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Monday, February 6, 2017

Up and down weekend recap

Happy Monday all.  I know, I know...what's happy about it?  Well, you're alive so there's one for the plus column!

I didn't start my Saturday out so great because I made some banana bread the night before and you know how you have an instinct for when it's done but you say no because the baking time says something different?  Yeah, well I should've trusted my instinct because we went to have some for breakfast and it was dry AF.  I said "I'm not wasting calories on this" and the Mr was going to eat it out of politeness and I said "don't eat that sh*t!!"  Into the trashcan.  He asked what happened which was acknowledgement it was bad and I said I should've taken it out when my nose told me it was done.  That meant I got to throw away the other loaf for my grandma because no WAY was I putting my name on that crap.  So that along with a one pound gain set me off for a salty beginning to my day.  We were meeting her midday which means you're usually stuck with time to kill.

The Mr suggested this hipster place up the street for a burger and since I had nothing better, I agreed. You ever go somewhere for lunch and you know before you even go in it ain't gonna end well?  As we approached, I saw a couple of kids with no parenting going on and I was not in the mood for it especially given my newly trimmed fuse from the morning's start.  Because I wasn't able to offer any other suggestions, I didn't feel like I could really object.  The Mr asked the host not to be put by kids if possible and of course that douche canoe headed straight for the section I was dreading.  I said "no, no, no" so the Mr could hear hoping he'd ask us to be put in the other side of the restaurant but he didn't say anything and the amount of screeching coupled with said parent ignoring the child so she could brag to a couple she ran into just made my blood pressure rise.  As I looked at the menu, nothing sounded good.  The server came out and poured us water and I looked at the Mr's glass and said "something's swirling in there."  He said "let's go."  I ignored it because again...nothing else to really offer.  Then the host brings over a couple with their 2 year old and I grabbed my coat and he grabbed his and we left.  Look, I know there are kids everywhere but this place is like a bar and my #1 pet peeve is people who bring kids in an atmosphere like that and then ignore them since they tune out their frequency.  I'll refrain from the "back in my day" speech.

So we went to a place about 1/4 mile away and I must've had a look of a woman on the edge or on her period (I'm not) and they put us in this little 3 table room completely away from the rest of the world.  It was glorious.  We had the whole thing to ourselves except for the last 5 minutes and I was good with that.  It did help turn the day around a bit.  Then we just jumped from place to random place until we had to meet grandma.  We got to see another eye rolling sign of the times...

Then it was off to grandma's and we had such a nice time exchanging gifts and catching up.  I got all of the little kitchen gadgets I asked for (upgraded kitchen shears since I nicked my last pair cutting flower stems and they've never been right, a long cake tester, a metal funnel to replace my crappy plastic one, a huge pastry blender) and a new trashcan.  It's a metal one that has a foot pedal to replace our old one that the spring just kind of threw up the white flag.  It's soooo nice to have one that actually responds quickly now!  The Mr got some gift cards for a gaming site and a 3 piece paddle board paddle so we can actually travel with all of our paddling stuff.  His current one doesn't fit in the trunk and even in the backseat it goes across the whole thing so people know you have some gear in the trunk.  Hopefully we'll be able to put it to a travel trip over the summer.  We got to gabbing so long that she was running late for her dinner engagement so we parted ways.

Sunday was the usual, brunch (but I filmed a component of this one so it was a working brunch) and listening to Brunch Cafe channel on Pandora.  We relaxed a bit, laundry, then produce refill for this week and decided to walk in the park for our workout.  It was a beautiful day even though it was cold.

I was so pooped when we got home but I had to make dinner and it took longer than anticipated of course so we didn't eat until 7:15pm.  Oy.  That's what time we always eat no matter HOW MANY TIMES we try to workout earlier or whatever.  Then we settled in to watch the Puppy Bowl because hello...puppies!  Y'all know I love puppies...

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. It was an oddball weekend but it was great getting out on our walk!

  2. My folks were down, so we had a nice visit. Plus housework and grading. I did have the superbowl on, but being the big football fan I am I pretty much ignored it and read my book.

    Thank you for the message you sent. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that.

  3. I just recuperated this weekend - a week in the hospital will teach you to slow down! But the weekend ended on a very high note when our Patriots won the Super Bowl - what a game!!! Duck boat parade tomorrow!!!

  4. Love the puppies! I'm so glad you finally got together with your grandma and had a fantastic visit! And the timing of it was great because the holidays were a ways back so this was a nice treat. It was a definite bright spot for you in a not-so-stellar start (dang banana bread!)

    My weekend was busy with lots of driving and emptying/cleaning out the basement. I'll send you a few pics to show you how I did. =o)


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