Friday, March 8, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Well heidi ho there virtual neighbor and a happy Friday to you all!  I hope this isn't too riddled with typos as my proofreader fell asleep.  I had my appointment Monday for deep tissue massage and shockwave therapy.  The massage was weak.  I hate when tiny little people are LMT's.  When I say I want deep tissue, I mean you'd better be doing some friggin' digging in there and getting some adhesions on their way.  Oddly the most painful part was her touching the tops of my feet which felt like she was ripping the skin off.  I told her politely that wasn't comfortable and she was like "okay" then proceeded to do it again several times on each foot.  I thought 'you know what, if my heel goes into her face, I warned her.'  So I will never mention my feet again.  

Then it was time for the chiro.  Sadly, my chiro does not do the shockwave therapy which I'm incredibly upset by as I trust him implicitly.  The guy who does do it has always given me a super creepy vibe and is one of those dudes where if they reported on the news he had bodies in the basement you wouldn't be the least bit surprised.  He was 20 minutes late which didn't start things on the right foot with me.  I gave him a little drawing I did and he's like "where did you get that?"   I said I made it and I find it easier to explain things when there's a visual.  He was one of those people that is hard to read, has a dry sense of humor, likes to quiz you and these are all things I'm not a fan of.  He wasn't quite as creeper-y as I viewed him before but I made it clear I was NOT there to get my back cracked, I'm here for the laser...please drive through.  He started babbling about how plantar fasciitis doesn't usually present in both feet (funny...the 1,587 articles I saw said it can and does) and it's usually a problem higher up the chain.  I said if it was too high up the chain, we were done because nope, not cracking anything above the hips.  Again, I felt like he (along with the previous week's schmuck) was NOT listening to me when I told him I've had problems with adhesions in my calves.  He felt them and said one was a little taut but they felt fine.  Funny, I've lived in this body for 49 years, they're not fine.  The next thing I know, I'm getting a lower spine/hip x-ray.  

He said the spacing is good in my spine but I do have some spots of arthritis and basically calcification has set into my SI joint on the left where I did a little worse on his range of motion tests.  He said that can trap nerves going down to the feet.  So trapped nerves on my left side make my right foot hurt like the devil after walking a limp like I have plantar fasciitis??  Fine, whatever.  So he twists me like a pretzel, he starts going higher than I want and I said "nope, back down."  Mofo, do not test me.   Then it was time for the shock wave.  It looked different than the other guy's and boy it felt different too.  He could do that for 20 minutes if he wanted (and I wished he would because I feel like I didn't do it for more than 2 minutes tops on each foot) so I'm thankful it didn't feel like the other one.  The Mr did some poking around online and said it sounded like the one guy did focused therapy where this is unfocused but covers more area.  As long as it eventually does what it's supposed to, I don't care.  I will use him for the laser stuff and when that is hopefully done, if I need my back loosened up, I'm going back to my guy, period.  But at least I know what area to dig around on to loosen things up so when he does twist me this afternoon and twice a week over the coming weeks.  So I will work on that in between visits to try to get mobility in the joint and hope for the best.  I really don't know if that's the problem or not but at this point, I'm just seeing him to get the laser at a cheap rate in comparison to everyone else around here who does it for 3-4x the amount.  My body...what a crap show.  🙄

Anyhoo... time to jump into:

Want to Age Well? Improve Your Balance With This 5-Minute Foot-Mobility Sequence  (If you want to know whether or not you need these, stand on one foot and pretend to drink something.  If you wobble at all, you may need to consider giving these a try)

9 Things Therapists Do When They Feel Lonely  (There are some really simple but good suggestions here!)

The Rise and Mysterious Fall of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Anyone else remember in the 80s when everyone and their mother had big lumps on their wrists and was getting surgery?)

60 Best Plants With Purple Flowers to Grow Outdoors  (I need to start thinking about what purple flowers to plant for Mom.)

Ready to do your taxes?  Click here for a referral code from my lady to give you a discount on H&R Block Services this year  (This woman totally saved my sanity this year!  Don't forget to go through Rakuten for some additional cashback!  Last post for the referral code.)

Miss a post here this week?  Catch up below:

Okay, final time for these instructions for anyone interested which thus far is two people:

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No weekend plans yet.  I feel like we don't really do those anymore which kind of sucks but meh, whatcha gonna do.  It'll consist of grocery pickups, laundry and meal prep at some point.    Thrillsville!

You got anything going on this weekend?

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  1. I do hope that guy does something for your calves soon too. There's no doubt that it would help since you know how it feels there and it's all connected. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I hope as the weeks progress you'll start to notice big improvements in your calves and feet (and maybe hips too). And I sure hope you get a deep massage like you're asking for!
    This was a brutally stressful week and will continue some into the weekend. I have laundry and grocery shopping to do and house stuff that I've neglected all week, so that will be on the agenda for this weekend, and church on Sunday.
    I hope you guys have a good weekend and you can get out and about a bit!


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