Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mental Mantel Meltdown

Happy Friday eve, all!

It's been a kind of mentally exhausting week.  We're looking to switch out a few things up in the living room, and we weren't able to get some of the stuff we wanted in time for the holidays.  We're looking to do a mantel switch out, and it's quite nerve-wracking with the logistics.  I got a quote from a general contractor about how much it would cost to remove our current mantel, do any potential drywall repair then install the new one.  We were told $130 just to show up then $85/hr for each hour after.  I feel like we could get the mantel down ourselves.  This is what we're dealing with.

It used to be this horrible 90's beige-ish color to match the "blonde oak" that was everywhere, and about 6 years ago, I painted it white, which looks fine, but it's builder grade and doesn't make much of an impact.  There's a small bead of caulk going around the edges, so I think it's attached by keyhole screw holes with construction adhesive around the edges.  My thought is to score the caulk, use a hammer and either putty knife or chisel lightly tapping to loosen any adhesive then gingerly tap underneath on the shelf until it pops off and pray it doesn't take drywall with it.  Not really something I want to tackle with the holidays coming up, though.  If anyone has any thoughts on getting it down, feel free to suggest in the comments.  It would've been so nice to have a new mantel hanging up for Santa, but we'll see.  I see the beads of sweat on the Mr's forehead when I mention removing the mantel ourselves.

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I cleaned out our armoire and got rid of a bunch of crap that I hadn't used or was expired.  We've got a little extra room for storage that we need.  The Mr cleaned out the other TV armoire that had some stereo components we hadn't used in years, including a DVD/VCR combo.  We still have some VCR tapes from back in the day (stuff from high school, etc.) and have a VCR in the closet upstairs, so we didn't need the one down here, especially since the tape in the machine wouldn't play.  It was kind of sad because the stereo was a Kenwood and I got it for the Mr in 1994 after we were engaged.  He said it's how he knew we were serious...because you know, the ring wasn't the clue.   But I guess I forget their tagline from the 90's Christmas campaign...

Our time at the MA house inspired us to get a turntable.  Our little soundbar wasn't cutting it, so the next thing I knew, the Mr was ordering a new soundbar.  I'm hoping it makes the vinyl sound like I was picturing.

Last night, we rented Good Boys and man, that was hilarious.  If you are not a fan of language and dildos, maybe skip it, but otherwise, that shizz was fuuuunny!  Those kids are hilarious and so adorable.  It sure takes you back to that time when you started cursing and trying to act like an adult as a tween.  It was a sailor mouthed squishy inducing film we just loved, and the ending was hilarious.
We also rented Stuber on vacation and could not stop laughing, highly recommended.

Seen any good movies lately?

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  1. I wish I had handyman skills and could tackle this one for you but my skills are more useful when computers are involved.

    That Good Boys movie didn't get high ratings but I enjoyed it. It was nice to be reminded of the combination of innocence and filthy mouths kids tend to have at that age and it was refreshing to see it depicted realistically on screen.

  2. I see the combination of innocence and filthy mouths in real life every day. The life of a middle school teacher. I have to tell my JH kids daily to watch their mouths at school. If I can't cuss at school, neither can they. It's only fair right?

    I did see Zombieland 2 and I laughed ridiculously hard. If you aren't a fan of language, probably don't see it. I loved it though. I also saw Dr. Sleep and really enjoyed it even though it's super long. Unlike some Stephen King movies I felt like it was cast really well, and it really told the story of the book even though there were necessary changes and cuts.

    Good luck with the mantle. That seems like a lot of money for the contractor. Did they at least give you an idea of how many hours they would expect? So you at least have all the information to make the decision whether or not to tackle it yourself.

    I'm working up the courage to have my bathroom re-done. New tub and all so no way I can do it myself. It's my only shower so it gives me all kinds of anxiety.

  3. The other night I caught Despicable Me 3 I think it's called when it was about halfway through. It was actually pretty funny with the "fight scene" which was the two characters fighting while breaking out into dance moves to Madonna's Into The Groove. And I watched a good amount of Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges the other night. Had no clue about the storyline so had to ask the hubs. The only thing I've seen from start to finish this week was the Dolly Parton Special Tuesday night, which was awesome.


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