Monday, November 25, 2019

Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

I bought our Christmas tree on clearance in 1995 for $57.  We were going to be getting married the following year and we were both making under $20K/year so we needed to be frugal.  I think paying $2.48 per year for joyful Christmases was a good bargain.  When last year came and I dreaded putting up the tree, I wondered what was wrong with me.  When it happened again this year, I think I realized it was because I wasn't looking forward to our tree engulfing our living room again.  I don't feel like it's that big but boy were my eyes opened when I started glancing at new trees.  At 42" diameter, that is now considered "narrow."  NARROW.  That is 3 1/2' of space taking up your space and it's narrow.  We thought we decided on a tree and then saw it would be almost the exact same circumference as the other one.  Also, trying to find a 6 1/2' unlit tree is like trying to find the Lucky Charms leprechaun.  We have zero desire to have prelit because we don't want to fight with a company to replace a branch that goes out or have to chuck the whole tree in less time than we planned to use it because it's out of warranty.  (Man have I read some stories.)

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We finally decided on this tree from Wayfair for our space for just over $100.

It's a 34" circumference so it'll give us around an extra 8" or so of living room space that we desperately need.  I hate that we can't see it in person but the ones we do see in person seem to look really sad.  That's not to say once we get it, this might not be sad too but I like to at least see reviews.  I've read more dang reviews in the past month on so many things that my eyes are strained.  So fingers crossed this works out.  In case anyone else is looking to downsize their tree and doesn't want to look through a zillion reviews, I've done some of the legwork for you!

This Balsam Hill Red Spruce Slim at $269 is the one we were looking at but was the same diameter as our current tree at 41".

(Credit: Balsam

This National Tree 6.5' Unlit North Valley Pencil Slim Spruce runs $88.

This gets 4 stars at the time of publishing.  There are customer pics available in the reviews which I like to see ones in imperfect light and such.  The ones that got the tree nice and full said you need to take some time on the fluffing process and I'm used to it.  It's the perfect fit for an apartment or condo at 30" diameter.

This King of Christmas 6.5 Foot King Fraser Fir Slim Quick-Shape Christmas Tree is $166 at the time of posting.

The diameter is 34".  There aren't any customer pics but hopefully, this pic will give you a good idea of what to expect.  As with all Christmas trees, be prepared to fluff for that fullness.

If you're more a fan of flocked trees, this 6 Ft. Pencil Snow Flocked Tree with Pine Cones at $80 at the time of publishing might be the ticket for you.


This is a super slim tree if you need a little tree for a lesser used room or are in a tiny apartment.  This is a 26" diameter so it'll fit almost anywhere!

Whether you want to downsize your main tree or add a tree specifically for travel or family ornaments, I hope these have given you a place to start so you don't have to strain your eyes and spend time you don't have going down the internet rabbit hole like I did!

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  1. I understand why you would want an unlit tree, but I love my lighted tree. I picked it up on an after season clearance a lot of years ago. It's so easy!

    That said, the last few years I've gotten a small (like 4') live tree. I prefer live trees but don't want the hassle of a big one so this is perfect. Last year though my tiny live tree dropped needles like it was a race to Christmas. I don't know why when other years that hasn't happened. I almost think it's because it was flocked and maybe that dehydrated it more. So about a week before Christmas I threw it out and ended up using my artificial one after all.

  2. Thanks! Each year I plan to go faux and then fobr and up doing it. I think when i finally do I will go for a hanging corner one.

  3. We've gone from gigantic to smaller and skinnier over the years and I'm happy that we've been able to donate some gorgeous trees as well as having our small 4 footer in the bay window now. I also have our Charlie Brown Tree, and our original table tree (like a foot and a half -ha!) from before we were married. I'd say that was the easiest one to put up, but with all the teeny tiny ornaments, mice, and candy canes, it was work! LOL So cute though. I put it on a holiday-themed round tin cookie sheet and it was perfect!

  4. Forgot to add ours is prelit, but we also add white lights up the pole to really brighten it up.

    1. The white lights around the trunk was a real life changer for me

  5. I have very skinny one that is around 5’ tall, and the we have it on top a wooden box that is wrapped in upholstered fabric. There is a strand of white lights around the stand and then layers of white tulle covering it.

    That allowed us to get a truly skinny tree. And it is stored intact no assembly.

  6. With a 50+ pound dog who, when she gets running 'crazy', bumps into everything and cats ("look a tree to climb with toys to bat!") I gave up having a Christmas tree some time ago. Instead there's my ceramic tree collection on top of the piano & plenty of lights hung about the house. I DO have a pre-lit tree out on my porch (safe from my 'livestock').


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