Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Broken but rebuilding

I'm so glad we got our walk in outside the other day because yesterday it sounded like the house was going to blow over and the Ark was going to float by.  Nothing I love more than howling wind...not.  It's like an audible reminder that you're trapped indoors in case staring at the same four walls wasn't enough of a memo.

I got a little work done but it wasn't an overly productive day since I could barely walk from leg day.

Actually, even though I had every intention of phoning in cardio because the thought of something strenuous was not attractive, I ended up doing intervals during Walk Away the Pounds.  I wasn't in the mood for Leslie's voice so I muted her and stuck on a playlist that seemed pretty closely timed with every move so it made it more bearable.  Then there would be a peppy part in a song and I'd wog a bit and do arm raises to the beat or pull backs.  The Mr couldn't though with his upper body restrictions except for PT.

Speaking of which, the therapist said he's coming along well and he'll have this week and next as a two per weeker and then kick back to once a week.  (Of course once his big test is over he gets to cut back on appointments.  Yeesh)  He said the needling wasn't pleasant this time.  He said there are small improvements he's seeing like reduced pain putting on his seat belt and when he does side raises his shoulder doesn't pop as much.  Like me, he realizes that this will be a lifetime commitment.  He's got bad genetics in the posture game against him so he'll need to keep this up to stay upright.  My ankle yanked on me when I overstretched it but that was from being so sore from leg day so I gave myself the night off of full PT and rolled, did my balance board and gastroc stretches ending with the vibration plate.  Broken but rebuilding is the theme of our household!

Then it was time for dinner which was BAS (aka- Big @ss Salad)

Lettuce/arugula tossed with vinaigrette, roasted purple sweet potato, clementine wedges, dried cherries, black beans, alfalfa sprouts, walnuts and spicy chicken.  I'll take those 43 grams of protein.

What did you guys have for dinner last night?  Tonight?

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  1. rebuilding... oh boy can I relate! You got this... dinner? Sugar free frozen yogurt... on my way home from work. The hubster is always almost asleep when I get home so this is my usual dinner.... "real dinner" is a treat for me

  2. Yep I'll be glad when the broken feeling goes away in my shoulder but I know I'll always have to do the exercises to keep things aligned properly - and I'm okay with that!

  3. I'm proud of you for modifying where you needed to and not beating yourself up with not going gang busters. Your body is still in recovery mode and you're being so smart with listening to its cues and knowing where to cut back when needed. I'm a terrible stretcher, even though I know it's really good for me (and actually feels good eventually)so I give you a lot of credit for being consistent with that. That is probably the main change I need to make to my fitness routine. I really notice it when I go to get out of the car from a long drive from the suburbs. My left calf and ankle are screaming and I limp along the rest of the night.

    Dinner was a beef stew that turned out quite yummy and felt very light. Tonight is baked chicken and a side dish I still need to figure out. And for me a salad with my oil/vinegar concoction. The hubs will eat some of it, but never seems to want his own salad. lol


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