Monday, November 4, 2019

Forgot to Share

I was going through my camera roll on the phone the other day and came across pics I meant to share with y'all at one time or another.  They either got forgotten about or were edited out due to laziness.

Not even gonna lie.

So here's a little randomness to start off your week.

Let's start with the baby shower we went to for our dear friend.

They had a cute thank you table set up where they had candles as thank you favors for attendees.  They had lovely cakes for dessert too.  I kind of chuckle now when I see the "oh boy" banner because I think "oh boy, you guys (us) are about to be the most uncomfortable you've been in your whole lives as a couple!"

Here's a shot of the gifts that were laid out and not opened.

As someone who loves seeing gifts opened, that was super irritating, and I'm so glad she opened ours before we left.  Her husband has anxiety and doesn't like to have attention on him, so she wanted to make him comfortable by not opening them.  We have some opinions on that, but I'll keep them to ourselves.  I do empathize, but it was a couple's shower.  Send the dudes back downstairs to play ping pong and let those who want to see the presents opened do so with her.   Or don't have a couples shower and he can come at the end like dudes have done since the beginning of time.  *shutting mouth*

Here's the shower/wedding gift we got my other friend for her shower.  When we took her to Hawaii back in the day, we bought her luggage.  It seemed fitting I'd get her new luggage when it was on her registry.  I stuffed it with little odds and ends from the registry they wanted.

I did go rogue and got her two name tags from Etsy for each of their suitcases.

Here are my contributions to her bridal shower food-wise.  Since she was not going to get her wedding anymore, I scanned her Pinterest boards to see if there was anything I could make so she would get something she envisioned for her wedding.  These baby pineapples were just the ticket, and she was thrilled to see I went to the "trouble."

She requested I make my ricotta cookies.  I asked what flavors, and she was non-committal so I made the orange spice ones that she tried and made a pineapple-mango version as well.  I don't usually try a new recipe for something so important, but even though it gave me some curveballs, it was still a hit.  I found a woman on Etsy who did fondant plumerias, so I splurged and bought those.

I think they gave the perfect tropical touch, and it reminded me of when we put them behind our ears in Hawaii.  I have to say this...I am in the wrong business.  Those little bastards were EXPENSIVE, and supplies were limited with multiple people having them in their carts.  Future side hustle?

Reno crap.  Our studs in the basement were 24" apart, which meant the 48" shelf was going to be just shy of what we needed because the brackets holding it would stick out over the edges.  A six-footer would've been too long, and of course, they don't make five-foot ones, so I had to do some cuttin' and struttin'.

I could've gotten a wood board cut to fit, but then it wouldn't have the veneer on it for the marble contact paper I used on it to stick.  I had to notch out and cut a spot for the wires to come through.  I did it all myself, and I was kind of proud of that.  It doesn't take much.

We celebrated my birthday a few days before the fact with a cake.  When it was demolished, I was bummed to realize we forgot to do a candle.  The Mr rectified that on my birthday when he delivered me breakfast in bed with a candle in my English muffin.

That time we had a big hole in the back of the house.

This was the period they removed our old patio slider and were trying to get the new behemoth lifted up without dropping it 4x.  Every flying bug in the area came in and partied hard.

So there's a look at some of the abandoned pics from the camera roll.

Tell me something random.

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  1. Happy Monday! Thanks for sharing. I also get great satisfaction from accomplishing new things on Reno's. I've been digging the fb free sites and scored new to me slider closet doors. The old one had a hole in it covered with a poster. The "new" ones match perfectly and I keep going in that room and staring at them lol. I hated the old ones for so many years. It's like a stresser is gone. Have a great week!

  2. Some of those already take me back to a kinda crazy summer we had, but it was all worth it! That baby shower though, oh man that was painfully awkward! Happy Monday everybody!

  3. Random but Exciting: I hit LIFETIME at WW last Friday. In over 40 years of joining, losing weight but always quitting before I got to goal--this Time I not only hit goal, but 6 weeks later, I got to LIFETIME! Took me 68 years, and who knows how long I can maintain my goal weight this time, but for now I can say: I DID IT!

  4. Love all these pics. So much accomplished in 2019! The "oh boy" banner is really cute and clever.
    Random thought: I discovered I can go through an entire tank of gas in one day between long-distance appts, errands, and local appts. Kind of blows my mind.


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