Monday, November 11, 2019

Get It Together Weekend Update

Happy Monday, y'all!

Friday, we were waiting on two rug deliveries, one for us and one for a gift, and those bastards at UPS delivered it to the wrong house...AGAIN.  I can almost understand the place they usually deliver it because of mentally transposing the numbers and sometimes the fonts are squished, but this was a big font and nowhere near.  Thank God I walked a little extra than our usual stop.  After checking with lawyers on Reddit (because obviously, that's where you go for legal advice), we were within our rights to take them based on our local laws and that we didn't actually go onto the porch to retrieve them.  The people said they had a security system and I'm pointing to the label "this is me, they delivered it to you by mistake, I'm not stealing this...I have a receipt!"  Then I contacted UPS and told them I didn't appreciate being made to be a porch pirate 3x in two months for my own sh*t, and with the holiday season coming up, they'd better get their act together.  They gave me a lovely response, which meant nothing, so I'm saying it here...GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER UPS!!!

I was happy to wake up Saturday with basically all sense of smell intact. This meant I could enjoy what we were going to eat instead of uttering "wish I could taste that" or something along those lines, which probably drove the Mr up the wall for the duration of my face demon.  I get SUPER resentful when I can't taste my food and irritated that he doesn't experience the same thing when he gets colds.  Share in my misery like a good husband should, will ya?  Next cold, I'm just stuffing earplugs up his nose so he can be my equal, it's only fair.  Since I was feeling better, we went out to a new to us pizza place.  It was decent, but I'll just say I needed to run home first and leave it at that.  We headed to a vintage store to grab a picture I've been going back and forth on, and of course, it has been damaged.  It's slight to most, but there's no way I wouldn't see the dark scuff on the white teapot painting every time I looked at it, so I got a pitcher painting instead.  Once I get it all on the shelf I'm going to order in a few weeks, I'll post a pic of it.  It's not bumming me out that my mom will be moving close to this store because the doggie there is so adorable, and she was all about kissing my hand for a full two minutes.  She makes me want to get another dog because all that thing does is sleep.  We came back home, and the Mr watched college ball, and I curled under my blankie and napped for 90 minutes, which was heavenly.

Sunday was a lazy morning at first.  Then the next thing I knew the Mr was getting a new 4K TV(affiliate link) Don't ask.  It's still growing on a fungus.  I went down an Etsy wormhole, then we did a Target run and grabbed some produce at the grocery store.  I surprised the Mr with loco moco for dinner.  It's a Hawaiian dish.  Brown rice, burger patty, over easy egg with a little gravy on top.  It's one of his faves, and I haven't made it in a few years, so I figured he was due.  I got all of my Christmas wrapping done and just have one more person who hasn't gotten me her list yet, then I'll be done.   The living room looks like a bomb went off, so we'll have to clean up a bit today.

Scintillating, I know.

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. Sounds productive, I hibernated and stripped a dresser.happy Monday!

  2. We have gone to a 4 day week at my school, so I have most Fridays off. This last Friday was one of our contracted working Fridays though, so I lost 1/3 of my weekend. Ugh. Saturday... I have no idea where the day went. I got the house sort of picked up, but not done. Sunday I drove to another town to see Dr. Sleep so that was pretty much my whole day. And back to work today.

  3. It was a good weekend and extended since I am off today. Have to gather up the ski's and boots and take them to sell them hopefully, as I am tired of donating everything.

  4. Mine was low key. Meeting, grocery shopping while the hubs was at work, and laundry. I did get a few things ordered online and I was happy to cross those off the list. But still have lots more to do. Today is the perfect day to do it since I've hunkered down for now from the snow. I'll have to go back out this afternoon to work on the driveway so the hubs can get in (the drifts are on his side) but I'll do just enough so he can get in and then he can snow blow with that behemoth. No mail or garbage today, so that worked out perfectly.

  5. A house on the street behind us has our same number. Luckily I can see it from my kitchen window and we know them. People get to the wrong house regularly. Very rarely packages, but every once in a while, if there is a substitute driver.

  6. I have been cleaning out regularly for a year and a half now. I list all kinds of things on Facebook Marketplace. I have had very good luck. Previously I donated too. Sometimes I list things for free, just to get them to a person who needs it.


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