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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gotta Have Goals

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Howdy!  A little update on this week.

My goal for this week was to get in more water.  I've been horrible at getting it in the past few years months and felt like I needed to make sure I tried to make it a habit.  At my worst, I'd get in 20 oz of water in the form of tea.  When I tried to do better I might almost make 40 oz of water.  I'd consider it a personal victory if I got a whole 40 oz bottle in.  So this week was all about getting in two bottles or 80 ounces of pure water.  I've hit goal every day so far but I know not to get cocky because the weekend is when I tank again so if when I'm able to do it daily, I'll feel like I have made true progress.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

Tuesday was my last PT appointment.  Honestly, given that she only gave me one new exercise, I felt like she kind of could've emailed me that but I did want to say goodbye to them.  It was an assisted one legged squat using moving men  (affiliate link) to glide across the carpet.  She said I could also do them on a hard floor with a sock as the slide.  I did two sets of those and by the time I got home, my butt hurt.  (With an impending groin pull the next day from going back so far.)   I had a card for my therapist with a gift card in it and I wanted to cuddle with her therapy pooch one last time too.  I requested a massage with the massage lady and we had a fun conversation and she was like "wow, what have you been doing to tighten your legs like this?"  Lower body strength ma'am.  She showed me some pressure points so I will try remember to use those after I continue with my lower body stuff especially those new moves.

It was interesting because the Mr's therapist came over and was super talkative to me and all buddy buddy but the man hasn't said boo to me the whole time.  He said he told the Mr no paddle boarding on vacation and no more falling and mentioned the cross country skiing.  He mentioned that the initial meeting and I held my tongue but he pissed me off when he said it again and I decided to set him straight.  I said "let me clarify that he wasn't waving around like an idiot and fell due to his own actions.  The fin got caught on an underwater stump and the board stopped abruptly and he fell when it did.  You would've fallen too."  He said "yeah but cross country skiing?"  I said "yeah, he hit a tree root that was hidden and went down."  He said what was wrong with sitting on the beach.  I looked him dead in the eye and said "we did not lose 200 pounds to sit our fat asses on the beach.  We WILL paddle board, that's why he's here" and one of the interns smiled and got up and had to leave so as not to laugh in his face.  He said "okay, cool. cool."    Don't mess with the bull(ette), you'll get the horns.

What goals have you been working on this week?  Ever had to set someone who just doesn't "get it" straight?

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  1. I appreciate you standing up for me and my love of paddleboarding! I took him as a bit of a joker about it but now I see I am going to have to make it clear that his job is to help me get back to what I love doing and not have this attitude of staying away from things that I might get injured doing. I could hurt my shoulder doing grocery shopping and just about any other daily task. Doesn't mean I stop doing things I want and need to do!

    1. Yep. It was one thing on eval day but to still be spouting that crap 3 weeks later is unacceptable. I think if you compare that my PT said her job is to get me back to previous activities and that was the whole reason you drive across town and if that's not his objective then maybe you'll take your exercises and go home, it should shut him up.

  2. I'm glad you set him straight, but I'm sorry you had to. It surprises me that a physical therapist would have that attitude. They spent their days helping people recover from injuries so they can get back to their regular lives - whether it's helping a 90 year old lady come back from a fall so she can stay in her own home, or helping you guys paddle board and snow shoe/cross country ski. I bet he has boring hobbies if he has that attitude.

    1. I truly lucked out with my therapist because she's a good mix a nice but tough with gentle correction and she's very goal oriented based on MY goals. I knew I couldn't work with that guy and DEFINITELY not with the other lady. Unfortunately my girl wasn't accepting new patients when the Mr went in and this guy is just kind of ridiculous with pushing his OWN agenda. If my talk didn't set him straight, the Mr has promised to make it clear that his goals need to be his (PT's) goals as well.

  3. Physical therapists come in different levels/viewpoints. There are those who only think of getting on and off the toilet and in and out if the car as client goals. And there are those who work with athlete clients. Not all are created the same.

    Paper plates work great as sliders. On carpeting and on hard floors.

    1. Yes they certainly do as all three PT's there have very different approaches to the patients ranging from supportive yet tough to completely apathetic. This guy is kind of a gym rat and if you don't agree with his view on ANYTHING, he gets very irritating and tries to sway you to his POV. He's a good enough therapist but you need to do more than just give exercises. If the Mr was paddle boarding before, the answer isn't 'never paddleboard again' and if that's HIS answer, it's the wrong one.

      I'll try the paper plates on the rug up here since they didn't slide so great for me downstairs. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Good for you for telling that pipe off! The nerve of him!! Like the Mr just wants to pay for PT to sit on a beach. That's not even a logical thing to say. Sheesh.

    My goal has NOT been met at all and that too was water. Today I was not prepared properly and only had to big glasses all day until I got home -- at 5:30 -- and after spending $1660 on my car! At that point, water was not my beverage of choice, but that wasn't a true option either. My calves and ankles are really feeling it too. =o(

    My last dressing down was at the courthouse with Mr. Attorney Tighty-Pants. teh heh heh....


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