Wednesday, March 27, 2024

A Quick Note About Recipes

Hey y'all!

I could've sworn that I had a recipe page here at one time but it wasn't until a former Sparkie swung by last week and asked if I had a recipe page that I realized I didn't!  😬  I went through the archives and pulled all of the healthier recipes and put them up on a page in case anyone wants them all in one place.

I plan to start doing recipes a little more when it pops in my head to grab a camera and I hope to remember to update that page when I do.  

If you feel so inclined, head over to the new Recipes page and give it a peruse!

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  1. oh thank you I know it was probably alot of work, but I for one appreciate it.

    1. I could've sworn I had a page and thought I reverted it to draft but apparently not! So I was happy you said something! 😀

  2. I'm glad set up your recipe page! Honestly, I think at one point you had it up on the old platform, but maybe it didn't transfer. This will be a great resource for everyone now!


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