Friday, July 19, 2013

Broken umber-ella ella ella and what I'm reading this week

Last night we had a pop up storm that literally sat on 5 miles around our house for 2 hours not moving.  In the process, it got violent and broke our umbrella.  I'm NOT a happy girl because we don't have money to replace it right now.  The Mr went to Home Depot and got some metal putty crap.  I haven't seen it yet but I'll  give it a glance later today to see how it's holding up.  Unfortunately we're going to have to only have it up while we're out there and then take it down in case of pop ups and wind.  Fingers crossed we can keep this jerry rigged version until Fall or a huge mega clearance goes on.  

Let's get to...

10 Children's Games You Won't Believe Got Banned  (This is why kids are heavy.  Seriously...go PLAY!)

11 Sounds Your Children Have Probably Never Heard  (Thank God we don't have kids to make fun of us when we reminisce every other day)

Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Going to Kill Me? 

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes  (Great tips!)

Elders React to Twerking (video showing twerking so determine if you should watch it at work)

How to Find Happiness by Being Happy About "Nothing"

How to Make Your Vacation Buzz Last   (Yes buzz is long since gone)

Is Flashing Your Car's Headlights Protected by the First Amendment?

Kids React to Bi-racial Cheerios Commercial  (video- if you haven't seen it.  I weep a little less for the future)

Michael C. Hall on Kevin Pollack Chat show (video- this is for the SERIOUS MCH/Dexter/Six Feet Under fan, it's 2 hours because of the interviewer.  BUT by far the best MCH interview I've seen.  He's hilarious.)

My Girlfriend Weighs More Than Me...So What

Obese Boy Scouts Banned from Jamboree  (Not sure how I feel about this one)

PBS Spoofs Reality Shows with Fake Trailers  (It is SO sad that any of these trailers could be totally real nowadays.)

The Best Power Foods for Women

10 Ideas for Small Spaces  (Duly noted)

This weekend we're taking in a flick with friends and going to a birthday celebration.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?  Read anything interesting lately?

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  1. Hopefully the repair job on the umbrella holds out and we can replace it next year. Thanks for all the links to read again, looks like some interesting stuff!

    1. Well as we found out, the original job didn't do it. Let's hope redneck ingenuity (aka duct tape) comes through). *rolling eyes*

  2. Re: Boy Scouts

    They're giving themselves just enough rope to hang with. I say good, let them exclude any/all folks they want and carry on about it. That will show them for what they really are, a thinly veiled religious group more interested in indoctrinating young-ins into their religious fold than "helping" them become productive members of society.

    As for this weekend? I need to work on some crafty stuff and maybe clean my house a bit in anticipation of my new couch (should arrive in a week or so!).

    1. Yeah they're probably going to get sued either way. The excluding BMI is basically 1 POINT over what I am and I can do quite a bit under the "fit fattie" veil. I think there should be a physical given and waivers signed instead of automatic exclusion based on something as antiquated as BMI.

  3. oh that sucks..hope it works the putty i mean...

    take carw and nice read thanks forthe read

    1. It didn't...duct tape. We're apparently hillbillies. Have a great weekend!

  4. Re: Cheerios

    This video warms my heart, it's great to see that the next generation is more enlightened that many of the current generation when it comes to equality (in all it's forms). I still can't believe that people reacted so negatively in the first place - shocking.

    Thanks for the links


    1. Yeah, I really thought that was a great video. Too good not to share!

  5. I hope your umbrella holds together well enough to get you through the summer.

    Very interesting links, as always.

    Once again I'm reminded of the benefits of small town life. Usually I just gripe about the limited options here, but then I remember that my son plays tag daily (seriously, I think the PE teacher has a book "101 games of tag") as well as many of the other games. They play superhero games but "take the violence out", dodgeball is a staple of homecoming activities, and we still have Christmas/Valentine/Halloween parties too.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the jamboree either. If it's too physically strenuous, it could be dangerous for kids that are truly out of shape. On the other hand, excluding a chunk of scouts based on their weight seems unfair. I did have to laugh at "an obese 12 year old is 130 lbs". I was 130 lbs at 12 years old, I was also 5'9" and so not obese. I get that boys are different though - I was done growing and they were not.

