Friday, February 10, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #6

FINALLY Friday!  

My body is BEAT, yo!  Ever since I did that friggin' Fitness Blender lower body workout on Monday, my legs have been toast.  It has not been a pleasant week but I need to add it in more so my legs get used to it and it should be the last component into whipping them into shape once and for all.

But enough of my gam groans, let's get to,..

A Visual Guide to Spice Combos So You Can Season Like a Champ  (Great recipes to keep on hand!)

This Woman Went Against the Rulebook and Reveals the 1 Thing She Did to Detect Breast Cancer  (DO THIS!  Every month!)

10 Amazing Sources of Vegan Protein   (Always trying to find ways to get more in)

11 Cooking Basics Every Grown Person Should Know  (Are there any you don't know?)

The Scary Effect Weight Has on Your Brain's Age  (As if I didn't need another friggin' reason)

Learn To Love Cleaning When You Suck At Cleaning  (I don't know if I'll love it per say but I agree with all the reasons they list)

The Things You Do and Don’t Miss Out on by Marrying Your First Love  (Interesting perspective from another person married at 21 like me.  I've got friends still in the dating game at my age and holy hell I think I'd take a vow of celebacy than deal with that crap!)

Why You’re Less Likely To Die If You Have A Female Doctor  (ALL of my docs are female...except the chiro but you know, he's a lil nugget so I'll excuse him.)

What should you eat before your workout? Best pre-work out snacks  (I wish I could eat before I workout.  It makes me want to yarf)

Today I get to get the mammies grammied.  I just got the LAST go round cleared up financially 4 months ago so this feels like "didn't I just do this?" but no, it was February 1st last year that I got the news I was good to go after a 2 week hellish wait.  I am insisting they squeeze the right boob like it's well...their job and stop treating it like Charmin (shout out to Mr. Whipple!) because I will NOT go back and have to pay $300 again because they didn't do their job right the first time.  My right is my problem child and I'm going to say if there is ANY doubt to take it again now when all they have to do is hit delete.  Jerks.

We don't have any specific plans for the weekend.  I desperately want to snowshoe since apparently like a zillion states are covered in snow except for us.  *stomps foot*  It's the last weekend where we have the Mr's stupid test studying stuff hanging over us.  Then I suppose I should start looking toward spring vacation and start planning so I'm not overwhelmed.  Given how fast the weeks are passing, it's all going to be here in no time!  :-O

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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  1. TGIF! Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. The boy's basketball game on Saturday, no other plans. I started feeling ucky yesterday and got up this morning with a full fledged case of the crap that's going around. Looks like I'll be spending the weekend in bed. See, look at that, I do have plans.

  3. I meant to send you this link on Friday when I saw it -- just darling!

    Busy day yesterday in the burbs but got 8 bags of garbage out and a bunch of bins home and in the basement. Today is an afternoon hockey game and at some point going to Sam's Club to sign up again. First item -- big @ss black garbage bags. LOL


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