Monday, July 22, 2013

Overhyped, market fresh and adieu to open houses?

What day is it?

It has been a whirlwind weekend and it's not over for us.

Friday it was off to solve an issue for the MIL so we hung out there for about 90 minutes.  (She doesn't live in town so there was a little driving involved)

Saturday we were all over town from morning to night.  We went to a couple of farmers markets and actually got a good haul at the first one and not much at the second one.

We got 5 plums and 5 peaches but I wasn't about to start stacking

I'm thinking we can take the 2nd one off of our list for the season.  I like the area but we rarely find much there so we'll drive a little further for better prices and selection.  We went to a little patisserie in a historic neighborhood and as we were walking off a little bit of what we ate, we got caught in the rain sans umbrella.  Neither of us minded and I looked like a drowned rat by the time we got back to the car.  We ate lunch then off to do some of our grocery shopping.  We went to a different Trader Joe's and while it might be convenient at the time, it's just not worth it.  We always feel out of sorts and we forget things because it's set up differently.  Then it was back to the house before movie time with friends for the evening.  For those of you all chompin' at the bit to see The Conjuring...I'd save it for a rental.  It was WEAK and overhyped!  I'm even a big horror wimp but this was just ugh.  The scariest parts have all been given away in the trailer.  I kept saying "okay, now it's going to get good!" when something would happen and it never did.  All four of us gave it a thumbs down.  Their puppy was even bored and gives it four paws the mud...with a little poo on them.  Boo.

I woke up yesterday with a splitting migraine but much to be done so no down time available.  We had to workout earlier (for us) so we went down at 11:15am and did Turbo Fire.  I had a migraine while doing it and my eustachian tubes completely shut so balance and hearing were fun.  How I managed to burn 780 cals while I feel like I half assed it so bad is beyond me but whatever, I'll take it.  We went to a few open houses and found a place that's probably already sold that I wouldn't have minded buying.  It wasn't pit in your stomach in a good way home but it had enough room for us and potential for a few side projects.  When it comes down to it, I guess we're 'deed in hand' people and we're 1-2 years away from that so there's no point in going to open houses anymore.  He gripes about wasting gas and gets nothing out of it and it just reminds me that we can't do anything where buying is concerned so while I was fine with it before, I guess I'm not anymore so our Sundays will now be wide open to do nothing.  We were going to a family get together later and I just wasn't up for trying to pick and choose something from what they had available.  I made homemade spicy shrimp and grilled zucchini over rice and boxed it up to take and reheat.  I wish I hadn't overcooked the rice initially because it was a heap and I didn't really care for it but it was filling and I didn't feel like I was missing anything with the burgers, brats, corn, etc.

Out and about today.

Do anything (or nothing) of note this weekend?

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  1. The Conjuring was definitely overhyped. Not scary at all in my opinion. Maybe I'm just so used to the same old jump tricks that I'm immune but it did nothing for me. I'm with you on skipping out on the 2nd farmers market. Once they stopped carrying lettuce there it kind of killed it for me. But the first place still has a lot to offer and it is worth the trip.

    I don't want to completely stop going to open houses. It can be fun. It's just frustrating when they cancel them and can't update the websites in time.

  2. I don't mind jump tricks when they're not predictable and I think psychological thrillers over gore are much more entertaining and this was neither. It had a few nice ideas that were poorly executed.

    I agree about cancellations of open houses but that's only happened 3x in 2-3 years so it's not really an issue.

  3. House hunting can still be fun. We're in the process of building (ahh, what a stressful situation), and yet I still go to open houses and look on real estate sites all the time. Some of us just enjoy the experience I guess.

    I wouldn't totally sign off moving either. Deed in hand is great, but, you only live once, and if the right place came along, why not!? Plus, wouldn't applying the equity from this home into a new mortgage leave you with more buying power?

  4. We drove down to pittsburgh for the hindu temple, my MIL wanted to visit..I dnt understand people's need to go to a temple coming ALL the way from INdia where there are temples was spent in grocery shopping, FIL's bday shopping at Macy's...I wanted to buy some summer tops but my FIL kept saying "its too revealing" etc etc..I decided to do my own shopping next week when they arent around..arghh...I hate being an indian DIL...hehehhe...

  5. Saturday was crazy busy - the kind of day where you never seem to sit down but at the end of the day it doesn't really seem like you got as much done as you should have for as tired as you feel.

    Sunday was some housecleaning, then a trip to the pool with the little guy. Then supper out followed by "Turbo" which he loved and hubby and I enjoyed too.

  6. I spent Saturday morning making some additions and edits to my second Kindle book, then we went to a wine tasting and finally to a flea market that has a big produce section, where I bought a box of tomatoes, some onions and roasted peppers to make salsa. Which I did that night. Next morning, caught up on writerly reading, made waffles for breakfast, then prepped and froze the yellow squash and zucchini bounty. Sunday night I formatted and published the book--Conquer Your Cash Flow on Amazon if you're interested; a book about creating and maintaining a budget. Fell asleep in my chair at 10:30 p.m., completely exhausted. Good weekend!

  7. Spent the day driving to Vegas. Long- hot- but some gorgeous scenery. I try to never ignore the scenery. We're a little 'car-lagged' so we're taking it easy before my work begins. Praying I will have energy to enjoy the evenings after long work days in this heat.

  8. Gotta make it to our farmer's market, we've just had to many other things on Saturdays lately. Spent Friday and Saturday in a van with 6 other people (including my Mr.) running Ragnar Northwest Passage. A 200-mile relay race isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I had a blast--summer camp in a van with some running thrown in. Sunday was spent recuperating from Ragnar with an afternoon walk to try and stretch out the inevitable sore muscles. Great weekend but hard to go back to work today!


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