 11am opening times any other day of the week, there was a Saturday 3pm at the bottom.  🤬   There was this other pizza place the Mr had as a kid, one I thought I remembered we had once and I didn't like it but he was excited for it so we ordered a small.  I saw pics of it online and knew it was going to be bad but hoped for a surprise.  

(This looks way bigger than it is.  We're not talking a Jet's Pizza sized deal despite the angle.)

When a fat woman gives you her pizza, you know it's bad.  First off this didn't look like a small, it looked like a amuse bouche.  I ate the first piece (3 bites) and it tasted like watered down tomato paste on a keto crust and if you've ever tried a keto bread product, you know it tastes like they go inside and remove the joy.  I asked the Mr if it tasted like childhood and he said pretty much.  I grabbed pepper in a desperate attempt for flavor as I was starving because donuts don't offer sustenance after driving two hours on an empty stomach.  I chewed it into oblivion searching for a hint of flavor.

"How do you like it?" he asked.
"I'm glad it reminds you of your childhood" I replied to his laughter.
"I didn't think you'd like it."

I handed him the box with the second two pieces and he asked if I wanted something else.  I was fuming.  

Mad at myself for not seeing the hours, mad that I wasted calories on shitty food when I wait all week for this one day of reprieve from cooking and salad.  There was a Burger King in the same lot and I checked the nutritional information to see the calories and it was less than the second half of the pizza would've been if I ate it so I said a cheeseburger.  Now it wasn't even 1pm yet so all should be well.  Here's your cold, slider sized hockey puck... that'll be $2.20.  If I wasn't hungry, we hadn't paid what we paid and I wasn't positive I'd have a fresh off of the floor patty if we asked for a hot one, I'd have gone back through the drive thru and winged it back into the restaurant and drove away.  

We went to this candy store to get the Mr's childhood Easter bunny for his basket as we do every year.  They have one candy I like which is a dark chocolate mint like Russell Stover style.  I figure the mint might help mask the God awful pizza I'm burping.  

"They only had milk chocolate."


Fine, let's just grab our final donut from the back with the coffee and I tore off more than half of it for the trash to leave the heart clogging tasty stuff.  We were letting the coffee cool then the Mr goes to pull the Styrofoam to-go cup out.  Now for some stupid reason, VW thought it'd be cool to put these retractable arms in the cup holders to mold to whatever you're drinking.  Well, the only thing that would comfortably fit there would be a beer bottle so that's not good.  He tries to pull the full coffee cup up and it won't let it go.  The cup is so pliable it feels like one wrong move will explode the cup.  We're sitting there gingerly trying to remove the cup and of course some of it spills and at this point I just want to go home.  I tell the Mr we can just go home, forget about the antique store we wanted to go to, the day is a bust.  He said it's up to me.  I look and it's 2pm so I put in the directions and we drive the 20 miles.  As soon as we get there, the already small lot is as full as we've ever seen it.  If you think we're parking our brand new ride in the auxiliary lot covered in glass beside three derelict houses that have legends behind them with local children in a bad part of town, you crazy.  So back home we went.  At least I can take a nap.   "Which vertebrae would you like me to bulge madam?" asked my headrest.  I thought the Hyundai was bad for napping but nope.  


We got home and since we high tailed it out of town with nary a stop at a park to get in our Saturday movement, I hopped on the floor bike and put on 13 Reasons Why for the rest of the night (to give you a peek into my mental state at that point) so the day could be done.

Then came Sunday and since we stopped on Clay's tape, we got to watching that with a little breakfast of Better n' Peanut Butter on some seeded toast and decaf and I hopped on the floor bike while watching as the Mr got the sheets rolling.  I was desperately trying to put off meal prep day because who wants to do that crap?  Not I.  I planned our meals for the day and put some numbers in the spreadsheet for the coming week to see where I needed to fall.  We're adding another strength session in this month but it's chest and tri's so that means it'll be a low calorie burn and no extra fatigue on the legs hopefully so those will be Wednesdays.  Before watching the last episode, I suggested we go down and get leg day over with.  Even though I wrote something else down, I guess we repeated the same leg workout we did the previous Sunday, dang it!!  Not like it's bad or anything but still.  We came up and had a Hawaiian chicken salad for lunch then on to watching the last episode to relax a bit.

Then it was time to meal prep our egg breakfasts.  Beh.  I knew I had appointments coming up today and the likelihood of me not being able to stand afterward was a 50/50 shot so I went ahead and made my turkey mushroom meatloaf to divide over the next 3 weeks.  My legs were not happy especially standing for well over an hour after a leg training day.  Pffft.  Then it was time to wing a new to us dinner and hope for the best before winding down for the night.

Today, if y'all could throw out some good vibes around 2pm EST as I hop from getting a deep tissue massage into my demon knots to getting an 'actual treatment' with the shockwave therapy immediately after.  If you read Friday's post, you know this is a dreaded appointment and I'm basically terrified.  Wish me luck.

Make sure you swing over Wednesday when I recap how 'official' month one has gone for us on our new plan.  

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was a disappointing road trip but we can time things out next time now that we know the place opens later. Weekend went by too fast again regardless.

  2. I'm so glad the card came at just the right time that you needed it! But, boy, I'm sorry the road trip was such a downer. I've done that with not seeing the right time for a place opening and been hugely disappointed because making the trip back wasn't always feasible. Then the food you did get was subpar. Rats! As they say on Bob's Burgers: "It was a great big bucket of bummer balls."
    I said a prayer for you for your appointment this afternoon. I hope it goes far better than you could have anticipated!
    My weekend was very productive starting on Friday. I got our tax stuff done, all the filing done, and the medical paperwork in four separate folders that all make sense now. All done by 10:30am, then we went grocery shopping before going to an appointment. Saturday was a pretty relaxing day, and Sunday I had church and did some odds and ends the rest of the day. Work has been squirrely so I'm hoping for a less crazy week for all of us!


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