Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hump Day Poll: Whatchu Doin?

Sooo exercise.

What kind do you do and how much of it?

Because of all of the foot issues I'm having right now, it is basically strength twice a week (though moving to 3x starting next week) and walking the other days until we hit 400 calories with a rest day on Friday.  I'm trying to incorporate my floor bike during the day (or at night if I sucked at it during the day) to make up for NEAT calorie burn I'm not getting from being limpy on my feet.

So what does your typical workout week look like?

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  1. We do the same formal stuff but when in the office I try to get up and stretch or do calf raises or lunges. I also take the stairs as my cubicle is on the third floor. And I walk as much as I can for extra movement there too. Now if I just had the same movement potential at home I'd have been better off during the glorious time I was full telework!

    1. I envy the amount of opportunity you have to get longer walks in there. You know the shoebox is hard to lap more than twice hence the floor bike.

  2. For the most it's either WATP (various miles depending on the day/time available) or walking at the park, then stretchy band exercises (on park walking days), ankle exercises from my PT, plantar faciitis exercises with curling the towel and wall stretches for the toes. Three days a week I do wall pushups at varying degrees of tilt, chair sit-to-stands since I can't do lunges, and dumbbell strength exercises. Twice a week is 45 minutes of myofascial stretching of my entire body at the end of the night before I go to bed. I'll usually do that on the days opposite of the strength exercises because it's just a relaxing way to give my body a break but still getting those muscles worked and warmed. If I could go back to the pool right now, that would be my exercise of choice. I used to do that 3 days a week for 2 hours at a time and got in my cardio and strength at the same time. AND my joints and feet felt amazing. It's not an option right now but one day I'd like to get back there.


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