Monday, July 15, 2013

Eatin', meetin' and pink elephants

This was quite the busy weekend!

We spent Friday night cleaning.  I've given up the notion I/we will ever do anything but procrastinate until the last minute before the potential of company the following day.  The biggest gripe with living in a small space is it doesn't take much to clutter.  At some point, I'd reaaally like to go through closets, basement and garage and just get rid of a ton of well, shit is the only appropriate word for it all.

Saturday we headed to opening weekend of a farmer's market that is late to the game.  It sucks too because it's the best one but we got there too late so the people we go to were already out of their lettuce for the Mr.  They had one rogue batch of radishes I snapped up and we got 2 candy onions.  Must caramelize those.  There was a carnival in town and we thought getting fair food for lunch would satisfy that yearly craving for elephant ears and overpriced packaged hot dogs or fair fries.  I said for us to split a small fry and I'll be damned if they didn't hand the Mr a cup of fries dripping in scalding hot oil and then refused to give us a cup because it was too hot to carry around.  They tasted like crap anyway.  I took one bite and told him he could have the rest.  The whole handling of that situation just made me not want to eat them out of spite in addition to thinking they tasted like a spud fail.  He got a gyro and the meat was all overcooked.  Then I tried to get a small coney dog and it tasted like sloppy joes on top so I threw that away.  I tried again with a corn dog that only had flavor when there was mustard and ketchup in the bite.  The lemon shake up I do is MUCH better than the crap we got there.  CHUNKS of turbinado sugar that didn't melt at the bottom so I had to drink from the top with the straw so I wouldn't get nasty sugar grit burn when I tried to quench my summer thirst.  I was ready to scream.  I found the cheapest elephant ear guy (a must have once a year) and thankfully it was REALLY good.  Thank God one thing out of everything we tried was.  We dropped $45 for food that just plain sucked.  I'm sure the scale will thank me next week.  *rolling eyes*

We played with a little pup at the pet store to pass some time then headed home for a bit before going out to meet a friend.  I was hitting a wall and so was he so we took a 30 minute nap, got changed and met our friend downtown at one of our favorite new restaurants.  It was so good to see him and catch up.  We all split appetizers and a pizza.  I had half an arancini, 2-3 bites of a baked macaroni dish and 2 pieces of thin crust pizza.  Not bad I think especially compared to how much we've eaten when we've met people there before.  I jabbered on like it was the first time I'd ever spoken to human beings before.  He probably thought I was on cocaine or something.  Speaking of mind altering substances, you see a pink elephant strapped to the top of a truck too, right?

I swear I don't drink.  It pulled up beside us and I was cracking up laughing.

We went to an outdoor market and saw some friends of the Mr's with their clothing shop out so we bought some shirts off of them since he was kind enough to buy the first products we ever put out.  We also saw a drunk woman who fell and decided to lay in the street and laugh at herself almost get run over by the cab who just dropped her off.  Perhaps laying in the street is not the place to contemplate why you drank too much and yes, it is drafty because your dress is halfway up your chest...moron.

When we were done we walked around a historic little neighborhood and went into the bookshop for a little bit.  When we came out there were a bunch of Russians playing euchre at the neighboring coffee shop's outdoor tables screaming at each other.  Note: must learn to say "excuse me" in Russian.  Thankfully one yanked his friend out of my path so we could get through.  It was just kind of random especially since I've been hearing Russian for the past 2 nights listening to the Mr play Grand Theft Auto.

It felt like we'd crammed 3 days into one on Saturday!

Sunday was different.  We slept in a little.  I made breakfast, farted around a little bit, did Turbo Fire, ate lunch then headed off to some open houses of some places that we liked.  One was on this SUPER deep lot that looked like a park but I think there are just too many things we're not wowed by and things we can't change (like it's a one car garage with no room to make a 2 car garage because a HUGE tree is right behind it that would cost about three grand to remove and then it would be a "tandem" garage I think they call it where you'd have to park the cars one behind the other.  The bedrooms weren't a big wow and the living spaces are a little small but man it's like you look out onto the backyard and it's on 1/2 acre deep lot.  But then the neighbors didn't look like they kept up their home TOO much especially for the standard of the area so I think even though it's a great price and the sellers would likely give us time to list and sell our place since they're not in a hurry, we'll pass.  I don't want to move into a place just because the backyard and the basement are all it has going for it while the actual living spaces leave something to be desired.  Sigh.

We refueled our produce for the week and before we knew it, it was time to be home and make dinner and the day was gone and we didn't feel like we'd done much.  Weird.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. sounds busy:).I like fair it all was bad...well good the ears were good..that pink elephant cracked me up.

    we had family over for dinner on saturday..tired from all the cooking, cleaning, etc etc...bleh!! and then Sunday relaxed in front of the TV with pending work...

    But good thing is Im sticking to my 100 days of gym...I worked out fri, sat, sun..yay me!! hehe

  2. I love fair food too, but I just can't bring myself to pay the prices anymore. I expect to overpay, but $8-10 for a lemonade or a funnel cake is just insane. Our county fair will come next month and we'll take the boy, but I can't say that I'm super excited over it. We'll get him a ride wristband, but we'll either take our own food or go to a great Mexican restaurant in that town. We have a local "thing" in the fall that will have basically the same food for way cheaper (still over priced, but less) so I'll wait and get my fix there.

    Saturday was busy busy, but yesterday was pretty much sit on our butts and try not to melt.

  3. We had kind of a lazy weekend. We did go bowling with son and his family Saturday night, and then out for dinner. Other than that--it was time at home. Took a couple nice long walks with son, hubby and Lola, as the weather was tolerable, early and late in the day anyway. Always makes the waking time pass more quickly when you've got HUMAN company. Lola is a good walking companion, but as I've noted, with Lola, sometimes it's more like dog DRAGGING than dog WALKING!

  4. That was one strange weekend! Mine can't come close! :)

    Now you've got me wanting a corn dog.


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