Monday, February 20, 2017

Holy Weekend Recap

Good Monday mornin' to you all!

It was a beautiful day Saturday so when lunch took us close to the family cemetery, we decided to stop by.  (So I could pee for the 570th time since I'd chugged 40 oz before 10am and was paying for it.)  Thank God the chapel was open!

The Mr freaked me out by pointing out the confessional curtain looked like it had feet under it at first glance.  There weren't but suddenly I felt like a Criminal Minds episode could've been brewing so we got the heck outta there.  (BTW, anyone see last week's Criminal Minds???  HOLY CRAP!)

Since my family are basically plotted out from the front to the back of the cemetery, I asked the Mr if he wanted to walk and he agreed.  (Though I don't think he knew he was agreeing to walk the lay of the land.  Oops!)  As we walked, we admired some of the more ornate headstones.

This Celtic knot cross was one of our favorites.  The cemetery tour in Sleepy Hollow, NY gave us a lot of information about headstones symbolism which sadly isn't thought of much these days when we pass.  The Celtic knot cross has no beginning and end which is the life interpretation and the smaller Celtic crosses represent everlasting salvation, glory and love. The circle at the center of the crosspiece symbolizes eternity.  IHS is the Holy Name of Jesus and is at the center of it all.  Pretty cool, huh?  We ended up walking 1.6 miles and while it helped work off lunch a bit, both of our legs were not happy since they were looking forward to a rest day.  Double oops!  We rented two movies that night, Cell and The Meddler.   (affiliate links) Hmm.  Well, the Mr wanted to see Cell because he read the book and he liked it up to a certain point and the ending was pure poo in our humble opinions.  (I'll warn you, if you don't like gore and barf, just skip it.  I wish I had.)  The Meddler was okay.  It was a little draggy in places but it had a sweet story at its core.

Sunday we brunched hard because the Mr had a debilitating headache that left him fetal.

An omelet with spinach, green peppers and Orne Meadows cheese (I put some avocados on top of his for some extra healthy fats), the last of the organic kielbasa, banana sweet potato croquettes with a bit of chipotle honey and the last of the brioche bread for toast.  It was quite delish and got him about 80% better.

The day sucked down the tubes pretty quick so we went down and did our separate strength workouts.  I deemed lower body was a no go for me so I did an upper body burnout while the Mr did a plyo/lower body fest I picked out without previewing it.  I do mine from the main tv in the basement and he sets up the tablet for his and mutes it so we can still workout together even if we're not doing to same ones.  It's good for him it forces him to sharpen his attention skills.  ;-)

Then we settled in for the night and I got all of my meals planned for the week and pre-made some stuff as well so we can make dinner that much easier.  Workouts are going to be scaled back a bit this week since I've got the double strain on the hamstrings.  I can feel it getting slightly better but all PT will have to be light meaning no weights and the beginning versions of all exercises given to me and taking out calf raises altogether.  ("Taking out calf raises altogether."...points if you got the reference.)  I will continue making water my priority this week as well.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Any goals for the coming week?

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  1. I love that Celtic Cross. I literally just found one my mom had in a little box with some other misc pieces and it's sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to put my gold chain with it. I'll be wearing that going forward. =o)

    Weekend was nice and productive. Got a storage unit, one of the pooches got a good grooming and looks mahvelous, and we spent a goodly amount of time in the garden area in the backyard clearing it out of leaves and old vines that popped out of the ground like nothing because the ground was so warm and soft. I'm feeling it in the backs of my legs for sure, but I'm glad we got that accomplished.

    In a little while I'll be taking the pooches out to the park for their first walk of the year...on Feb. 20th! That's just nuts. Then I gots to get more laundry done. =o)

  2. Still recovering from this stupid cold. Last weekend was a total waste because of it, I made it through the work week, and have been taking it easy this weekend. Finally, today, I felt up to doing something so the boy and I walked up to our favorite breakfast spot. I don't think the 2 miles round trip came close to burning the calories spent, but how often do we get a 3 day weekend? Later today is a kids' bday party and later still is the Lego Batman movie.

    I want to see Cell (I enjoyed the book a lot) but I haven't yet.


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