    1. I could do without Dodgeball (you might as well call it hit the fat kid ball which any fat kid or adult will tell you) but yeah the rest of them, I'm all over! :) I'm glad your kid is enjoying the benefits of those great games!

      I think they should do a physical for those that want to participate in the Jamboree.

    2. I absolutely agree. A skinny kid might be totally unfit and an over-weight kid could be totally ok with the physical demands. That would be a much fairer method of determining fitness.

      At my school dodgeball isn't about "hit the fat kid", but I won't pretend that when a kid that the other kids don't like signs up they don't get nailed. It's totally voluntary as an extra activity for stuff like Homecoming though so that helps. It's not part of PE, and it shouldn't be.

  6. I am really looking forward to a short road trip with old friends this weekend. These are friends we made shortly after we married. It was the summer of 1971, and we were SO YOUNG! We were all inseparable for a long time, and then raising kids took up so much of our lives, our time together was very limited for many years. Lately, and admittedly more so after telling them of Du's diagnosis, we have been going out with them more and have enjoyed reconnecting with our oldest dearest friends (as a couple). We took several trips to Kansas City with them back when our kids were young, 30 years ago. I remember going down there the summer of 1980. I had lost over 100 lbs., but was in the process of regaining the weight. I had some beautiful new clothes that I was still squeezing myself into. I have a feeling after that trip, I had to put away all the new smaller clothes. NOT THIS TIME!

  7. I read an article online that inspired me to write a blog post about it. Here it is if you're interested.

    I couldn't believe the reaction of that Cheerios commercial and the awful things people were saying. What is wrong with the world?

    My weekend plan is to have a date with my husband! I know it sounds crazy that I am that excited over it, but it's probably been over 2 months since we had a night out alone for dinner and what not. There is just no one to watch our kids, but their grandmother offered to take them for an overnight visit. Thank goodness, because I am in desperate need of a break from them! :) I got some new shoes yesterday and we are going to this place near us that we've never been, called The Bonefish Grill. Everyone says it's awesome. I have a new dress I have been wanting to wear.

    1. Yeah I didn't understand what the fuss was about on the Cheerios commercial either until it was pointed out the parents were bi-racial. I was waiting for a punchline. Seriously? In 2013?

      Enjoy date night with the hubs and rock that dress girl!

  8. We've had 3 umbrellas broken in our time. I finally bought one that swivels and is rectangular (perfect for the table on the deck) and that holds up very well with the winds. We also had a glass patio table at one point that shattered to pieces with a violent storm (took some of our siding off too!). So I fully understand your frustration!

    As for this weekend, I have to go into work around 6am to get some stuff done. Then I have typical errands to run and a new recipe to try. Probably a trip to the river walk with the pooches, too. I hear the weather is supposed to be better with lower temps, but I'll believe it when I feel it. =o) Have a super duper weekend!

    1. Ours tilts and is rectangular (WAY better than the round ones IMHO) and then we put it on a wheeled planter stand so it would be easier to move the granite base. The storm came up so fast we didn't have time to get it down before lightning hell. Sigh. If you remember the brand of yours, let me know!

      Ooh, hope the new recipe pans out and the weather cools off! I'm anxiously awaiting a cold front!

  9. "The minds of pre-school children are becoming dangerously overactive" WTF?!? Seriously, it makes me sick that these games have been banned... NO ONE DIED FROM PLAYING DODGE BALL!!! Then again, none of my friends dies from touching a peanut either... What has happened to this world? I love all the sounds your kids will never hear, I've heard everyone, lol! I read the Boyscout Jamboree thing too, and like you, the verdict is still out for me.


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