Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Temptation in da house?

Have you seen them?  They're popping up at your local grocery stores or your co-worker is relentlessly circling the office with the order form.  It's Girl Scout Cookie season!

If you've committed to a healthy lifestyle as your new years resolution, this truly is the time (6-8 weeks) that it's been proven people wave the white flag if they aren't going to stick to it.  You regular gym goers may notice you have the gym almost back to yourself.  But if Thin Mints and Samoas are your favorite, you shouldn't sweat this time of year because you can get them year round.  Keebler makes the Thin Mint equivalent called Grasshoppers and the Samoa equivalent called Coconut Dreams.  So basically their two most popular cookies are available year round with negligible taste difference.  That  means you can plan your indulgence for them any time of year instead of feeling the sense of FOMO that rolls around this time of year causing you to order more boxes than you ever would buy in the store and demolish the box(es) in a day or two and slip into a pit of regret.  Some well intentioned people will give you the advice of freezing them.  Um, they are still delicious frozen so yeah.

"But I'd feel bad not supporting the Girl Scouts."

Well guess what, they accept donations so you can give them the money, they keep the cookies or donate them to a program where others get the cookies and you now have a tax deduction!  (You do NOT get a tax deduction for buying the cookies and putting them in your own cookie hole though.)  ;-)  Donating to the cause will also keep the co-worker trying to sell the cookies off your back and you are still able to zip up your jeans!

Win win.

Seriously though, I can't even have Thin Mints in the house because the call is SO strong for no real reason other than they're available for a limited time and they taunt me from wherever they are.  They're okay but I really only want two but they force you to buy the whole box and I just don't need the temptation for cookies I'll regret eating come weigh in day.

What are your favorite Girl Scout Cookies?  Are you able to control yourself around them?

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  1. I like sleeves of Thin Mints straight from the freezer, and Do-si-do's (the peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter cream).
    Those Girl Scouts could make some money by giving you 2 or 3 cookies for a $1 donation, for those of us who don't need a whole box in the house.

  2. I'm with Lisa here. Thin mints by the sleeve. And yeah freezing them only makes them better! If they were smart they would sell you 3 cookies for a buck. I'd buy that!

  3. I think some entrepreneurial troop somewhere should totally do that. They could "invest" in a few boxes of each cookie, and then let people do a mix and match (I'd like 3 thin mints, 4 tagalongs and 2 samoas please) for 50 cents a cookie or something. That way you are supporting your local troop (because yes, I could write them a check, but I'd feel chintzy writing them a $10 check) and getting just the mixture you want and they are actually making more profit than they would get from straight cookie sales.

    Seriously though - I can have GS cookies in my house (I think I still have an unopened box from last year actually) as long as I don't open them. Once they're opened, they're gone so I have to make sure I have company when I do open them.

  4. No. Not at all. One box of Samoas, gone in two days. That was restraint included LOL

  5. Love the Lemonades. So sweet and tart and lemony. I caved and bought a box at the grocery store after turning them down at least five times previously. We did make them last about five days but I ate the lion's share and I won't lie--they were delicious!!

  6. Thin Mints in the freezer are da bomb. Plus I like the peanut butter patties and any type of lemon cookie. But Thin Mints are by far the worst as far as inhaling in a two minute period. I will also say that Walmart's Great Value brand also carries something very close to Thin Mints, much like the Grasshoppers, and they are surprisingly quite good. We gave them a try last year and we were both surprised at how close they tasted to the real deal. Now I want a cookie. LOL!!

  7. I'm loving the new s'mores that look like an Oreo rather than the chocolate covered ones. :) I'm pretty good at restraining myself. We still have half a box left but most have been eaten by my youngest child. I've had 3 or 4? My husband on the other hand ate the whole box of Samoas by himself in a few days.


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