Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lazy River and the classics continue

Okay so when you're drinking a lot of water, does your body ever adjust or will you be peeing a lazy river for the rest of your God given life???  I got in my 80 ounces plus another 14 in tea with dinner.  I will have probably either flooded the bed or been up every 90 minutes last night.  

It was another unseasonably warm day so we walked three laps around the neighborhood which was 3.5 miles.  The chiro has always told me asphalt is not my friend where the legs are concerned so I made sure to do some PT and light stretching when we were done.  I always should but never do so I was kind of proud to just get down there and do it.   I'll admit, it didn't seem to help much because I was still pretty tight.  Yeesh.  Fall in line, bod!

Dinner was seared ahi with tomatillo mango salsa over spinach and carrot polenta.

After dinner, I saw the DVR was recording and it was The Pirate  (affiliate link) with Gene Kelly.  He actually looked like Mandy Patinkin with that wig and faux mustache, which kind of turned me off.  But then he showed more skin than ever...big ol' muscular arms in one and these hulky legs!  His athleticism is seriously jaw dropping and I admit I'm jealous.  How awesome would it be to have that grace and strength?  He held two grown men on those legs three times during one dance number.  Is there seriously anything that man couldn't do!?  He gives me the vapors, yo.

How much water do you usually get in each day?  Can a walk around the neighborhood make you sore or is it light work for you?

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  1. I've been cutting my main water intake off around 7ish now and that seems to have helped. Instead of getting up in the middle of the night to pee I wake up early morning with a bladder buster. Not sure if that is entirely better though, the verdict is still out.

  2. I could walk around the neighborhood all day long with no issues. However, whenever I try to do something that requires more of the lifting of the thighs through the hips, like stair steppers or elliptical machines, I can only go 5-20 minutes. As far as water goes, I try for the 64 ounces, but it is hard. I work odd hours, so I have no set schedule and waking up to pee happens nightly. Guess I am just used to it. I feel better with all the water though and can definitely tell when I have not had enough.

  3. Dehydration is my worst enemy so I pay particular attention to my fluid intake. I will admit there are days that I drink more black tea than pure water, but I do get at least 48 oz of water each day in addition to about 48-68 oz of hot or cold tea. And I'm up at least once during the night.

  4. I'm right there with you on the soreness. Surprisingly I'm not as sore today as I was yesterday when I was super tight in the IT bands. I still feel a bit today but not as bad as I thought. I'm doing better with my water and making it my sole focus every day. At my best I was drinking a gallon a day; at my worst I've known to get in less than a 16oz bottle. I have a history of kidney stones, so I HAVE to be consistent with it. You'd think I'd learn...pfft.

  5. I have found that anything other than plain water overstimulates my bladder. It is an easy experiment. Drink only water for a couple weeks and see what happens.


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