Friday, July 5, 2013

You should be off today

It's Friday and I'm assuming many of you took today off to make it a nice long weekend?  ;-)  If not, my condolences and might I suggest that you feel a "tickle" in your throat and you should probably call in to lay down.  *double wink*

If you happen to be stuck at work today, I'll give you some food pics and some reading material because I love ya's!  

Monday was leftover baked beans and orange roughy.  Calories 334

Tuesday was a mahi burger on a light wheat bun with bbq sauce and a side of brussels with asiago cheese.  Calories: 410

Wednesday was that amazing pizza I told you about yesterday with a side of brussels and cheese (not pictured).  Calories: 750

Thursday we had to grill out of course on the Fourth of July so I did some bbq chicken breast and 2 sweet corn with a 1/2 tbsp chipotle butter.  Calories:  492

Since I forgot to do this last week, here's some reading material of stuff that I've perused over the past 2 weeks.  You deserve a break!

Stacy Keibler's Head to Toe Bikini Workout  (video-starts when you open page so mute it)

Four Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun

How Chronic Stress Can Affect Your Physical Appearance

Stop the Burn  (How to Treat Sunburns)

Grilling with The Post

Designers Embrace Plus Size Market (Video- starts right away)

Vintage Recipe Cards Inspire Unlikely Friendship (*MY FAVORITE!*)

How to Preserve Everything You Own

Apple Health Info:  Crazy Facts About the Fruit

Defeat Poison Ivy with Tea Tree Oil

Six Most Dangerous Workout Moves

That's about it y'all!  We're taking this weekend to plan absolutely nothing though I must admit I'm getting the itch to look at antique malls.  (Mr runs and hides)  Grocery trip planned along with a farmers market and being active in between pop up rain clouds.  Other than that, maybe a movie marathon at nights.

Any plans for the weekend?  Did you have today off?

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  1. I have to work today unlike most. However I am lucky enough to get to work from home today so that's much better than having to go in to work.

    At least now I have some links to check out during the day. Looks like some good articles to read there.

  2. Going up north with a girlfriend after we get done working. At 5. Blah. But the evening promises to be fun! My daughter and I did go to the local parade yesterday though, and the Jazzercise class looked to be having so much fun we decided we want to do that too, so off to amazon to get a cd.

  3. yeah im working too..Hubby is working too..we have the option to work from home, but if I stay home, my MIL will relax and I dont want to cook and work..hehe so decided to come into work and dont know why but hubby ran away to work
    Weekend I have extra work and might take the ILs to the baltimore aquarium...they wud prefer just going out to eat though..lets see...

  4. Oh yes, I'm working today. Could have taken off but I'd rather do that some other time. I have to dog sit until Saturday, I need to clean because my Ma is coming for a visit and I want to make a good pasta salad. Other than that, not much is going on. Have a good one!

  5. You always have the best finds for what you're reading. What a sweet story about the recipe cards. My mom passed down my great grandmothers hand written cards to me, and I definitely treasure them!
    No big plans for this weekend. The slow cooker will make an appearance to help with this heat, and maybe, just maybe the ice cream freezer. Hmmm......

  6. I worked today and so did the husband. Sigh. I took 2 days off and I'm desperately trying to catch up now. Ooh pizza, yummy! And corn!

  7. I just got home and as I predicted it was a crappola day. But I'm home now and am glad to have 2 days away from the Island of Misfit Toys. =o) I'm going to read that article you linked about chronic stress and your appearance--you peaked my interest as I'm pretty sure I have more cortisol running through my body than blood--*snort*. This weekend is a farmers market (so excited--my 1st one!) and some stuff around the house. It's supposed to be hot and muggy, so not sure how much I'll do outdoors. I did make a wonderful crockpot concoction yesterday of red smashed potatoes with fresh chives, half & half and sour cream. No butter as it didn't need it. Yowza, it was yummy! I'm considering making little patties with the leftovers and frying in a touch of olive oil for breakfast "hashbrowns". Have a super weekend! I'll shoot you an email this weekend to regarding our conversation. xoxoxoxo

  8. I worked yesterday evening and I have to say it was probably one of the worst days at work I've had in a long time. I think I got every singe asshole or crazy customer last night. I love the idea of chipotle butter, I hae been using feta and everyone around here loves that too :)


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