Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hump Day Poll

I am one of those people who is religiously done with their Christmas shopping by November 1st.  I might have a few stocking stuffers to buy but all of the people are bought for and wrapped so I can enjoy the season. 

This year I have lost my religion. 

I have only one person completely done and that's it.  Come September 1st, I want to bake ALL of the things.  I haven't baked one thing.  I don't know what it is about this year if it's all the health stuff with us and family friends but my heart is so not in it yet.

I'm about 20% done right now and I'm not happy about it because we went out this weekend just to window shop for nothing in particular and the jackals are already out and reaffirming why I am forced to shop online.

What about you?  Have you started yet?  

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  1. I wait until week before Thanksgiving. Begging for lists currently

  2. I am not done either. I am usually at least done with all the purchasing by this point and I might wait a bit longer to wrap presents. I still can't believe it's November to be honest. Felt like yesterday was July.

  3. You mean Christmas is happening again? Already? I have a few small things I've picked up throughout the year. I need to pull out my "stash" soon and figure out what I have and then get ideas for what I still need.

  4. My family draws names and we won't do that until Thanksgiving. Bummer too cause it would be fun to shop for unique items during travels.

  5. I'm actually pretty far along. The hubs and I aren't exchanging much because we did a lot this summer between the windows and door and the TV's, so I just have a few gift cards to get him and a few clothing items to add to the few I've gotten him. So not tons to wrap. I'm just about done with friends other than some gift cards and some random things. So overall I'd say I'm about 70% done. Wrapping will be done by the end of the month, and then it's just waiting for Santa to swing by with the reindeer to whisk the presents to their new homes. =o)

  6. I have bought one present for my boyfriend's son and I have set my budget for each person on my list. Otherwise I don't have much except for some stocking stuffers for my mother. I'm a little further behind than normal, but not too bad. We don't normally exchange wish lists until later this month, so I don't feel too bad about it. I don't think too much about it until after Remembrance Day.


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